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Anonymous 10525

I'm a flat-chested girl and i hate hucows!!

Anonymous 10526

ok tranny

Anonymous 10527

my tits are massive and i genuinely wish they were smaller because my back always fucking hurts

Anonymous 10528

I’m Sorry. It’s frustrating to be on either side of the spectrum.
I have massive tits and they’re always sagging even with a bra. Like I want a push up bra just for the lift but not extra padding. Also, there are never any cute bras in my size. It blows.

Anonymous 10529


im a flatchested girl and i absolutely love big boobie women… not in a perverted way ( although i am a lesbian ) there's just something beautiful and motherly about them that make me feel safe

Anonymous 10531

Barbell rows worked wonders for me in that regard

Anonymous 10532

They make you feel "safe"?

Anonymous 10533


yeah i don't know how else to phrase it lole sorry… like the way a mother(figure) would make you feel ?

Anonymous 10534

It sounds a bit weird but totally harmless, so it's all fine. When did you realise that they made you feel that way?

Anonymous 10535

If you're not really a tranny I suggest you accept that you have small breasts or find a way to grow them if you're still in your 20s

Anonymous 10536

I don't hate girls with big booba but I do get sad and feel like I'm not feminine enough. I didn't care as much after some time but one time in highschool the boys in my class started giggling and ridiculing the teacher because of her flat chest. She was an older woman, like 60 and she had children. I felt bad for her and wondered if people will be judging me my whole life. Feels bad.

Anonymous 10537

People make fun of others or ridicule other because of their own insecurities, flaws or defects.
As long your accepting of your body and yourself, whether people talk shit about you or try to make you feel bad—shouldn't matter they're pettiful humans.

Anonymous 10538

love mom.png

i don't know i can't really remember but i do remember feeling this way when i woke up one day and found my head resting on my aunt's chest
i have no idea how to make this not sound weird i just felt like she was my mom in that moment my heart was filled with immense amounts of love and i just wanted to hug her if that makes sense… ( like because it was so kind of her to let me do that ) im sorry this sounds so messed up i really don't mean to be weird
tl;dr: when my aunt let me sleep on her chest it made me feel like she was my mom

Anonymous 10539

Don't worry anon, we all like some things that are not so common. One day you'll hopefully find a doting and nurturing woman with huge breasts that'll make you feel at ease as much as you want.

Anonymous 10540


I used to feel the same, OP, but I realized that there's one single thing that is better than having huge breasts, and that's having a girlfriend that has huge breasts.

Also, I believe this should be on /b/, we already have a thread about big booba here on /hb/.

Anonymous 10541


I wish someone would let me rest on huge booba ;-;
(why yes I did lack motherly love growing up how could you tell)

Anonymous 10542


Your post reminded me of this.

Anonymous 10543

Haha I love kids. They're so innocent and view breasts as nothing but soft pillows. Unlike some moids…

Anonymous 10544

>Unlike some moids…
I wish cumbrains did not exist, why do they have to ruin everything?

Anonymous 10545

I wish moids didn’t exist.

Anonymous 10546

It would be as easy as having a switch for their sex drives. And making them less violent. Just that would fix 90% or so of the trouble they cause.

Anonymous 10547

Part of me wants my boyfriend to impregnate me just so I can know what it feels like to have big titties.
I've always been self conscious of how small mine are.

Anonymous 10548


im a girl with big boobas and i've always preferred to date girls with small breasts, i just find them really cute and elegant tbh, i just prefer the more petite form in general as well tbh

Anonymous 10549

What's your size? I think there are more cute big bras than small ones. But again, I think big boobs make everything prettier so maybe I'm just biased.

Anonymous 10550

A reminder that if you care about lactation, breast size does not matter. What matters is the layout of the ducts underneath your skin, which was an interesting discussion that came up in my college class the other day.

There is no correlation to breast size to milk production amount, and our professor didn't know if there has been any current research linking duct layout to any other genetic features or not.

But yeah, big boobs = more milk is a myth pushed by the overly primative m*id brain.

Don't give up on your cow dreams, OP, if you want to lactate.

You can lactate without getting knocked up but that would include getting into hormone therapy. I wouldn't know if that's more or less expensive than abortion/adoption, but it would certainly be more humane if you didn't want to have a kid after. Especially if you said it was because you were considering donating breast milk.

Also, you breasts will shrink back down after birth and will be more droopy. Probably not better than what you have now.

Anonymous 10555

maybe i'm fucking weird but i cannot for the life of me get over the feeling that women without big boobas are literally just children. unless they're like, visually, middle-aged or something, it's impossible to tell you little fucks from highschool stacies and i keep looking for reasons to reinforce this feeling that you're basically just womanchildren, and i keep finding them, and the rabbit hole goes further and further. i'm sorry, you're not women to me. something's probably wrong with me but guys have in private confidence reinforced my feelings about this so idk t. lesbo

Anonymous 10558

>guys have in private confidence reinforced my feelings about this
Why would you listen to them on something like that?

Anonymous 10563

Can a mod please move this thread do /b/ or /feel/?

Anonymous 10564

In my experience, guys who think skinny or flat women are children are mostly just coomers who see too much prono which labels flat women as "teens" and big boobad women as "milf". As someone who works with highschoolers, plenty of 15 yos are fat or have big boobs but that doesn't change the fact that they have the brains/behaviors of literal children. It's kinda messed up that people think small boob = child and big boob = adult tbh since a lot of pedos use the excuse "but she had boobs, that makes her an adult". There are other things that make a woman look like an adult rather than a teen, tbh, like having proportionally more fat in the face, wider cheekbones, proportionally wider hips.

Anonymous 10567


Anonymous 10570

>women without big boobas are literally just children
>you're not women to me
Bait or scrote?
A lot of flatties are also curvy or tall, anon. I have a round face and almost 0 titty but if someone can't tell from my broad frame and hips + deep voice that I'm an adult, they may be slow. Most other flat women I've known are also very clearly adult lmao

And as a fellow gayanon who happens to be into petite women, ladies in our twenties have slightly different skin texture than teens. With exposure you can tell.

Anonymous 10576


>caring about male opinions

Huge breast are great on their own. The fact that moids love them just shows how even a primitive brain ia capable of realizing that.

Anonymous 10590

>unlike some moids
More like 90% of them.

Anonymous 10592

I feel sorry for the flat teacher. Maybe they laugh, but I don't think she was happy to see that even children were capable of disregarding her chest.

Anonymous 10593

Any pancake anons never been insecure about having no tits?
It's weird since I'm an insecure as fuck person in general and have hated ridiculous things like my downturned eyes, my ribcage, and the length of my torso, but was always comfortable being flat.

If anything I feel insecure about NOT being insecure about them heh. It's such a trope and meme about femaleness/femininity that I feel I've missed.

Anonymous 10594

same, anon. I've been insecure about many things, but not my chest. I've always prefered being flat tbh cuz I'd get fewer gross pedo comments growing up.

Anonymous 10599

If you have flat booba just do archery. The string wont be able to slap them and you will have perfect form.

Anonymous 10600

i wish i was flat bc then less creepy comments from men

Anonymous 10602

I was fine with it until I got roasted by every male friend I've ever had and been the butt of tons of jokes from my female friends too. I'm not exactly flat but I've always been really petite everywhere else so naturally my chest is too

Anonymous 10604

>be flat chested
>get chest groped by grody old man in the super market
They won't stop just because you are flat chested.

Anonymous 10609

i'm sorry to hear anon, that's terrible

Anonymous 10611

what is a good archery beginner kit?

Anonymous 10613

20 to 30 pound draw recurve bow. Just look it up on ebay, or aliexpress or whatever you want.

Anonymous 10616

could anyone tell me where is this girl from

Anonymous 10617

manga called my lesbian experience with loneliness

Anonymous 11401

>you're not women to me
Go back to /lgbt/ tranny

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