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Anonymous 10405

why wont there ever be a better anime?

Anonymous 10408

Because your taste is subjective and you've decided what the best one is for you.

Anonymous 10432


there was

Anonymous 10440

This is Harry Potter for otakus.

Same overly sappy tragic protagonist (with lost limbs instead of a scar). Same corruption within the system they're trying to uphold (except with Greed switching sides instead of Snape). Same "magical" powers, creatures, and a bad guy splitting himself into 7 parts (be it horcruxes or homunculi named after another anime show). AAAaaand same problematic images within said characters (whether they're big nosed goblins working in banks or the "design" of the original ouroboros tattoo on the homunculi before at least the Brotherhood anime had the decency to change it).

Anonymous 10483

>This is Harry Potter for otakus.
Is the author of FMA Hiromu Arakawa a TREF like JK Rowling too? Based and pinkpilled.

More reason to watch FMA: Brotherhood now.

Anonymous 10509


I'm pretty sure Arakawa is more mature, restrained from public opinion, yet somehow still has a sense of humour.

Anonymous 10901

Leave it to women to write handsome, appealing male characters. Alchemy looks really fun though. Guess my only complaints are that alchemy is underutilized (mostly Ed just uses an arm-blade or destroys the floor/walls) and not enough travel to explore comfy early 1900s Europe. I wish Xing was replaced by a neighboring European state to Amestris instead. Also would have been better if Edward wore the military uniform.

Brotherhood or 2003? 2003 got too goofy imo. Brotherhood is superior.
Arakawa said men should be macho musclular and women should be va-voom. It's safe to say she's TERF. Envy is a villain and is some kind of tranny-like creature. This isn't the TERFposting thread though so I'll leave it there.

Anonymous 12951

<3 indeed, anon

Anonymous 17373


Because there already is

Anonymous 17374

One Piece is a terrible anime.

Way better manga though.

Anonymous 17375

noragami & Similar…

Noragami is another boss shounen anime made by a woman with the perfect male character and a loving supporting cast, and it seriously makes me want to kill myself that Studio Bones is stupid enough not to make a 3rd season of this already yet devote all their time to making yet another "mY hErO AcAdEmIa" season for the millionth time

Anonymous 17379

Maybe Mob Psycho 100?

Anonymous 17380


Noragami is great. Maybe they'll make a 3rd season once the manga is finished, which probably won't be too long from now, it seems.

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