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bag check Anonymous 12563

What do you usually carry in your bag to work/gym/classes?

Do you have any weird/unusual items in your list?

Anonymous 12565

Pencils/pens, file folder with work materials, laptop, reusable drink cup with water or coffee, snacks, wallet, keys, phone, sanitary pads, hand sanitizer, reusable face mask, something to read during lunch break.

Anonymous 12573

holy shit i need that bag

Anonymous 12591

>keys, ID
>a spare mask
>coins fuckin rolling around everywhere
>some receipts from Tesco that are about 2 years old
>two pens (for writing)
>a Boots loyalty card that I'm too lazy to put back in my wallet
>plastic fork

Anonymous 12596

>Wallet I bought at Kmart 15 years ago. It's got a coin purse built into the side and I had to duct tape one of the card holding pockets. Got the duct tape on clearance after the 4th of July one year so it's American flag print.
>Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Bought it in 2015 and it was already an outdated model then. It's small for a tablet but people keep thinking it's a really big phone. I do not own a phone.
>Prepaid flip phone I used once then never again. Stopped buying phone cards for it because I wasn't using the minutes. Basically doesn't count as a phone.
>Hair ties
>Winter gloves
>Travel-size lotion
>Regular black Sharpie
>Pink glitter Gelly Roll pen
>Tic tacs
>Icy Hot

Bag itself is small. Ideal size is just a little bigger than my tablet. I like bright prints. I used to have a LeSportsac bag in the mid-2000s that was fucking perfect until it deteriorated from use and age. Can't find a pic of a similar modern style.

Anonymous 12597

front pocket
>chapstick that makes my lips more chapped somehow and also smells of drumstick lollies but in an unpleasant way
middle pocket
>face mask
>ballpoint pen
>planner with comically small line spacing but it was 30p so i can't really complain
back pocket
>phone numbers of family members to call if i pass out and end up in hospital or something (or just lose my bag)
>wads of fenwicks bogroll (just in case)
if our bags were people i think theyd be friends

Anonymous 12631

>maybe a pen if I didn't lose it
>tampons just in case even though I use a cup now
>sometimes perfume
>uni books and paper diary
>laptop charger and mouse (laptop in seperate bag)

Anonymous 12659

For work:
Blotting papers
Compact mirror
Hand sanitiser
Notebook and pencil case
Water bottle

Anonymous 12713

>I do not own a phone.
how do you stay among normal people?

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