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Pilonidal Cyst Anonymous 11802

Does anyone have experience with pilonidal cysts? (Cysts in the cleft of your arse crack). I've had one for about 2 years and it did nothing but the last 4 days it flared up and its excruciating. All I can do is hot compresses and they're kinda helping and in a way it seems to be slowly getting better but I followed advice to use Epsom Salts and it flared back up again. I can't sleep. I cant move around. Its killing my appetite, I can't eat. Currently crying in bed because in frustrated. I cant burst in myself. I'm so sore give me advice please

Anonymous 11803

You need to seek medical attention fast. This is not just a pimple, and won't go away on its own. You are at a real risk.
This is an emergencial matter, it warrants going to the ER.

Anonymous 11804

Have you been to the doctor for this before?
If not, two years is a super long time to have these so really please go to the doctor ASAP just to save yourself from being in anymore pain.

Anonymous 11805

I've had them for 2 years but they were literally pea sized under the skin and weren't painful at all. These last 4 days are completely bizarre

Anonymous 11806

Yeah you should probably make an appointment with the doctor ASAP

Anonymous 11808

Ok so a bit of an update:

I fell asleep for 2 hours, woke up, and moving felt like the cyst was tearing in half. Currently crying on my couch after doing a hot compress and might have to go to the hospital tonight if this doesn't chill out in like the next 30 minutes

Anonymous 11809

You need to get it checked, even if it goes away. Because it gets much worse

Anonymous 11810

You need to go get that cheked. Sometimes those things create little tunnels of pus in your buttcrack that need to be drained. Antibiotics don't reach it if there's too much pus. Go to the doctor, anon.

Anonymous 11811

Please seek medical help. Should you ever get one again (because unfortunately they do tend to come back), go to the doctor as soon as it pops up. Even if it's just "under the skin".

Anonymous 11812

Further update: I managed to sleep for another two hours by staying in one uncomfortable position. I'm glad because I've been basically running on nothing. Now that I'm awake, I made a realisation:

Its shifting above the skin.

Four days ago it was entirely internal but swollen, and my whole tailbone area felt harder. I was tracking it "getting smaller" the last few days by how much softer the area was getting. Gradually the lump on the outside is getting bigger and more similar to a boil (in that it's more soft and fluidy to the touch).

It seems to be travelling from my inside to my outside. Now, I think that means the pressure build up under the skin was too much and some of the fluid was forced into a different area.

This is entirely disgusting but I think this might be a good thing in terms of treatment. A doctor is far more likely to be able to burst this than they would have been on the first or second day.

I'm going to try and set up an appointment for the weekend with my Doctor. Best case scenario, he will be able to drain it for me right there and then. Worst case scenario, I'm going to have to be awake through a surgery where they cut a hole in my ass.

Anonymous 11832

I had one about 4 or 5 years ago and had to get surgery for it. They'll use anesthetics so you won't feel any pain during the surgery but the recovery process is a pain in the ass heh
Definitely see a doctor anon, this isn't something that goes away on its own. Absolutely DO NOT try to drain it by yourself since that area can easily get infected. I know first hand how much pain you're in so hang in there until you can see your doctor. Good luck.

Anonymous 11837

I have a doctor appointment in 20 minutes. I'm crying in pain. I'm desperate for him to at least partially drain it today even if I need to wait a few days for surgery

Anonymous 11838

My best friend got this a few years ago. She had to have surgery and it's all better now! The recovery was really rough, it left a hole in her ass. But like I said, all better now. Good on you for going to the doctor. This is a gnarly and inconvenient health issue but it will be okay.

Anonymous 11841

Update: I'm back from the doctor. He was nice enough to let me switch him out with a female doctor. She literally looked at it for two entire seconds and immediately told me that I'm going to need to go to A&E either tonight or first thing in the morning. I chose first thing in the morning because I'm freaking out and I need a few hours to process this. They gave me some painkillers and a special cream for the night. I probably wont post until much later tomorrow and that's if they even let me out before Sunday. I'll update as soon as I can

Anonymous 11844

Update: I'm in A&E. They took my blood and a urine sample. I've been reviewed by a nurse and had my heart rate taken. I'm in the waiting room on a hard chair shifting around because it hurts my ass cyst

Anonymous 11845

I actually popped mine myself, just with my thumb and index finger. One of the best feelings ever. Plasma drained for a long ass time tho, its important to fully drain it, healed nicely.

Anonymous 11846


They just finished my surgery about 20 minutes ago. They gave me 4mg of morphine as well as the local anaesthetic. The nurse suggested that and I think it's because I kept crying. I still cried the entire time, shit was painful.

They say the fluid was brown, black, and yellow (I asked them because I put up with this nightmare for a week so I deserve to know).

Right now I'm laying in the same bed thing they performed it on. A woman came in with tea saying she couldn't give me tea and a sandwich unless I sat up, and I kept trying to tell her with slurred words that's I can't sit because my surgery was ass adjacent

I'm woozy from morphine so I'm going to write a train of thoughts in my notes app to see if I can tap into writing material.

If anyone has questions about their own cyst/abscess I'll answer them

Anonymous 11847

That's crazy, how long did the surgery take? Hope you are feeling better now

Anonymous 11849

The surgery itself took 15-20 minutes. It didn't take long to drain the abscess, most of the time was spent flushing the empty cavity with disinfectant and stuffing it with gauze (that's how they dress it. They stuff the cavity full of gauze as if they're stuffing a plush animal). They just filly the cavity like a water balloon and push it back out the same way that they drain it. This actually took about half the procedure time

I wasn't expecting a flush because a lot of the videos I seen online utilized a tiny vacume that sucks the fluid out

Anonymous 11854

Glad to hear it all went well.
Gross question, but did they tell you if any hair was growing inside the cyst? I remember my surgeon pulling out this thick ring of hair that was probably growing in on itself for years like a disgusting hairy ouroboros. She showed it to me in the middle of the surgery like a kid showing off a cool bug or something. I had no idea how to react.
Anyway, I hope your recovery goes well too. I remember being in a world of pain after the local anesthetics wore off. Take it easy.

Anonymous 11855

Happy you’re on the mend!

Anonymous 11858

is this a fairly common thing? it seems a lot of you guys have gotten it. a number of my family members have had it too but i never hear people talk about it irl, guess bc taboo

Anonymous 11861

OP anon here. Given the things that cause a pilonidal abscess are incredibly common in peoples day to day life, they're becoming more and more common every year.

They can be caused by things as inane as an ingrown hair/shaving bump, a job that requires you to sit down a lot, being a bit overweight, sweating during the summer, friction from underwear, have thick/stiff body hair, and genetic factors too.

Tell me how many people you know who have multiple of those all at the same time for years now. It might even be an anon reading this.

Tbh my advice is that all of you have a look into it to avoid what happened to me. Its super easy to avoid. And all of you should check for the sign on a sinus (the cyst opening) around your tailbone when you have a chance. It looks like a tiny hole in the skin

Anonymous 11862

They didn't show me or say anything specific, but when I asked about the colour the doctor said "brown and yellow with bits of debris".

I imagine the "debris" in question was hair as he seemed pretty sure the most likely cause of it in the first place was a hair. An ingrown hair is the most common cause of pilonidal cysts and abscesses

Anonymous 11922


Ok guys I've spoilered the image but what I want you to know is that its pus.

So, uh, OP here with a surprise update!

Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital without anyone to give me a lift. This is to get the dressings changed. I will have been using this dressing for 48 hours by the time its changed.

I went outside for the first time as a test to see how well I can walk outside. Hurts but otherwise ok. I got home and…

The tape that holds a pad down over the wound has lifted and there is pus weeping out into my underwear. It's not a ton but I think you should know that the picture is the third wipe. The first one was far more slimy and full of goo

This is (sort of) a good thing. The doctor basically told me that as long as its draining then its getting better. This is gross and inconvenient but its definitely a positive. Movement is going to encourage it to drain since pressure on my lower back is going to squeeze that shit out. I'm not is as much pain laying down so I can kind if tell that the infection is improving as a whole.

The bad part is that I need to go back outside and buy sanitary towels tobstopbpus from getting everywhere on my way to the hospital tomorrow. I've already decided I'm going in my pyjamas anyway, fuck the people staring I'm ill and I dont care, but I would die mortified if a big wet pus stain just started showing through my clothes where people can see it.

My first instinct was to try jam a tampon in the hole since I have an abundance of them. I'm not retarded, so its gonna have to be a pad.

Anonymous 11945


Holy shit, this thread was a wild ride.
Look at you adapting to the situation!
I'm happy anons encouraged you to see a doctor asap. It must have been a big, uncertain step still.
You're handling this so well. I hope the healing goes swiftly, so that you can recover and live without pain.

I guess this is something I didn't know about that everyone should look out for.

Anonymous 11946

ten days and still going strong. this nightmare shall have an end.

Anonymous 11947

I commented on this a few days ago and I am so happy to learn that you went to the doctor. A friend of mine went through the same thing and I know how difficult it is. He had dripping, smelly pus for a while but he’s all good now. They’re probably gonna have you come in a few more times to replace the dressings but you’re almost done with this. For both OP and anyone reading this thread, don’t ignore any pain in the tailbone area and look after yourselves. Godspeed, .

Anonymous 11948


picrelated: anon on her way to the doctor and shops like a trooper

Anonymous 11950

OP updating again!

I went to get my overflowed gauze changed yesterday and she yoinked it out like a worm (I guess the pus kinda lubed it up, I regret seeing this in the corner of my eye). The goods news is that draining as much as it is means that the infection is getting yeeted. As long as its draining, it's getting better.

However- the overflow did concern my nurse and she told me to come back today at 14:15 instead of waiting until tomorrow for another change. She will also be writing me a letter for a public health nurse who will be able to come to my house and change my dressings here instead of having me walk to the hospital every second day. I'm kinda glad the hospital is in my immediate area and that, realistically, I can start walking there when I have fully gained my ability to walk upright again as I currently walk slightly bent over and have to take short breaks. My current method for this is to bend over more. I mask the oddness of this by pretending to stare into my handbag in the middle of the street

Something interesting she pointed out to me is that she can guage the depth of the cavity by the sound water makes when she sprays it into the cavity to flush it out. She also let me know that it takes 45cm of gauze to fill it all the way up

I have a follow up with my surgical team in the near future and they will determine whether or not its necessary for me to have a second surgery

Thank you! I'm surprised I didn't actually get ripped on at all in this thread. I'm grateful for the advice and encouragement I've received

This is cute and accurate. I've been wearing my pyjamas and slippers publically to get to the hospital (10 minutes by public transport) and on the two occasions that I've been to the shops. Pyjamas cause way less friction and tbh it feels great going shopping in my jammies like a trooper

Anonymous 11953

I would have loved this lol. I have had a cyst on my butt for 100 years (sebaceous, not pilonidal, so it doesn't need surgery) and I'd love to see what's inside. Cursed kinder egg.
I'm happy you got care and it's going well.

Anonymous 11957

You know you can still get sebaceous cysts popped by doctors, right? Its not 100% medically necessary but they'll absolutely do it for you in about 15 minutes if you book an appointment. It doesn't even have to be a real medical place you can just go to a cosmetic place that deals with dermatological issues. They're dying to pop things on people

Anonymous 11962

I've considered it. I just don't want to take time off to recover (gym rat). I have different surgeries I need sometime this year (ovarian cyst, gallbladder) and will likely have it taken out as I recover from these.

Anonymous 11971


ANON how is your recovery process??

Anonymous 11976

OP here to update my recovery.

The good news is that it's still draining. However, there has been a shift in what exactly has been draining. The last two days a nurse has come to my house to change my wound dressings. It's still draining excessively but has switched from pus to blood. This is actually a good thing because it shows that the infected flesh has essentially emptied itself of pus and isn't producing anymore. Clearly, a combination of having the cavity flushed out and 3 antibiotics a day has worked wonders.

The neutral news is that whether or not I'm going to need a second surgery is still unknown. I have a follow up with a doctor who (according to two nurses) is extremely good at this kind of thing specifically. I'm nervous about this potential surgery because I've never actually had to be knocked out for a procedure before. First time for everything, I am choosing to remain positive.

The bad news is that there are two pieces of bad news. Firstly, in the midst of all this I forgot that I had planned to go camping with my mum and my little sisters in the countryside this weekend. I will not be going. This was planned 3 months ago and I am upset since I was really looking foward to it. The second bit of bad news is that I've got an antagonist. Some of you may have seen my post in /feels/, but I'm currently staying in my dads house for help during my recovery. My dads girlfriend has decided to use my current physical condition ad an opportunity to make life more difficult for me.

Bottom line- I am healing and am very optimistic about the future. I'm scared for possible more major surgery but I'm putting my brave face on and I'm ready to keep marching foward. I have to do the best I can for myself during these times. I know that I can do well if I just keep my head high

Anonymous 11977

oh, i didn't know that was you. sorry to hear that. you do need to tell your dad to stop being a loser and stop giving a shit more about his girlfriend than his daughter, who is recovering from a very invasive and painful procedure. just shameful for a parent to allow this. really explain that to your father. he should be very ashamed for allowing this. she sounds like a pure douchebag and unlikely to be reasoned with, so your dad really needs to ball up.

Anonymous 11981

You are strong and amazing anon! I am really rooting for you. Sorry about your dad's gf, she's a bitch.

Anonymous 11986

Thanks for the supportive words, anons. You have no idea how closely I've been holding these to my heart as I haven't really reached out to friends/loved ones for emotional support yet.

Everyone seems to agree that shes a cow. I'll be honest, it makes me feel more sane when people agree with me on this. In the beginning I was thinking that maybe I'm just difficult to live with or something but the more I explain the situation the more people seem to point out she is a fucking cow.

Anonymous 12009

OP update

Apparently I'm not supposed to still be bleeding at the rate that I'm bleeding.

I woke do this morning and when I went to change my pyjamas I got blood on the ground. A nurse came to my home earlier to change my wound dressings and some serious blood clots fought back against the gauze, which is new.

I didn't think it was that serious of an issue but I've been hauled back to A&E. 30 minutes ago I was in bed listening to music when the nurse who came to my house this morning rang me to tell me that shes been trying to get in contact with my original nurse for hours and that I have to come to A&E with her now. I threw clothes on, she took me in her car, and told me not to register and wait in the waiting room as I normally would. I am to go in and ask for Mary immediately.

They just sent me to a different waiting room so I guess now I'm waiting on Mary to tell me what the fuck is happening because I have no idea. I thought I was ok

Anonymous 12023


oh no. that sucks. very unfortunate.

it looked like you were healing well. sorry that the problems persist and that healing is still far away, anon. I'm wishing you well. hang in there and keep updating us. you got this!

have you talked to your friends?

Anonymous 12026

I've been speaking about it mostly to my best friend (giving the invasiveness of the issue I figure it best not to tell to many people about my bolloxed arse).

She's coming to drop some things up to me later on today. I'm in A&E at the moment and hoping I will get the details for my meeting with this surgeon regarding my second surgery

Anonymous 12027

why do they need to do a second, anon?

Anonymous 12028

The problem with an abscess is that it leaves an empty cavity behind. This is what I've been having packed with gauze every day. You can't leave it alone after having it drained because it will heal over on the surface and leave a big empty pocket inside me, which is highly likely to just fill up with fluids and need to be cut open again. The idea is to force the cavity to heal from the bottom up.


My body isn't healing, it's just bleeding everywhere without actually healing up. While most people just have their cavity removed to sidestep any healing issues I might I have to get one simply because the cavity has decided not to heal properly on it's own accord. Well, technically I'm making progress since I'm not full of pus anymore, but this bleeding is highly abnormal and leaving it alone as it is really is just begging for an infection.

(That and I can't go foward spending an indeterminate length if time requiring a daily bandage change)

Anonymous 12033

Hope it works!

Anonymous 12035


I guess what can be taken away from this for other anons is that pimples, holes and cysts in that area are dangerous and need to be watched and / or treated asap.
Wish it was less taboo and there was more information about stuff like this

Anonymous 12041

That, and that people need to be aware of what's going on back there. Plenty of people got caught unlucky simply because they didn't really investigate for signs of a cyst to begin with. When I heal up I'm going to add it to my shower routine of checking for cancerous lumps in my breasts. I'll never miss a cyst/abscess in my body again

Anonymous 12048

OP update. Good news guys, I got a letter from the hospital today. I thought it would be an invoice for my bill but it turns out they've made an appointment for me to meet with a surgeon for a consultation. This is going to be happening that day after tomorrow and we will be arranging my second surgery it seems.

I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to a second surgery. While I knew it was a very big possibility, part of me really hoped that I'd make enough healing progress that would make them consider not going ahead with the surgery.

I'm scared because it's a full on surgery that they'll have to knock me out for and I've never had one of those before.

So, I guess this is just part one of the broken butt adventure. I'm nervous but curious to know what the near future is going to be like for me

Anonymous 12049

anon, I'm so proud of you for managing through this trouble. I'm sorry you will be billed for this on top of your sickness. Healthcare should be free.

Wishing you well for the second surgery and that it will be the last troublesome part in your recovery <3

Anonymous 12053

That's great to hear anon! Hopefully this time around it will be solved! Going under isn't as scary as it sounds, but you'll be high as a kite for a few hours after.
Make sure you have somebody who can care for you after you come out of surgery.

Also if you're concerned about the bill and don't make much money most hospitals are nonprofits and have to forgive the charge if you don't make a certain amount of money (usually some percentage past the poverty line) there's typically a financial aid section on the website for the hospital where you can look that information up.

Good luck with the operation!

Anonymous 12054

Here in Ireland it kind of is free. So far only have to pay €100 for my original surgery. All the wound changes and nurses in my home are considered part of outpatient aftercare so is completely free for me under public healthcare. The public healthcare system here is fantastic. They say that the big problem is that you have to wait around sometimes but tbh you only have to wait like a day or two for anything, and once you get your foot in the door you are prioritized just like private healthcare

Thank you! I have plans for my second recovery. I won't require much aftercare following the second surgery, but I will still need to be on bedrest. I'm not sure if you've seen my other post in /feels/ but at the moment the people taking care of me are not exactly ideal. I plan to go to the countryside and stay with my mum after my second surgery

Anonymous 12059


I'm happy for you. 100€ stings but I was afraid bills and debt would pile up for you now.

Anonymous 12183

OP update. All this constant medical stuff is starting impact my mental health. It's the constant poking and stinging and pulling things out of me and jamming things back into me and pills, "take this and that and some of these", and having to lay the same information over and over again to a new nurse every day. I'm still not allowed to take proper showers and I reek of the fluid they flush out the cavity with. Stressing me out. I actually purposefully skipped a wound change the other day. They had me walk to A&E like 4 days in a row, hard with this medical issue, so when I was due to have a nurse visit me at home I just told them I was going to A&E that day so they would leave me alone for just thebone day and let me rest in peace

€100 is pretty great considering that same €100 covers my surgery and all subsequent visits to the wound clinic and for the nurses who visit me almost every day at home. €100 ain't so bad

Anonymous 12191


fuck I can only imagine. I feel for you anon. I understand that you wanted a little break from all the procedures. Hang in there and see you on the other side of this whole thing eventually.

Anonymous 12194

>She showed it to me in the middle of the surgery like a kid showing off a cool bug or something.
I normally hate medical stuff but somehow I really relate to this.

Anonymous 12208

It was fascinating to actually see my fluids soaked into a strip of gauze. It didn't look like blood. The most accurate comparison I can make is one time I had a basin under my sink that filled with water and a mouse drowned in it, decomposed a little bit, and had a wet dark slimey carrion appearance. That's that the bandage looked like

Anonymous 12209


RIP Irish-anon's sink mouse

Anonymous 12219

Since I ready came back to tell the thrilling tale of the sink mouse, I might as well say that I'm experiencing minor complications still but am remaining optimistic. I am happy to report that my vagina has returned to normal after I suffered a common side effect of antibiotics where they absolutely massacre the good bacteria in your genitals and leave you itchy.

So, anyone with a pilonidal cyst better get ready for that because they don't fucking warn you

Anonymous 12222

i'm surprised you'd not been warned of that by doctors before. you should've been told a long time ago (i assume you've been on antibiotics before?) that it destroys vaginal flora. that's pretty shitty that no doctor has warned you about antibiotics in that way and still didn't now. i'm glad your vagina is on the mend, though. hopefully that cyst will not bother you anymore. praying!

Anonymous 12224

I woke up at 4am this morning and my bandage cover came off. Had to do a quick job and replace it, turns out the gauze they pack into me came out am inch or two. I did briefly consider trying to pack it back in with a pencil but decided against it and just bundled it up enough to be able to fit a bandage cover over it

I've only ever needed antibiotics once in the past. It was an acne medication used to kill off bacteria beneath my skin. I don't recall any issues with my lady garden around that time. Its bizarre, freaked me right out. Google will tell you to put natural yoghurt in there since it's a probiotic but I gotta he honest I'm skeptical

Anonymous 12225

>Google will tell you to put natural yoghurt in there since it's a probiotic but I gotta he honest I'm skeptical
you could always try a probiotic vaginal suppository?

Anonymous 12296

OP update.

It seems that after the incident where I accidentally pulled my bandage out an inch or two, I've basically just stopped bleeding. I had a bandage change today with 0 blood and total yellow water (not quite pus) absorbed into the gauze. I will likely be discharged from the A&E wound clinic so if that happens I'll be getting changed at home exclusively until October.

They've started to pack me with a much larger gauze so tomorrow I have to ask about making the incision hole wider to help with the pain of having gauze stuffed into it. As far as I know, I'm going to continue my packings until October and I'm still a breeding ground for infections.

I'm suspicious of this because my bandages were literally exploding off my body every day until yesterday. Something is wrong here, I can feel it in my gut. Theres no way I could have gone from 2-3 weeks of too much blood to nothing in the space of 48 hours. Something isn't right.

Anonymous 12297

You're in our thoughts, OP. Keep cosy.
Hope you manage to get lots of "healing" anti-inflammatory foods and liquids into you if at all possible. And electrolytes, sodium, potassium, etc, especially if you have been bleeding/dehydrated. (for instance, on your road to recovery, calcium helps with blot clotting)

Small advice, but I needed the encouragement to eat better when I was sick so I'm passing it on

think you mentioned you're in Ireland, sending you lots of love from warm co. waterford!

Anonymous 12298

Sending love right back to you from Dublin city!

Eating has been weird for me since this started. My antibiotics used to irritate the lining of my stomach and make meals awkward, and I'm trying to juggle my current requirements with a diet I started prior to all this medical mess

Anonymous 12756

I have something that comes before the cyst, called a pilonidal sinus. I basically have a hole that… doesn't really do much. It's been there for years, and there isn't any pain. At worst my ass crack sweat smells weird.
Doctor was surprised I had it- I'm the first women he's ever met with this, he's only seen large truckers with this. Yay for pcos and constantly sitting at my pc.
I was basically told there wasn't much I could do until it got infected- it's apparently something that doesn't tunnel further than a cm or 2. But it's kind of scary, knowing that it's a bit of a ticking time bomb that will one day get infected and then I'll have to put up with stuffing dressing in a open wound in my ass crack for several months.

Anonymous 12914

OP here. I just got freed from a one month ban and came to check the thread.

Keep. That. Bitch. Clean.

Best advice I have recieved from nurses so far is to rub with a rough cloth to keep the area exfoliated.

I'm still healing, the infection won't leave, and I regret not taking better care to prevent this sort of thing. I'll be stuck for a whole year it seems

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