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Anonymous 13032

What's your day to day routine like?
Is it tiring/boring or are you satisfied with it? What's something in your daily life that gives you comfort?

Anonymous 13063

I wake up, I drink decaf, I kiss my pets, I browse the Internet, I daydream, I go to sleep, I wake up, I eat dinner, I shower, I browse the Internet, I daydream, I go back to sleep, I wake up…

Anonymous 13064

Work days: see counseling clients via telehealth video conferencing from 9am-5pm/6pm. I have one hour free for lunch, where I eat leftovers and watch shitty reality TV to take my mind off my job. My bf comes home from work, and we feed the cats and make dinner. Watch TV together. Talk & hang out. It's nice.

Pretty satisfied overall. I make good money, but my job also exhausts me socially/emotionally and I don't have much energy for friends anymore.

Daily comfort: Cats, bf, dumb TV shows, coffee, fav comfy blanket, scented candles, gin & tonics.

Anonymous 13067

>wake up at noon
>make tea
>start work with meetings and then do whatever else I feel like until I'm sick of working
>fuck around on internet, eat a meal, go for a walk, whatever seems fun
>put off work by playing Valorant until 3am
>finish up work
>go to bed at 6am

Life rules tbh.

Anonymous 13068


>wake up at 4 AM
>practice art first thing in the morning (currently lighting and shadows using wooden blocks)
>study math
>make a breakfast smoothie consisting of a banana, frozen fruit, frozen kale, carrot, 2 raw eggs
>wake up husband at 7:30 AM
>usually have accepted a substitute teaching job at this point and need to start getting ready
>groom self
>put on nicer clothes double check bag for today with book (currently Aeneid), laptop, lunch, and notebook
>go teach
>most classes are just "sit and watch movie" or "students work on packet" or "student work in google classroom"
>glorified babysitter
>use this time to read more, practice programming, sometimes practice art drills
>lunch happens at some point
>work is over
>depending on the day go to live drawing session for 2 hours
>go home
>eat dinner
>play video games
>stop playing video games at 7:30PM
>find something else to do for two hours, watch youtube, stuff with husband, etc.
>go to bed at 9PM

Doesn't always happen perfectly, and the school year is just barely settling into habit, so I've been struggling a bit more lately, slowly improving though.

>Is it tiring/boring or are you satisfied with it?

I am neither tired, bored, or satisfied by it. I am consistently interested, mostly engaged, but still not working as hard as I know I have in the past (successfully managing a 13 hour work day in the past). I am doing well, but I think I have some pain issues that are holding me back, preventing me from working harder. I have on average only 45 more years on average to accomplish what I need to so I feel consistently pressed for time.

>What's something in your daily life that gives you comfort?

Watching sumo videos with my husband, using a Hitachi Magic Wand on my neck, wrestling with my husband (he always wins.)

Anonymous 13070

Sounds like a dream, what is your job?

Anonymous 13071

I work for a tech startup in the HR department.

Anonymous 13112

what are you trying to do in 45 years?

Anonymous 13299

I wake up at 10 am and sit for two hours in bed browsing the web before I get up. I feel like I’m wasting so much precious time doing that. And then once I get up at noon, I take ages to get ready and fully wake up, cook brunch, go to the bathroom, put on makeup, select an outfit etc. Why am I so slow??? How do I get up ASAP instead of being a lazy bean in bed for a majority of the morning??? WFH has really fucked up my schedule and sense of time. I got to bed at midnight so it’s not like I have lack of sleep or staying up too late or anything like that.
Maybe I should drink coffee again to help boot my system. I’m just so lazy and sluggish for the first half of the day and then I get depressed realizing how many precious hours I wasted being a lazy good for nothing slug

Anonymous 13300


Ahh here we go .. (`_´)ゞ
Work days:
>wake up at 7:00, rush getting ready (coffee, clothes, makeup, pack bag) to leave at 7:40
>dick around at work and take breaks to walk in attempt to counteract office job sitting entropy, eat some sorta fatty breakfast like nuts or yogurt at my desk
>usually I can make some progress until my assistant shows up at 9, then I have to help her with a lot of her tasks or train her how to do accounting stuff
>12 pm : lunch break , i either eat lunch, go to the bird store and play with birds, or go on a walk at a nearby park
>dick around at work until I can leave
>exercise at 5 before home, eat dinner, chores, bath, watch anime or work on my stupid art projects
>bed time ranges from 8pm to 2am ;__;

When I have work off, I usually sleep in and do nothing except try to gain my joy for life back. My daily routine is getting a little grating as I dont want to live this boring office lady life forever.

My comforts that help me going are long hikes or walks, indica joints, and making music mixes or drawing.

Anonymous 13303

Animating a feature length film, and that assumes I manage to consistently produce 8 frames of animation a day. The numbers are quite intimidating if I don't get any help in the matter, but I will just have to make do if that is the case.

Anonymous 13304

>Why am I so slow???
Could be multiple things. I would recommend getting checked for a legitimate sleep disorder and if nothing turns up, then the sleep might be fine. Do you wake up naturally or to an alarm clock.

>When I have work off, I usually sleep in and do nothing except try to gain my joy for life back. My daily routine is getting a little grating as I dont want to live this boring office lady life forever.
Do you have any personal relationships or hobbies you believe are important and valuable? It doesn't sound like it, but just checking, accounting isn't your "passion" is it?

Anonymous 13306

>exercise at 5 before home

what kind of workout do you do?

Anonymous 13307

maid smoke.jpg

Wake up.
Make blueberry waffles, sausage or bacon, and eggs for me and my partner.
Get a shower, get dressed. Go to work.
Work 8 hours.
Come home.
Welcome partner home.
Work out with partner.
Sex sometimes after.
Get dinner going.
Eat dinner together.
Spend quality time with them. Either watch a movie, read a book, play some games or just snuggle and cuddle.
Sex sometimes and then bed.

Anonymous 13309


Youre right, anon, not really a good way to spend my days off. I’m really interested in ecology and natural architecture, but for some reason its been hard to keep up with personal studies. Also I stopped hanging out with my only irl girl friend because I feel like she didn’t respect me and that she treated me like a child. I want to make more girl friends but that will wait until I go to college… :9

I either go for a 2 hr walk, do a 30 min HIIT workout, 50 min on elliptical, or do 45 min of yoga. I’ve attached the 30 min hiit workout incase other anons want to do it, I made it myself and its quite easy but gets you sweaty!

Anonymous 13310


your post motivated me to not skip my workout for today but instead of doing mine, i did yours
the amount of jumping jacks is crazy but i feel my legs like i have never before after a workout, which is nice
i like the variation but for me it personally lacks push ups and crunches, so i'm gonna use yours and add some for myself

can confirm, it really gets you sweaty

Anonymous 13311

>Wake up, wake up time depends on whether my sleep schedule is fixed or I fucked it up by staying too late.
>Lay in bed for either 5 mins or nearly a hour, no in betweens
>Check phone while I'm in bed
>Put on clothes
>Brush my teeth if I'm feeling like it, boot my pc
>Go for a walk if it's good weather
>Make tea
>Go to pc, check youtube/twitch if any fun streams/videos have been uploaded, browse cc
>Cook something, like fish or rice
>Play video games maybe
>Browse twitter
>Browse pinterest and draw interchangeably
>Go outside for groceries somewhere during this time
>Snack on stuff I bought while in front of pc
>Continue doing any of the above until
>I need to take a shower
>I want to cut myself
>I want to sleep
Boring life of a depressed neet. Idk if getting a job will change much though.

Anonymous 13317

Glad it worked for you. My grandma is a fitness instructor and told me that doing cardio in between weights/calisthenics is a great way to keep heart rate up and calories burning.
> i like the variation but for me it personally lacks push ups and crunches, so i'm gonna use yours and add some for myself
Omg how many pushups/crunches did you add because sometimes I struggle to get through my routine >.>

Anonymous 13319

must be great to have such a based grandma

>how many pushups/crunches did you add

15 push ups and 40 crunches
that's my current goal at least. i always make sure that my workout is not on my level but just above it

>I struggle to get through my routine

i see you do the same, always aiming for that level you haven't reach yet
your struggle is a good sign, it means that you get stronger, no need for the >.> face

Anonymous 13366

damn! you do all that?! you must be crazy fit, i would pass out doing half of what is in that list

Anonymous 13370

Anon, I'm gonna steal this. I'll probably only be able to do a bit of it to start (and zero real pushups because I have no upper body strength), but it actually looks like a doable list that won't make me miserable.

Anonymous 13375

botw heart.gif

i'm a full-time student (all classes are online) so life is pretty easy right now. my routine is probably something like:
>wake up at 5-6am and go on a morning run with husband and/or walk our dogs for about an hour
>shower, brush teeth, and skincare
>husband goes to work or goes back to sleep if not working while i stay up and make myself morning coffee or green tea and browse the internet for just a bit
>homework/study time
>music and game after studying, usually with friends and husband if he's not working
>intermittently take breaks from gaming to walk and play with dogs or to eat
>do whatever errands that we need to do
>sometimes go to the gym but we don't really have a specific time we do that, just whenever we're free
>around 5-9pm i attend whatever zoom classes i need to attend that day and finish any work left
>get ready for bed, i brush my teeth, wash my face again, and massage my scalp with castor oil and coat my eyelashes with some castor oil as well
>fall asleep to some sort of boring documentary or drama with husband

this isn't entirely it but that pretty much sums up most of my days at the moment. maybe some might think my life is boring, but i'm quite content and i'm sad that i can't live a comfy life like this forever as it's going to be a lot busier once i graduate.

Anonymous 13377

-Wake up between 5 and 10 pm brush teeth, hair, get dressed, make lunch, feed cat, pet cat, water cat, water plants..
-Go to work. I chose this kinda job because there's virtually nothing to do there about 90% of the time so I write most of the time. Some days I browse the internet a lot but I mostly try to write. I'm saving up for a carpet cleaning business but I somehow convinced my mom to buy me a cheap van, so I think I'll be able to get started at my own business soon!! I found a 4k van. I'll use it until I've saved up the money for one with less mileage on it. Ultimately I'll get a truckmount carpet cleaner but for now I'll use a portable one with a rotovac. Do marketing online. I'm really excited about doing this because its good money and cleaning carpets is really relaxing and satisfying. I can work a few hours a day or all day for a few days on a big property and make better money, while being able to have tons of time to write/make art the rest of the time.
-Come home, prune plants, cook, and watch something, after eating play video games, pet cat, feed cat, clean, do laundry, shower, whatever i need to do
-start writing again for an hour or more
-rinse repeat

Anonymous 13407

>8:00 wake up
>8:15 10-15 min morning yoga
>8:30 feed my cat
>8:45 morning skincare + brush teeth, get dressed, makeup + hair
>9:00 make a cup of coffee
>work work work
>12:00 - 13:00 first meal of the day
>17:00 put away work laptop, give cat treats
>17:30 eat dinner
>18:00 give cat dinner
>18:15 go for ~1hr walk or read
>19:30 study
>21:00 pilates 20-30 min if I didn't go for a walk earlier, or if I'm not tired
>21:30 shower
>23:00 feed cat
>23:30 nighttime skincare, 30 min yoga
>00:00 - 00:30 bedtime

Anonymous 13408

forgot I do dishes at 19:15 also

Anonymous 13409

>5:30 wake up, get on computer, read internet for a while
>6:15 or so walk dog
>6:30 get ready and drive to gym
>7:00 arrive at gym, power walk 1 hour on tradmill
>8:00 routine with weights
>8:40 or so go home
>9:00 arrive home, shower
>10:00 practice languages then get on computer, shitpost a little, start programming. mostly just for fun but also some freelance stuff
>continue doing this and intermittently eating all day
>22:00 get ready for bed
>22:30 go to bed
I didn't realize how predictable and repetitive it is until I typed it out…

Anonymous 13412


Work days suck, days off are very relaxing/boring because I've been in lockdown for months. I do 4 on 4 off so it's pretty balanced. Also I'm currently dieting so I eat at really specific times to avoid snacking.

Work day
>wake up 5am
>make bed, pee, clean teeth, rinse face & moisturize
>spend 10 mins checking emails, weather, etc
>pack lunch
>leave around 5:30, arrive to work at 6
>breakfast at 8, lunch at 11, snack in the afternoon, coffee in between meals to tide me over
>work til whenever work finishes (usually 4-5pm on weekdays, earlier on weekends)
>get home, change then eat dinner immediately while on the computer
>go for a 1hr walk
>shower, skin care, sleep before 9pm

Day off
>wake up whenever, I always aim to wake up late (after 9am is ideal)
>normal morning routine
>breakfast at 10, lunch at 12, snack at 2, dinner at 4, coffee a few times a day
>when in lockdown I just kill time on the computer, watching TV, reading, playing games
>when not in lockdown I go out to lunch/shopping with my dad, sometimes go skating in the morning beforehand
>if it's a weekend dad and I will often travel to see my sister
>pick one day to do laundry, one day to clean, one day to grocery shop
>walk for 1-2 hrs in the evening
>shower, skincare, wash my hair every 4 days and shave every 8
>sleep whenever I feel tired

Anyway now lockdown is almost over in my country I'm determined to do more stuff with my days off, I'm lucky enough to have more free time than most and I've been wasting it.

Anonymous 13462

Good luck on your business, anon. I hope it does well.

Anonymous 13487

>wake up around 9-10am
>put on compression socks (shitty genetics and I don't want big varicose veins)
>have breakfast
>wash face, wash bangs, brush teeth and apply moisturizer, sunscreen, lipgloss and concealer. blowdry bangs
>pack gym bag
>go to the gym
>shower in the gym if I packed my bag accordingly
>come home
>work on internship project a bit
>entertain myself on the internet with my newest hyperfixation (currently it's sewing projects and planning to move out)
>have lunch
>have 100ml of milk with coffe for comfort (it's comfy)
>resume looking up current fixation
>internship meeting 14pm-15pm
>work on project with fellow interns on discord some more
>get ready for class
>leave for class if it's not online(19pm-22:30pm)
>if it's online, click on the google meet link but mute it while I research fun stuff or do college/internship activities
>have dinner
>brushé teethé
>wash face and apply acne treatments
>lay down and vc on discord or watch asmr on phone until sleepy
>sleep at around 00:00

Currently I alternate between feeling desolate and hopeless about my routine and personal affairs or feeling really hopeful and joyful about life as a whole. Today I'm joyful so excuse me while I ride that high

Anonymous 13529

>wake up at 9am
>help my mother and brother start their day
>eat breakfast at 10:30
>watch tv from 11am to 2pm
>browse the internet from 2pm to 4pm
>go to the store and buy ingredients for dinner
>continue browsing the internet until 8pm
>make dinner and wash dishes
>eat dinner at 10pm
>take a shower at
>browse the internet until 4am
A very simple schedule but it's driving me insane.

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