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Anonymous 12060

I seen this girl posted on lolcow. Apparently she is heavily disliked because she posts in the body positive tags preaching about the struggles of beauty standards/body image while she looks like this.

The person who posted this says that the problem is not that this girl is skinny or pretty. The problem is that she is aware that she is skinny and pretty, has identified a space where people use her body type as an example of "societies idea of a perfect woman", and proceeds to post to that space showing off her body to stroke her ego.

I agree with the poster. I don't think it's right to hijack a movement based around struggling with image just to show off how well you fit the standard. It's incredibly obnoxious and she should just be honest about what shes really doing and stop pretending she has the same struggle as everyone else when some women literally die trying to acheive her "genetic" look.

What do you guys think?

Anonymous 12061

I think is somebody quite obviously validation seeking so I'd still class them as somebody "struggling with body image", so it's fine in my eyes

Anonymous 12062

But is it right do it in a space where she knows people are trying to destroy the standard that she perfectly fits? She could get the same validation from posting literally anywhere else because she already looks like that. It just seems like narcissism to me

Anonymous 12063

Not OP but I think that more than validation she is looking for simple attention, she seems quite confident.

Anonymous 12064

Figured body positivity was for all bodies not just one specific type

Depends on culture I suppose. She looks ill

Anonymous 12065

And if she thinks she is going to find validation rather than anger amongst people tagging body positive she's being kind of delusional, unless she literally wants them to seethe (which is what I believe).

Anonymous 12066

She's right though. Dieting will just make you lose weight, not give you better weight distribution.

Anonymous 12067

posting your body online in general is just ego stroking. a movement around that is pathetic.

>societies idea of a perfect woman

except she's not. only to fatties obsessed with attacking skinny people. pure projection that she gets a kick out of. if you don't want to be a model, her body is not a positive. and why would you want such a degrading job, especially when you are ugly and fat, except because you fetishise the concept of others thinking you look good?

Anonymous 12068

She looks like the type who has an eating disorder. Back when I had anorexia I used to tell people "this is just how I naturally look" when I was eating 200 calories a day. There's a difference between being skinny and being underweight.

Anonymous 12069

>her body is not a positive

Anonymous 12070

Never mind. I looked her up and she appears to be 6 feet tall. Taller women tend to be skinnier because they can eat more and not gain as much weight as a womanlet like myself.

Anonymous 12071

i think all people posting their bodies online for validation and/or attention are pretty sad regardless of whether they are fat or skinny but infighting amongst bodyposters about which one of them is allowed to get validation from whom has to be some of the saddest shit ive seen

Anonymous 12072

While this is true, she could have expressed this in a million different ways that weren't her showing off her perfect (by beauty standards) body in a tag for ripping that kind of thing down

We're sad for sharing opinions on someone being obnoxious? I'm not so sure. The point wasn't that she shouldn't be allowed to be body positive. The point was that she isn't actually being positive shes just using the tag to show her body off to people she already knows consider her to be the image of "perfection" according to certain beauty standards.

She has strategically done her outfit to show her waist and her thigh gap. She knows what she is doing and that's why it's wrong. Shes not body posi

Anonymous 12073


>just be urself lol

Anonymous 12074

yeah i definitely dont think she even cares about anything relating to body positivity but she must've gotten a lot of comments about her body so she's just humblebragging because it gets her more engagement and posting about nice things like body positivity must make her feel better about herself

its funny and sad to me because it seems really snowflakey to get offended at this as if only marginalized people are allowed to post under the body positivity tag, like isnt the entire point to normalize them existing along with this "beauty standard"? how are you going do that if you want to create a place that screams 'this is just for uglies, only uglies are allowed to be here because no one likes them but they're perfect and society needs to be fixed, also so-called hot people are not allowed here because they're privledged and are being assholes to uglies by telling them they're pretty while being a hot person themselves" its fucking ridiculous

Anonymous 12075

Well shes either looking for attention and an ego boost, which would be dumb and cringe or shes getting a kick out of triggering the fatties, which is evil but based. Maybe a little bit of both, which would be dumb, evil and crinbased.

Anonymous 12076

The problem with that is that there are plenty of women who look just like her if not even more ideal to the beauty standard who actually do give a damn about body positivity and post to the tags regularly. Body positivity is for people who actually care about body positivity, and someone who cares about body positivity can look like anything. She should absolutely be allowed to be body positive. But she should not be allowed to use body positivity to stroke her ego when she clearly doesn't give a damn about it.

People who do fit the beauty standard that actually care about body positivity are self aware. They know they fit the standard but they actually promote good body image. They don't just "aha, guys, lets be body positive! I'm perfect because I have the perfect genetics. You can't attain perfection if you dont have my amazing genetics. Look at my great body, I know a lot of you ask for tips to look like me, but you can't have this because I look like this genetically. Look at me put my feet together and have my thighs still be apart, I have worn an outfit specifically to show you that you can't look perfect like me. Just be happy even though you cant be perfect just like me guys, body posi!"

That to me isn't someone who should be preaching positivity. Even if she said she struggled with beauty standards, that would be like someone who just cut their fingernails going to an amputee support group. She doesn't struggle like a lot of women. She knows she doesn't struggle or else she wouldn't say "my looks are genetics this can not be acheived any other way", she knows people would kill to look like her, so she picked the easiest possible form of dragging in validation and was instead rejected when people rightfully called her out for being a twat

Anonymous 12077

No shes just cringe

Anonymous 12078

I do not wish to be outraged on behalf of a movement that just enables narc fatties to circlejerk & have 0 accountability from themselves.

>that would be like someone who just cut their fingernails going to an amputee support group

lmao that is an outrageous comparison. Amputees can't grow their legs back. Fat people can lose weight.

Anonymous 12079

Exactly, it is outrageous, because people who cut their fingernails have nothing wrong with them and dont struggle with losing those clippings. If she is genetically "perfect" then she doesn't struggle with the beauty standard and it's incredibly easy for her to just look like that. Even if she gained a few she would be perfect. Its ridiculous for her to post to body posi tags as if she has had any struggle with beauty standards

Anonymous 12080

dick move to post your conventionally attractive self all over a tag meant to uplift people who feel genuinely down about their appearance. she's obviously very confident, not "looking for validation and insecure", look at how she's posing

Anonymous 12081

disagree, i think it's good to be subversive (within reason, not 500 lb people talking up how diets are damaging), but it's good to highlight the spectrum of appearance. girl above's post is not subversive or helpful to anyone but herself. sure, it can be attention whore-y, but all social media posting kind of literally is.

Anonymous 12082

She looks like a Michael Turner drawing. Pretty annoying stunt whatever she's doing.

Anonymous 12083

Shes not looking for validation. Her post is a response to people asking for tips on how to look like her and shes saying nobody can attain her beauty because its genetics. Shes just being a cock about it

Anonymous 12084

that's what i'm saying. first post itt is someone saying she's "looking for validation" or that she might be insecure, so she's "ill" as well and justified in posting in these communities. she's definitely not. she just wants to be an asshole and brag to insecure, likely depressed people that they can never be like her. really gross behavior.

Anonymous 12085

> i think all people posting their bodies online for validation and/or attention are pretty sad
This. I’m done with body positivity. We need some body neutrality.
Seriously, posting online about your “fat” or “midsize” body is just as obnoxious as what she’s doing.

Also when did crystal.cafe become /ot/ lol

Anonymous 12086

>Seriously, posting online about your “fat” or “midsize” body is just as obnoxious as what she’s doing.
it's not though? maybe on a personal level it is "as obnoxious", but look at the bigger picture. people expressing that different looking people should and can be confident, or should and can be popular, is way different from someone who would and does already receive heaps of praise for their conventionally attractive figure hijacking communities meant to express that it's good to be positive about your body even if you're less conventional. the difference is that less conventionally attractive people would need to seek out these communities to receive positive affirmation, while she could go ANYWHERE and receive praise and popularity.

Anonymous 12087


Anonymous 12088

And do tell, anon, on what category does that woman belong? You can post about obese women in the community but at the end of the day you know that body posi is not a place for that woman to brag about her body. Shes worse than the obese girls because she fits the beauty standard

Anonymous 12090

Just find attractive parents and be born to them.

Anonymous 12091


Anonymous 12092


Anonymous 12093


Anonymous 12094

She's hot but no one gets fit from genetics alone. Women like this who refuse to give other women workouts or diet advice under the delusion of body positivity just seem petty and like they want to be "the best" woman unlike the Beckie's they just told to love themselves and not put in effort for their body

Anonymous 12096


>watching salty women get jealous of beautiful women as a closeted bisexual
It isn't a good look. Just learn to check out the ass of hot women and imagine them sitting on your lap.

Anonymous 12097

Nobody is jealous of her. Shes cringe for doing TikTok for a start, and shes a cunt for using positive movements to wank off her own ego. Nobody wants to be a cringey narc cunt anon

Anonymous 12099

>Women like this who refuse to give other women workouts or diet advice
You say it like its some secret knowledge. Just stop stuffing your fucking face like a disgusting landwhale and work out, you lazy, fat peace of shit. Congratulations, there is nothing to stop you now, now you are equiped to work(!) on yourself, so no excuses.

Anonymous 12103

Christ anon, is your blood sugar low? Not everyone coming to her for advice is fat. You realise that part of the problem is that average or even quite thin girls are asking her for advice because they specifically want to look like her, right? Theres more to these things than just being fat. Theres proportions, shape, etc. that these girls are asking her for tips to get because the standard means only her set of physical features are considered perfect (extremely thing but still hourglass shape, extremely long legs, not flat chested and still have an ass while maintaining a low weight).

Tbh you sound like a moid for not understanding that, I'd expect a woman to understand what we're pressured to be. That attitude towards other women is not cute

Anonymous 12109


I think the attention-grab of praying mantis here is a non-issue imho. It's attention-seeking and derailing a good cause at worst and stupid and ditzy but well-intentioned and harmless at best.
I'd just focus on the bopo cause and not obsess over this rando. Because what's the point of that? You can argue out semantics but that's not gonna actually help anyone and will just make you mad or sad.

Anonymous 12110


>fat peace of shit
kek, okay, nasty

here is where you're wrong though because she would actually get shit either way. If she doesn't share the secrets of her beauty up-keep, she's withholding precious informaton from you but if she shared it she'd be accused of bragging, being a bad role model or even villified for spreading the sometimes ugly truth. don't make it out like pretty women don't get a lot of bias and hatred either.

Anonymous 12111

WTF lmao. She's toned, which requires exercise. If you think she looks that way by simply "not stuffing your face like a landwhale" then it's you who sounds like a landwhale since apparently you don't know what the difference between a thin body that works out and a thin body that doesn't

Anonymous 12112

>t.anon that clearly doesn't exercise and therefore understand you have to Target different muscles

If exercise was that easy and everyone who says otherwise is a landwhale, explain to me why there's millions of exercise boards, fitness magazines, etc
>Inb4 there's all fat too!!!
A lot of these boards have a lot of people posting their clearly fit bodies. R/strongcurves for example. Are those toned muscley women are lardasses as well for discussing fitness? "Discussing fitness and diet means you're fat" has got to be the most retarded reach I've ever seen in my life

Anonymous 12113

It is a retarded take. You can always spot an anachan or a self loathing fat anon by how they make that exact retarded take

Anonymous 12118

it's more than likely a moid rather than an anachan or self loathing fat anon.

Anonymous 12120

Yep. Some moid has been lurking around here shitting on women for improving themselves, like their ideal world for women would be some weird military style thing where women aren't allowed to do anything but basic hygiene and grooming and if they do they're shunned by the community. They really can't handle women doing better than them

Anonymous 12127

Is it the same moid that posts all his replies with weird mildly fetishy photoshoot pictures of women? I believe it. He was in a thread the other day calling someone a "hole" because they dared suggest that Crystal Cafe isn't bad

Anonymous 12132

I don't think she really fits the standart?
Or maybe i'm just brazillian and most normie moids just call her a bit twiggy bc they prefer women with more curves (gym rat booty type of woman)

Anonymous 12134

She has an ideal ratio and proportionally large hips and boobs compared to her tiny body. I feel like most people in most places just like women that look good and well proportioned more than anything, the western world has a weird melting pot of standards and a lot of those people have ever changing standards lol. I know people who's dream girl is flat chested with giant fat thighs, it's not really fair or the truth to claim clearly attractive women don't fit standards

Anonymous 12135

In a lot of places, ultra thin hour glass with ling legs is the beauty standard. Basically- the closer you look to an Instagram edit, the better (which is a stupid standard).

I wonder if she uses body filters like a lot of TikTokers. Theres something a bit odd about how her waist is almost the width of her head

Anonymous 12141

True, her elbows are a bit suspicious in the first pic. People have an extremely disorted view of how female bodies look, ontop of that men and women don't understand that cameras smooth out curves so if you're naturally curvy and not extremely you'll look a bit rectangular on camera

Anonymous 12142


Anonymous 12143

It's been noted by many that women who edit their waists for Instagram often have telltale elbows. The rule of thumb is that nobody has a waist the same width as their jaw, which is extremely common in facetuned images. It's a detail you dont think you would miss but its absolutely the case. On top of that, dragging in the waist creates weird ficking elbows, and her elbows definitely look weird with how they angle in towards her waist in the second image.

So, not only is she bragging in the body posi thread, but shes not even doing it with her real body. This is actually sad, imagine being her

Anonymous 12144

The body positive attention whores are the worst. They can waist train, get plastic surgery, Photoshop, etc but everyone else just needs to love themselves

Anonymous 12147

Girls getting whole ass ribs removed to tell the body positivity community that tiny waists aren't important

Anonymous 12150

How is this relevant?

Anonymous 12151

>"wow, you just have a really good diet and exercise routine, can you give me any tips?"
>"Lol it's just genetic, don't do anything to improve your situation"

I guess that's what these body positive cows deserve.

Anonymous 12153

The body posi community is all pickmes now practically. Or those ones who romanticize and idealize their features but when the opposite comes up they'll say something "oh that's good too I guess"

Billie eilish shitty when it comes to this, getting work done but preaching body positivity, or when she uses body positivity as a shield to dressing sluttier than a Hooters girl at 15-17

Anonymous 12154

I thought Billie dressed in baggy clothes all through her teen years to hide away from being sexualised?

Anyway you're right about Billie in the body posi way. Idk who they were trying to fool when they tried to pass her off as someone who isn't pretty and was the anti popstar. At best, she was the inverse of Ariana Grande, but she was never ugly

Anonymous 12155

She did for a while and then the tank top pics with the black bra was released and then she just started wearing practically just bras and panties on stage and stuff. Lip injections, fake everything and those weird tiktoks of her slapping and zooming in on her boobs. Completely manufactured and she's just like all the other ones. I don't even think other pop stars feel the need to zoom in and make everything about their tits daily, so weird she reduced herself to just big tits now

Anonymous 12156

Tbf she did throw her relevance out the door and keeps kicking her career in the ribs while it's already on the ground crawling in pain

Anonymous 12157

I don't think so, I think the fact she just wanted to do a 180 and make her career out of her tits she completely failed her fans, if she kept the cool deep alt girl thing going she would have been fine but anything for attention I guess

Anonymous 12159

That shit happened as soon as she turned 18. I wonder if she was just playing off the baggy clothes because of her age. Also, super super fucking weird that shes had two boyfriends who are considerably older than her

Anonymous 12161

She had her moments where she started dressing slutty at 17 and would pull the whole SToP SeXuLiXinG cHilDrEn card if anybody questioned about it. She's just like every other fake Hollywood hoe but her personality is fake too

Anonymous 12164

it's strange. i think she seemed like a decent enough kid.
what's very bizarre is that her tiktok is just her now insulting girls who are saying they don't like her new music with things like "eat my dust my tits are bigger than yours" (verbatim). she seemed more down to earth than that, but then again, i'm not a fan so i don't know how bratty she may have been previously behind the scenes. she seemed likable. i'm not sure why she's mocking her teenage fans like this, especially considering she has totally switched up her music and image, so of course, people are going to be disappointed. putting the bodies of your fans down and bragging about your big boobs just because they don't like the artistic direction you're going in is strange. it feels like everyone in the industry must be making her entire personality and image about her big boobs now.

Anonymous 12167

Insecurity 100% her music was completely manufactured because no one just is a complete nobody and then the next day they're everywhere without some weird Hollywood behind the scenes type deal. As far as her shit tier personality goes you're completely right, she made it the first part of her career about how she can't help her body and people shouldn't be mean to her because she has big boob but then is a bitch to other girls for their boobs

She probably has an unattractive breast shape, considering the fact the rest of her body is pretty blocky and her face is mediocre and plastic, put that on her horrible personality and all she really has is big boobs…. Also probably why we almost never see her outside of flattering and enhancing bras or controlled angles

Anonymous 12169

Kinda feel weird judging Billie for being blocky in a thread about defending the integrity of the body positivity movement

Anonymous 12170

Defending where?

Anonymous 12171

The original point of the thread was that the body posi movement should be protected from women who just want to use it to brag about looking perfect according to beauty standards. Turning around and point out Billie Eilish being built like a childrens wooden block toy seems out of place here

Anonymous 12172

the thing is that she's just bringing up her boobs in response to her music. it's not even like people are saying "put your boobs away and go back to your old music". she's just responding to purely musical criticism with insults about boob size. she's going to kill her career with this kind of thing.

Anonymous 12173

I can't tell of shes trying to make a meme out of the reaction people had to the discovery that she had boobs

Anonymous 12174

She's bitter because it's all she has to offer at this point. For a while she made her age the point of her novelty and now she's of age so she can't pretend to be jailbait anymore now all she has is mediocre looking tits and nothing else, would also explain why she can't seem to hold friendships with women since girls like her are usually unreasonably bitter and make their "selling point" that feature and see women who don't have that feature to be less than, probably why she thought girls with smaller boobs than her can't have opinions

This doesn't just apply for big tits btw but usually girls who make their personality revolve around having big tits are very much like this, I know blonde white girls do this, asian girls, pale girls, girls with perky or stereotypically perfect boobs, girls with small waist and big butts, chubby girls, etc

Anonymous 12175


We're not a hivemind. IMO the moment you publicly insult womens bodies then I have zero sympathy if their bodies get insulted and shamed back. I almost felt bad for the "she has the body of a Karen who's trying to hide it" posts but this probably isn't the first time she had said stuff like this about other women too

Anonymous 12176

I've never given it too much thought but there are absolutely women who make their body the only personality trait they have. I feel like this is ok to some degree, but at what point does it become an issue?

In the case of "I am my boobs. All smaller boobs are inferior people to me, they can shut up" I feel like that's definitely in the problem area. Really and kind of "my body is better than yours, my whole personality is my body, therefore I am better than you in every way" kind of person is just mentally unhealthy.

Anonymous 12177

I mean I've never seen it not become that though. With Billie I don't understand because she's American and most American girls already have big boobs (the average size is like a DD I think?) So it's not like having big boobs on a chubby body like every other american girl is some crazy new thing that only goddess Billie could have and most men nowadays look more for shape and overall attractiveness

Anonymous 12178


Why is it so bad if Billie wants to dress sexy? Yeah she has been a bit hypocritical about it but at this point who cares anymore? She doesn't have to be a pure Madonna role model? I find the nitpicking of her body and this subject to become increasingly boring.

Anonymous 12179

The problem isn't that she dresses sexy, the problem is that she built a huge part of her persona on being yourself, body positivity, and not sexualizing teenagers, and now shes telling minors that their opinions dont matter because their breasts aren't big as a response to criticism of her music

Anonymous 12205

that has to be the most disgusting haircolor you can come up with.

Anonymous 12206

The pics of this girl flaunting her one in a billion body and selling it as body positivity. Do you not get enough attention from males already? How much more praise and attention do you need? Yes you won the genetic lottery congratulations now leave us uggos alone

Anonymous 12207

"Look anorexic while not being anorexic, praise me"

Anonymous 12530

I'm sure Billie's initial thoughts on body positivity were genuine, it's the kind of insecurities every girl her age had. Now she's older, more famous, and richer. She hangs out with different people and is in an environment where being slutty is celebrated. Another case of Jewllywood turning people into degenerates. The older bfs prove this as well. I just find it sad.

Anonymous 12549


Wearing double push up bras and several layers of makeup sure seem body positive to me. On top of that the whole asian racist video coming too proves against this

I personally don't believe anyone claims to be super body posi but actively tries to conceal their natural body. Billie body shaming fans and becoming more artificial appearance and personality wise more than ever is her true colors and her hideous personality is reflecting in her appearance as of lately well lol

Anonymous 12551

How old is she? Because it seems like she's either doing this for the drama or she's genuinely naive.

Anonymous 12552

>genuinely naive
That girl must have people working for her doing her social media. You are the naive one, Jesus, anon. I'm somewhat clueless about things sometimes, but this is getting ridiculous. Sorry, I'm laughing a bit at you.

Anonymous 12553

I think she's 24 or 25

Anonymous 12561

She's only 19, so she probably is naive, but
is probably right as well.

Anonymous 13008

Anonymous 13012

Idk who this girl is, but that's definitely not just "genetic" and shape of her rib cage looks either shooped or like she's been corset training (most likely shooped though. She's contributing to the obesity epidemic and all the heart disease and deaths that result from it by telling fat people that they shouldn't even try to live a healthier lifestyle just because they didn't win the genetic lottery. It's bullshit. Genetics can make you "skinnyfat" by giving you a smaller bone structure under your fatrolls, but it won't make you actually thin with a flat belly or nice shape.

Anonymous 13013

Idk, this feels insanely attention whore-y to me, like… It's obvious the natural response to this would be "reeee why are you talking about this, you're thin and beautiful" so basically the kind of seething that both validates you and pushes you in the tiktok algorythm.
The fat acceptance community is so toxic they deserve to seethe though.

Anonymous 13033

she's definitely doing this for brownie points and is well aware that she is making people angry. it's almost trolling, in a way. definitely obnoxious

Anonymous 13041

jfc what a trainwreck of a post. there definitely is an issue with refugees from another imageboard here.
this girl looks like a normal thin girl, where do you all live that she looks "anorexic"? have you never seen thin people IRL? And what's with the seething about Billie's boobs jfc. Fix your blood sugar then go black to /ot/ please.

Anonymous 13056

>this girl looks like a normal thin girl
Nah she looks clearly underweight.. you can see her ribs and she has a thigh gap.

Anonymous 13057

thigh gap is more about bone structure though. I've always had one even at a healthy weight

Anonymous 13058

samefagging to clarify, I do think this girl is probably underweight tho lol

Anonymous 13289

she is very clearly severely underweight. unless she is insanely tall, she is around 90 pounds. As someone who's been there, she's definitely an anorexic. and she's posting for attention and compliments on the body she's worked so hard to 'achieve'. no one looks like that naturally. she's sick, her skin is yellowish, her legs are sticks, her ribs are showing, and she has zero stomach. when i weighed that much, i was miserable, couldnt think, sleep, or eat, and had nothing on my mind but food.

Anonymous 13294

>I've always had one even at a healthy weight
I’m sure of that, anachan

Anonymous 13297

Lol wat. You can be healthy and have wide hips with not a lot of inner thigh fat

Anonymous 13298

seconding, I'm in the healthy range for my height and never been underweight and I have one without doing anything special. I don't condone ana behavior but let's not shame girls who have gaps either, it's not wrong to have and shouldn't be seen as a goal nor something to get rid of. everyone is shaped different

Anonymous 13312

my issue with the person is that they're lying.

Anonymous 13326

>let's not shame girls who have gaps
Lmfao, poor you, with the ideal body type. You can see your body in magazines, runways, advertisements, etc because everyone considers thigh gaps beautiful and modelesque. That must be sooo hard for you anon. </3

Anonymous 13327

Nta. But anon's right, we shouldn't be justifying or condoning shaming or spreading misinformation about women's bodies just because they happen to be widely represented in media. It's just shifting shaming from one group of women to another group of women, keyword here being that it's always still shaming women's bodies. Which isn't helpful for any us in the long run whatsoever.

Anonymous 13328

says anon falling for anachan myths kek

Anonymous 13329

rightfully saying that thigh gaps are unhealthy isn't "shaming women's bodies." girls are starving themselves for thigh gaps for fucks sake. ZERO sympathy for retards who want to pretend "skinny shaming exists."
claiming that thigh gaps are only due to "bone structure" is an absolute cope

Anonymous 13331

Can't say I think having thigh gap is even a good thing. Hard to have intercrural sex that way

Anonymous 13352

intercrural sex is for gays and women who can't enjoy sex

Anonymous 13363

Alright. Good to know.

Anonymous 13365

hater alert

Anonymous 13367

Clearly you can make your body look better by working out and taking care of yourself, even if you don't have model proportions.

Anonymous 13401

Is that girl's body real?

Anonymous 13417

is this supposed to be attractive? especially those stick legs, wtf this cant be healthy: i am naturally very skinny (16 bmi) and i still look better than this. she is clearly an extreme anachan

Anonymous 13425

You cant be naturally skinny or fat lol

Anonymous 13426

I think it's attractive, my 21 bmi ass wishes it looks like that

Anonymous 13501

Nta, yes you can, what a bizarre claim.

Anonymous 13549

>21 bmi
That's not even fat. (Nta btw)
Maybe I'm imposing my own opinions, but mid-tier bmi on women looks so cute.
Lower bmi is also nice, but I do like soft but healthy looks on women. Just enough for squishy thighs+arms, and soft belly.

Anonymous 13581

she is very strange looking and her body type doesn't conform to "conventional beauty standards" so i don't see the problem with her being in the body positivity movement to cope.
there's other ways of looking 'weird' or having a strange body than just being fat y'know

Anonymous 13583


>her body type doesn't conform to "conventional beauty standards"
Oh shut up. She literally has the body of a Victoria’s Secret model. Young girls all across instagram are photoshopping themselves to look just like her. Fuck this person for exploiting young girls’ insecurities to stroke her own ego. Disgusting person.
Maybe naturally skinny if you have something like Marfan Syndromw, but no one is naturally obese lmao.

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