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Anavar cycle Anonymous 12533

I've been lifting for a year with minimal results and I want to try Anavar but I'm a little scared. If someone with experiene could answer a few questions that would be great. Is it safe? Are there any sides? How much do I need to take and for how lobg? How much muscle can I expect to build on it? Before/after pics would be appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous 12564

can't help you much but in this video derek talks about options with less side effects than anavar for muscle gain in females https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXadcMTYfkw&t=1619s

Anonymous 12579

Are you eating enough? Do you get enough protein?
I don't think anavar is worth the risk, anon.

Anonymous 12702

For a singular year?
What's your routine, what's your diet, your goals, anything?!

Hormones are not a shortcut, they don't make up for a shitty diet or lackluster training regiment. They are the final 10% to get 110%, they allow you to work harder and break through plateaus you thought were the end, they are the last touch to a perfect diet, an exceptional physique and a commitment you will have to bear the effects from for the rest of your life. You haven't even finished with your noobgains, you are years away in sheer terms of experience to even consider that step.

When you spent half a decade in the gym, when you are in your late 20s, then maybe, just maybe you can consider taking things that permanently alter your metabolism and endocrine balance.
If you don't know what the fuck you are doing you will only grow chesthair and get a clitdick.

Anonymous 12714

Too much fearmongering itt. Listen to me OP. On paper yes, ideally you'd have to first reach your peak natty physique before even considering hopping on PEDs. On the other hand, I still remember that summer after jr high when we got back to school and our cheerleading squad looked like they'd jut gotten oyt of Tony Stark's super soldier tank. Turns out our coach had pumped them full of who knows what over the summer to the point where the girls that worked the bottom of the pyramid were almost as big as some of the guys on the football ream. Point being, you can use responsibly without destroying your endocrine system. I'm on my phone now but I'll post pics so you can see what six weeks on 10mg did for me later. >>12702 is right though, your training and diet have to be on point.

Anonymous 12715

>Turns out our coach had pumped them full of who knows what over the summer
is that even legal?

Anonymous 12717


Back with pics as promised. 4'10 19yo. Keep in mind that I consumed upwards of 2500 calories a day and never missed a workout. I experienced no side effects at all, aside from the fact that none of my tops fit anymore.

Probably not, but a full trophy case was enough to make everyone forget about it.

Anonymous 12718

Those are incredible results. Do you have any measuring tape measurements of your legs/arms/waist/chest during this time?
Is var cycle good while cutting?

Anonymous 12725

>those anime delts
Holy crap, I'll have what she's having!

Anonymous 12727


wait the coach spike them with drugs?! none of the girls knew they were taking anavar?

Anonymous 12728

did you practice any sports in highschool?

Anonymous 12729

I don't compete or anything, I'm doing this for fun so I'm not crazy about measurements. The only measurements I kept track of were my shoulders and biceps because it was so exciting to see them grow so fast. Shoulders went from 12.5" to 16.5" (~18" with a pump) and bis went from 11" to 14.5" (~16" with a pump).

My favorite body part to train.

Coach told them it was "essential vitamins", but I refuse to believe that the girls didn't know something was up. I mean the school had to order new uniforms for the entire squad because they couldn't fit in the old ones ffs.

Nope. Too short for volleyball/basketball, too scrawny for lacrosse. I did exercise though.

Anonymous 12730

Var is great for cutting btw, but you have to be very careful if all you want is to cut. That stuff hits us way harder than it hits men when it comes to gains. Point being, you might get really buff accidentally. If you just want to cut, try 6 weeks on 5mg and MINIMAL TO ZERO upper body work. For example, I didn't train traps at all while on cycle but they blew up anyway.

Anonymous 12731

>Coach told them it was "essential vitamins"
oh my god that's awful! i'm actually inshock someone whould do that to minors

great body by the way, i'm reall jelly of your gains, those delts and ceps look incredible

Anonymous 12732

Wait, how did you find out what the dosage was? Did the coach tell you afterwards?

Anonymous 12733

can't tell if i want to be you or marry you

Anonymous 12734

Men will do anything for a trophy. The girls didn't complain at all btw, they loved it. I kept turbo bulking when I got off cycle so I'm not that lean anymore, but thanks.

What dosage? I don't know what or how much of it he gave them. I just wish he would have given me some too lol.

Thanks but I'm taken.

Anonymous 12735

> I'm taken.
men or woman?

Anonymous 12736

I have a bf.

Anonymous 12737

you're the most valuable miner. i bet no one can outmine you.

Anonymous 12738

would you date a guys weaker than you?

Anonymous 12739

That can't be healthy…

Anonymous 12742

Jfc girl you got swole.

Anonymous 12750

how much can you deadlift?

Anonymous 12831


This is the strongest and most winning (verified) all-natural female bodybuilder of all time, period: Nancy Andrews. Take a good look at her. You will get no bigger and no stronger than her without gear. But it will mess you up pretty bad, in the sense that it will change your body in ways that you can never recover from. But if strength is all you care about, then go for it. I doubt it will hurt you. But you won't recognize what you see in the mirror anymore.

Anonymous 12840


I want to inject L-carnatine and I'm trying to find a good dosage guide. Do you recommend a certain site for that kind of thing?

Anonymous 12861

10mg is a ridiculously large dose for women; it might even be a little high for some men on a first cycle, and explains your insanely rapid progress.
Women tend to require less var than men, and can probably get away with 1-2mg. If you find that it isn't enough, then you can increase to 5mg after a while.

Anonymous 12892

Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if I cycled 20mg?

Anonymous 12905

You'd make really good gains, really quickly, and make a lot of moids seethe probably. Var is nice in that it has relatively few side effects compared to dbol, test or even some sarms, but at 20mg you might want to be careful in case of side effects.
I'd strongly recommend against it, but if you choose to do it, post results! It would probably be insane.

Anonymous 13313

Good lord look at those delts

Anonymous 13334

You can try r/steroidsxx

Anonymous 13335

Not really, you can easily become smaller back again if you want.
Just look at sophie averbrink she was huge at some point.

Anonymous 13346

>from sticc to beefcake in 6 weeks
That's it, I'm hopping on var. I'm getting as swole as is humanly possible. My ex is going to freaking lose it next time he sees me.

Anonymous 13415


Well, I gave in. I couldn't help myself. Now though I'm starting to get a little freaked out because I'm only on week 3 on 20mg and I've already hit beefcake mode, pic very related. No pump either btw. Getting a little hypersensitive downstairs too. Should I stop?

Anonymous 13429

>I'm only on week 3 on 20mg
Jesus how strong is that stuff?

Anonymous 13439

this as to be a troll, there's no way this is real

Anonymous 13442


Stronger than I thought!
Not a troll. Sorry, I should have posted full body.

Anonymous 13443

Everytime I see a gigastacy like this I get dizzy, like I'm looking at something that's not supposed to be real. I just wonder what it's like to have a conversation with her…

Anonymous 13444

Not lez but looking at this absolute hunk of a girl I'm getting the weirdest lady boner. You're bigger than my bf lmao.

Anonymous 13446


i think s/he is a troll, i just saw that pic posted on /fit/

Anonymous 13449

I posted it on /fit/ myself. I've always wanted to post on /cbt/ but I was too insecure about my body. Not anymore!

Anonymous 13450

Correction because I just clicked on your link. I didn't make that thread. My post was in a previous /cbt/.

Anonymous 13451

Congratulations you look like a dude.

Anonymous 13452

Why are you doing this? Are you trying to get moids to notice you? You know all you need is a push up bra and a tight top, right?

Anonymous 13453

Very unlikely. Just look at her.

Anonymous 13454

On one hand I think you should stop now because getting this big in just three weeks can't be healthy, but on the other hand I really want to see what you're going to look like if you finish your cycle.

Anonymous 13458

>everything a woman does must be because of moids!!11!!1!

Anonymous 13459


i'm super curios, how much can you lift doing bicep curls?

Anonymous 13460

what's /cbt/? and why are you posting on 4chan? that place is awful for your mental health

Anonymous 13461

Nice work! You look so good! That amount of progress in 3 weeks is awesome.
>Should I stop?
Depends. You're already jacked, so it's fine to reduce the dosage, but it depends on your goals. If you find yourself getting smaller, then you can increase it back again, as long as you're not having terrible side effects.

Anonymous 13465

You are probably a troll.
Girls don't grow that fast even on steroids.
Anyway whoever is this pic of she looks great and I am a bit jealous of her body.

Anonymous 13466

I'm an introvert and my social circle consists of like three people, so not exactly a Stacy. Having a conversation with me would probably just feel a little awkward because I get extremely nervous around people I don't know.
Your bf needs to start lifting asap lol.
Correction: bigger than the average dude. :)
Because I like it.
>but on the other hand I really want to see what you're going to look like if you finish your cycle
Me too, but I'm afraid it might be a little too much.
When I started out, my bicep workout was basically 3x12 with 10 lbs dumbbells. Now I warm up with 15s and curl 25s for reps. Gonna try 30s soon.
It's the Current Body Thread where everyone posts to show off their gains. Always wanted to do that. In hindsight it was stupid because all I got was disgusting comments, but for a moment there it felt good.
>If you find yourself getting smaller
Oh God is that a possibility? I don't wanna lose my gains. I'll give it one more week on 20mg and if I start looking like I belong in a circus freak show I'll just stop. Vascularity is what scares me the most. Veins are already starting to pop all over and if I get too vascular I won't be able to hide it from my mom.
I paid upwards of $1.500 for this cycle, I'd be very disappointed if it didn't work lol. Thanks though.

Anonymous 13467

Are you powerlifting enough now that you piss yourself?

Anonymous 13468

Jesus you look great. I might go to the gym myself(I was always to scared to do this).
Also any chance for timestamp?
Also aren't you like similar strength to your boyfriend right now(if you have one) most of guys aren't really that strong at 20yo.
Not that I have any problems with that. I could imagine myself being stronger and that would be interesting, at least I think so?

Anonymous 13469

>is that a possibility?
If you stopped taking it, then you probably would start to, but if you just reduced it, then you should be fine. Even 5mg is a good amount to see solid gains, so if you reduced it to that, I reckon you'd either maintain your current body or just progress slower. If you want to be absolutely sure that you'll keep progressing, then you can't go wrong with 10mg.
>all I got was disgusting comments
This makes me think you're not her. I went through that thread, and the responses were mostly compliments or moids expressing their jealousy.

Anonymous 13470

>curl 25s for reps

how many reps can you do?

Anonymous 13471

I'm not a powerlifter, I'm a bodybuilder and I've never had an accident like that.
No bf but I'm definitely bigger and stronger than a lot of dudes at the gym.
Thanks for the advice. As for the thread, I'm a little thin-skinned I guess. Because yes a lot of the comments were positive but also creepy. One guy accused me of having fake boobs which I don't, another wanted me to peg him and I was also told to go f myself by some dude disappointed by his own progress. Won't be posting there again.
My bicep workout looks something like this:
>4x12 alternating curls
>4x12 ez bar curls
>4x12 hammer curls
>ez bar curls to failure

Anonymous 13472


Anonymous 13473

Anonymous 13474

So you're a body builder, i get that.
However, do you know how much you can lift? I.e. bench or squat?

Anonymous 13475

dang! you can do 4x12 with 20lbs?! that's crazy! i once tried to do a set of 20 with 20 lbs but failed miserably

Anonymous 13476

You asked for my cycle which is why I directed you to my previous post. I can bench 1pl8 easy, and squat/deadlift 2pl8s. Working on benching 2pl8s and squatting/deadlifting 3pl8s.

Anonymous 13477

25 lbs! :)

Anonymous 13478

you'r ecrazy strong! i know guys who can't curl that much!

Anonymous 13479

Have you measured your muscle before/after cycle?
How many cm's is that arm and how much have you grown? (I thought my 29cm bicep wasn't bad…)
Also out of interest why no boyfriend, not into moids?
How long should be the cycle, 6 weeks?
You will probably get a bit smaller after it finishes from what I know(but I am not an expert at all).

Anonymous 13480

3 plate even on a cycle would take a while.
As you get stronger your progress will slow.
Dunno what your limit will be.

Anonymous 13481

do you like anime? i noticed a lot of girls who do powerliftign and bodybuilding are huge weebs

Anonymous 13485

Would either of you be interested in a smol submissive gf? I'm 4'8, 85lbs, I'm very clean and hygienic and I know how to cook. Please respond.

Anonymous 13486


Anonymous 13488

how do i even begin looking for sources for this shit? i look so fucking wimpy thanks to my ed when my lifts aren't even bad because ive been on and off weight lifting for nearly a decade

Anonymous 13489

There are a lot of female lifters on youtube I would start there

Anonymous 13492

Holy fuck those gains got me wet.

Anonymous 13494

i'm curious, how much can you lift?

Anonymous 13560

Anonymous 13594

I was able to squat 190 for 2 sets of 5 and 200 for 1 set of 3 yesterday! Feeling excited. Low bar squat with belt. I think soon I’ll cut and then maybe use anavar, once I stop seeing progress.

Anonymous 13625

I do have a shit-tier body because my bones are linebacker and I am shaped like a man with no curves and a flat chest no matter how much weight I gain. Also I'm 6"0.

Honestly when you're shaped like that, are you better off actually leaning into it? I don't want to be super ripped but literally it's impossible for me to have a normal feminine body and I wonder if it'd just be cooler to make the most out of it.

Anonymous 13648

It's a shame I can't look like the girl in the picture because it'll look hilarious. I'm 5'1 and I'll just look like a compressed beefcake.

Anonymous 13650

Bulk up and use winrar.

Anonymous 13653

doing 200lbs squats is such a cool goal, taht means you can easily lift a grown man

Anonymous 13659

It's fun! I feel better and more energetic in everyday life. Plus I recently started in a BJJ gym. There's a lot of new male members there who get REALLY butthurt that I'm stronger than them. I get so annoyed, like bitch you have natural steroids running through your veins, if you aren't stronger than me it's because you've never lifted a weight in your life. So stop getting mad that you haven't gotten something that you put literally 0 effort into getting. The older/more experienced group has a lot of women who are amazing, so they don't have that attitude.

Anonymous 13661

What kind of clothes do you wear outside of gym? I’d imagine you don’t fit in sleeved female tops anymore

Anonymous 13662

I look really normal lol. My arms are more defined, but my overhead press is only like 50 lbs on a good day for 3 sets of 5. Most people expect me to weigh a lot less than I do. I fit into most clothes. The true power of anavar is that you get all swollen up and puffy. idk why. But no, I still wear clothes from highschool sometimes. Arms just are more muscle and less fat. Still pretty fatty though.

Anonymous 13663

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were >>12717 / >>13415.

Anonymous 13664

yeah i kinda guessed. She's amazing.

Anonymous 13668

Anavar doesn't aromatise to estrogen so no water retention.
And your natural hormone production is suppressed while on cycle.

Anonymous 13672

lmao if you start doing anavar, you'll mog them even harder and they'll get even more butthurt. Not much more cathartic than seeing a prick seething about being emasculated.

Anonymous 13677

do you still have periods?

Anonymous 13678

honestly I want to just for the recovery. If I lift weights I'm like exhausted for bjj. so I have to cut back on training. I feel like if I do roids I'll have so much more endurance (in addition to strength)

Anonymous 13679

With long term use you'll lose your period. I'm not sure about short term use. You also have to give it a few weeks or months for your hormones to get back to baseline. That's when the worst of the sides will occur

Anonymous 13680

>There's a lot of new male members there who get REALLY butthurt that I'm stronger than them.

for real? how do you know they're butthurt? they start to act passive aggressive or some shit?

Anonymous 13681


how much can you lift doing bicep curls?

Anonymous 13682

Well one of them actually started huffing when he couldn't get me in the drill we were doing, and then stopped drilling and wouldn't look at me and just sat there while everyone else was drilling. I felt awkward. After like a minute he got the instructor's attention, complained about me being stronger, and the instructor was like '…you get a blue belt by being able to defeat stronger opponents in this sport. Just be creative and use leverages'. And the guy looked so mad. Another asked the same question but he would still drill with me after and didn't seem as angry. Other than that there were only a couple (2) of guys who looked mad, but didn't really say anything. So I guess I was being dramatic when I said 'a lot' but it felt like a lot for only being there 3 weeks lol.

I haven't done curls in a while (been back on starting strength while starting bjj, I have always focused on big compounds idk why I just think they're neat) but I'll do some today and let you know! I'd guess like uhhhh 20-25 for 3 sets of 8-12.

Anonymous 13683

how do you know when someone is stronger than you in bjj? i did boxing and the only way to found out that was n the clinch

Anonymous 13684

>complained about me being stronger,
wiat what? lol how do you complain about your partner being stronger? one partner will always be stronger than the other, how do you even imply that's something unfair in a martial art?

Anonymous 13685

Anonymous 13686

lmao NO i started 3 weeks ago and I am ass at this sport but there are a bunch of women in my gym who are like that and they are amazing.

Yeah he didn't really say 'hey she's stronger wtf??' he said 'I can't force her into this position wtf' which is essentially the same thing. If he was asking for guidance on how to get better leverages it would make sense. But he hasn't shown up since so who cares I guess.

In this case it was pretty obvious because he was 'skinnyfat' personified. But bjj is all submissions and leverages and rolling around grappling, seems more similar to 'the clinch' than striking. (Side note, boxing seems terrifying, what was it like?) For people who are really good at bjj, they can easily submit someone stronger than them. For 2 beginners like me and him, we ended up relying on strength a lot more than we should have and he was pulling/curling me and I was pushing him away, so it was obvious.

Anonymous 13687

>But he hasn't shown up since
dang! you destroyed his ego!

Anonymous 13688

He just didn't have a good mentality. Quit at the first disappointment.

Side note - I complained about 4 very new guys, 2 of which I haven't seen since. The gym is predominantly male, and every other guy there + every person that was there longer than ~2 months has been SUPER awesome and helpful, not toxic or mean at all, even if they are still physically weaker than me. If you're looking for a martial art and are worried you'll be seen poorly as a woman I def suggest BJJ.

Anonymous 13689

>2 of which I haven't seen since
you made two guys quit?! that's crazy lol i almost feel bad for them
>not toxic or mean at all
what kind of toxicity can you expect from those type of guys? i made some striking martial arts but everything happens so fast there that there's just no time for no one to show any obvious toxicity or make any passive aggressive remarks

Anonymous 13690

4 guys in 3 weeks is a lot tho

Anonymous 13691

>you made two guys quit?!
Eh idk if I made them quit, they just weren't cut out for it. They also hadn't done weightlifting and didn't seem particularly athletic, so I guess they quit all those things too.
>no time for no one to show any obvious toxicity
I see your point, they are pretty quick interactions, but when drilling over multiple sessions they have seemed happy and have been very helpful in answering questions, giving explanations and pointers, and complementing my movements in a non-condescending or creepy manner. But they could all be lying I guess idk, I'm just pointing out that it's been super fun and awesome for me and it likely would be for you too.

Anonymous 13692

But I have drilled with ~4 guys per session, 5 sessions a week, so 20 guys who were helpful, in addition to seeing that a woman teaches one of the sessions and whenever advanced men role with advanced women they take it seriously and give it their all. Don't be put off the sport because 4 newbies were mean to me! All of them were very new, only 1-3 sessions! Go play, it's awesome!

Anonymous 13693

>were mean to me

in which way were they mean to you?

Anonymous 13694

(Side note, boxing seems terrifying, what was it like?)

it's really not, in sparring you never go all the way, it's considered bad etiquette going even slightly hard even, you should just try to connect no force/pure technique strikes,so there's no real danger or pain involved, like playing tag

Anonymous 13695

>4 guys in 3 weeks is a lot tho

that's more than one guy being a creep each week lol

Anonymous 13696

I just meant what I described in >>13682, which is obvious if you can follow a conversation on a message board.

>>13695 yeah but less than the general population tbh

Anonymous 13697


does that mean if i drill with a moid that's stronger than me, he just overpower me and won't let me do shit?

Anonymous 13698

> 200 for 1 set of 3

wow that's a lot!! are you a powerlifter?

Anonymous 13699

See >>13686 at the end.
>for people who are really good at bjj, they can easily submit someone stronger than them.
Being weaker often means you learn the techniques faster because you can't brute force it like my trogg self.

I mean I use more powerlifter type programming, but I don't compete, I just think it's fun.

I did curls this morning. Did 1 set of 8 with 25lbs and was like 'bro FUCK this'. then I did 2 sets with 20 lbs, but I wanted to go down tbh, just didn't want to make myself a liar hah. My arms are so weak!

Anonymous 13702

that's bjj in a nutshell, they take pride in hazing the newbies, they call it an "ego check" but it's just the same ol bullshit deposition bullshit jocks do in every sport,at least when is handled by a medicore coach, you'll spend weeks or even worst, months just getting tapped again and again until you git good, and all you get as feedback is some useless advice like
>"you get a blue belt by being able to defeat stronger opponents in this sport. Just be creative and use leverages'
which means next to nothing to someone who's just starting

i wish wrestling existed as a sport for people outside of highschool or high level college athletes

Anonymous 13703

Ohhh my gym isn't like this. That sucks anon. :(

Anonymous 13705

from what you're describing it sounds exactly like one of those gyms

Anonymous 13706

I am not describing it well then. It’s harder for me to explain more detailed advice they give. For instance, one time we were drilling a kimora and I couldn’t get this big guy to tap. I was trying really hard to force his elbow up and hugging and puffing. The coach came over, had me stop and breathe, and showed me that I had to pull it tighter in and rev my wrists and lever his elbow more towards his head, a different angle. When I did that, he tapped immediately. Another time I was trying to shrimp out with some big guy on side guard. It was really hard to force my way out. Another coach came and explained that if I place my forearm on his throat and hip, it’s easier for me and more uncomfortable for him. Also, if I pop my hips up first before pushing with my hands while shrimping, it creates space to move through. Another time we were drilling where one person throws your legs to the side (to pass guard) and you rotate back to face your legs to them. The guy I was with noticed that I wasn’t using my hips at all, just forcing ny way back with my feet, and explained how rolling onto your side makes it easier and faster, and better positioned if you can’t make it back in time. These are just small examples, but most of my interactions have been like that. That’s why those guys who “seemed mad” stood out so much to me.

Anonymous 13709

However I have only rolled with women so far! Maybe if/when I roll with a moid it’ll be like that. Anyway, that sucks, I hate that for you. I’m gonna stop replying, I’ve derailed this thread and I actually want to know more abt anavar.

Anonymous 13710

yeah but your interaction with those dudes tell me your coach is a bad coach, because he didn't teach the guy anything, just told him to "use leverage"
also in drills you're not suppoused to use force to a degree in which your partner can't practice the techinique,it's not your fault because you're newbie,but the fact that the coach didn't guide you two to make the best of the drill session, that didn't incentive you to use less brute force and more technique or the guy on which type of leverage to use to by pass said brute force, is already a huge red flag, seems like another lazy coach, with that "you need to get the ego check while rolling" mentality

Anonymous 13719

What are you most interested in knowing about anavar?
I know a fair bit about gear. 2.5mg of anavar per day split I to 2 doses should be enough to get the recovery benefits without much risk of virilization. What duration of exposure are you thinking of?

Anonymous 13731

Should I try to cut weight before going on it? Does that even matter? Does it have any surprising side effects? Should you take it with food? How long should you take it for? I was thinking of starting with 5 mg split like you said, but idk about duration. Maybe 5 weeks like >>12717 .

Anonymous 13732

Anavar will increase your appetite so if you're already a bit heavier than you want to be then do a bit of a cut before then. And also take both doses with food. But at 5mg the side effects went be a problem unless you're genetically pre disposed to hair loss or acne.
For sides, hair loss can occur and your cholesterol can be skewed toward higher ldl. Anavar is technically liver toxic but its just like drinking a bit per day in terms of the damage done.
6 weeks should be a good cycle, you can push it up to 8 if you want but 12 weeks is well too long no matter what dose you're taking.
And while you're on cycle if you develop a bit of a persistent cough or scratchy throat, stop immediately because that's the start of making your voice deeper unless you want that.

Anonymous 13753

how much strenght you tend to gain with anavar? is something ridiculous like double your current strenght or more like an extra boost?

Anonymous 13760

Girls on anavar can get seriously strong but I'm not sure on figures. Thats probably very dependant on your baseline. You definitely won't be twice as strong on cycle unless you we're untrained before and were a hyper responder to anabolics.
Most of the girls are stronger than guys who don't lift but weaker than guys who lift regularly.

Anonymous 14154


Just go for it if it's something you really want. Make sure you don't cycle more than 5mg if your goal is "getting toned". I cycled 20mg because I was told var was "pretty mild" and it hit me like a truck. I didn't get any icky side effects but now I'm literally too big to compete in Bikini like I was planning. For most women, 4-6 weeks on 5mg is more than enough to get you that beach body.

Anonymous 14158

do you want to lose muscle mass now or are you overall happy with the results?

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