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Discuss your favourite fictional character Anonymous 10251

I really love Juzo from Danganronpa 3, even though I didn't care much for a lot of the anime and it's asspulls and retcons. I'm a sucker for macho characters hiding dark secrets and I love the surprising amount of depth to Juzo's character, I really hope he gets a cameo in possible future games. Here's a gif of him punching that stupid otaku.

Anonymous 10252

Please pretend that's a gif

Anonymous 10346


I love Arjuna so much, i find there are parts of him that i can really relate to and his valentine event was really sweet and touching. I sometimes go to/cm/ to save pics of him, it has become a hobby of mine. sucks that i don't really like to play gacha games anymore though

Anonymous 10428


That title probably goes to Emet. His VA did a fantastic job as well. I'm surprised such a great character was spawned from Final Fantasy of all thigns

Anonymous 10431

dangan gays.jpg

I love him, by far the most based character in the dangly granpa seires, rest in peace

Anonymous 10435

Well I DID like this one blonde haired blind girl from a certain comic strip since 2009 but then my friend pointed out how I was obsessed over her in 2012, so I stopped liking her (though to be fair it got to the point I made a disturbing fanfiction of her that same year, where she and another character recreate the bloodbath scene from Hostel 2 out of frustration for having been "put on a bus" in her strip long ago, so I had to move on to a different cartoon (specifically one that premiered on Disney channel also at the time), and the rest is shoddy history..

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