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Anonymous 10655

Any girls like yaoi/BL here?

Anonymous 10656

I despise pornography of all forms. This shit is actually dangerous to a healthy psyche

Anonymous 10657


I used to read/watch yaoi and read fanficts. Typical stuff like Junjou, Sekaichi, Koisuru Boukun, etc etc etc…. I even bough half of the manga serie of Kizuna and the complete manga of Fake (both are 90s and have some action in it). As you can see, I wasn't an extreme fujoshi and I'm glad. It's been a while since I stopped reading fanficts (in most of them the characters involved came from a show that I didn't even care to watch). And I also don't watch yaoi nor ship random dudes like I used to. It was all very sexual, and my response to those thing was very childish. I never liked twinks so it's like my interest in yaoi couldn't last very much. It happened between I was 13 and 16.

Nowdays I despise most of the otaku culture. I always prefered graphic novels from the west with no/few BL involved. And the funny thing is that I never liked gay guys or had a gay friend. I was just curious about it and found VERY cute having two guys in love, like a 2x1 of regular romance.

Anonymous 10658


Only the extreme stuff. This is what happens when you start reading soft BL at a tender age. Not even stuff drawn by Zariya Ranmaru is interesting for me anymore. I need at least 25 pages of pure gay sex with depraved dialogue, no story, nothing else, just porn.

You are 100% right.

Anonymous 10660

My older cousin introduced me to yaoi too, it was kind of forced at the beginning, she read outloud sex scenes lol

Anonymous 10661


I tend to enjoy shounen ai and yaoibait manga more than actual yaoi. I didn't start reading it until I was an adult though, never grew up with it. Maybe it is a slippery slope and one day I will be like >>10658

Anonymous 10662

I really love BL manga, I even learned Japanese so I didn't have to rely on scanlators and have translated some works on my own. I've stopped actively reading and following news from it due to real life problems, but I expect to get back into it eventually.
I mostly liked cute stories and comedy, some serious ones too but they usually kept the sex scenes to a minimum of didn't have them at all. I'm into it for the emotional thrill it gives me, it helped me a lot in my lonely years.

Anonymous 10663


yea if it means watching a young leonardo dicaprio and david thewlis make out

Anonymous 10664

Any recs for someone who doesnt know japanese?

Anonymous 10665

BL is cute, but I don’t obsess over it. I’m not a full blown fujoshi, but I like cute boys

Anonymous 10666

I do not understand this fetish. Is it like how moids enjoy lesbian porn? Less about the woman-woman relationship, more about seeing “twice the goods”? I’ve never gotten that either

Anonymous 10667

we can all agree we love watching two guys become best of friends and if that isnt enough :D then add a bit of hotness and bam thats yaoi

Anonymous 10668

Anonymous 10669

I used to like it a lot in middle and high school, but my interest has waned a lot. Now it’s no more enticing to me than a straight or yuri story. Thinking back, I think what I liked about it subconsciously was I could fantasize about something sexual/romantic while still being “distanced” from it.

Anonymous 10670

It's complicated, but another reason is that it's sort of freeing? i don't know how to explain, but with girl characters you have to thread a fine line and they can be unlikable quickly, treated like a damsel or overly sexualized. It makes you think about yourself and your role as a woman in romance. With two guys there are no expectations or burdens, and you know how in media often female characters are written in a shallow way while men are well developed? it can be that, for example if it's BL of uh bakugo and deku, their relationship gets a lot more emphasis and they themselves are more fleshed out than uraraka.

But i'm a lesbian so maybe my reasoning is different. Also, i don't read much shoujo ai because it feels weird somehow.

Anonymous 10671

>they can be unlikable quickly
>don't read much shoujo ai because it feels weird
Never met a lesbian with internalized misogyny. Interesting.

Anonymous 10672

The majority of lesbians I've met have internalized misogyny, it's why they were lesbians.

Anonymous 10673

I like how for most of them the story is wrapped up in one or two volumes.

Anonymous 10674


I fucking love BL. Unfortunately, there's not many places to discuss it.

Anonymous 10675

Is it really? i find almost all women irl have good personalities and are nice to talk to. But with manga and anime (i like shounen and such genres with battle) authors write pretty one dimensional characters, take hunter x hunter for example, one of the only characters i like is cheadle and she only appears in later arcs, being barely used and when she appears it's to help make another character (ging, pariston or leorio) shine. It's like authors give the character some traits like innocent girl, sexy dangerous woman, tomboy, and just run with it not allowing them to feel and do much outside of it, and not allowing to be as expressive or as crazy/spontaneous/have bad traits? Like they need to be dignified and keep being pretty. Some run away from this mold of course, but in shonen it seemd to be the norm.

In shoujo ai it's weird because it's mostly innocent schoolgirls or something gross almost straight out of a hentai, shoujo ai with older women in other settings is a bit harder to find and i personally find it creepy to read about early teens in uniforms being sexualized while acting like kids. This or they fall into the trap of making one woman out to be the man.

There are some i like, but the majority are a no from me for these reasons. I don't know if that is internalized mysoginy or that i expect more realism an such from shoujo ai than BL since BL is like sttaight up fantasy and shoujo ai i compare with reality.

That makes no sense? how do they love women because they have internalized mysoginy?

Anonymous 10676

Shit that was long

Sorry, i don't get to talk about this much

Anonymous 10677

How do you write female characters without sounding like re-skinned male characters though? Or do men and women actually act similar enough? At what point does a character stop being feminine, and seem more like a caricature?

Anonymous 10678


Don't worry it's fine, I understand what you mean. I'd also really love more female characters that can grow and develop like male ones too.

Anonymous 10679

Here are my favorite series that don't go beyond kissing. It's mostly about their feelings and pre-dating relationship:
Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki.
Saiaku no Jinsei.
Itoshii no Anneli.
Tashiro-kun Kimi tte Yatsu wa.
Saiyaku wa boku Wo Suki Sugiru.
And if you want something dream-like and very sweet there's Yumeka Sumomo's works.
My favorite "serious" BL would be Yuki to Matsu.

Anonymous 10680

Don't post Kado near me, it gave me PTSD.

Anonymous 10681

>in shonen it seemd to be the norm
Aren't most shonen comics drawn by men? This would explain why they only create one-sided female characters.

>they fall into the trap of making one woman out to be the man.

Also happens in plenty of yaoi comics. Making one guy look and behave more feminine while the other guy gets all the stereotypically masculine traits and dicks down the feminine guy.

Please explain.

Anonymous 10682

I read it every once in a while but it needs to have a good plot and characters. I really don't like reading yaoi/bl if there is a character that is overtly masculine and the other super feminine because it usually means its a shit story. I haven't found any recently that are good so I'm pretty happy this thread is up so I can see what others recommend.

>BL is cute, but I don’t obsess over it. I’m not a full blown fujoshi, but I like cute boys
This. It's the same reason for me and its the reason why I read other genre's too.

Anonymous 10683

Some try to be different, like Araki, but reception can be low when you try to cater to boys with something meant for girls.

Anonymous 10684

I like yaoi like Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Nothing else.

Anonymous 10685

i love bl

Anonymous 10686

this is canon.jpg

i read m/m fanfics and consume m/m fanwork but not because it's yaoi specifically
i usually just insert myself into whatever character has a good dynamic with a character i like and go from there
i've found that most things that are labelled BL usually are poorly written gay fetish pieces

Anonymous 10687

God junjou romantica…

Anonymous 10688


I love yaoi, i used to read them daily and share recommendations with my friend, I even got to know many authors that I like (Azuma Kaya and Syundei). But i have been putting it off a bit, it would be bad if I got too obsessed with it again.

Anonymous 10689

Ever since this thread I've been wanting to get back into it but then I remembered raw sharing in Japan is ded and magazines and ebooks are expensive. Now I feel like there's more important things I should be spending money on.

Anonymous 10690


I can certainly appreciate some spicy rape BL but man if 19 Days doesn't fill my heart with happiness. These recent chapters stop me from killing myself.

Anonymous 10691

I'm just going to give you the funny answer to your question:
Yaoi is the purest form of love.

Anonymous 10692

I'm still pissed.

Anonymous 10693


what archetypes does the fujobase of cc like? i really like bl that has a serious look at what being homosexual would mean in a society like japan, repressed or in denial characters are great especially when they feel conflicted about their feelings

Anonymous 10694

my tastes have changed so much. when i was young, i loved stuff that felt "realistic" and dealt with lgbt issues in a truthful, dramatic (?) way…i scored the whole feminine guy x big buff seme trope, but now…

i find myself loving everything i despised. even abo. i wanna see pretty girly boys get bad touched and bullied and i wanna read SUFFERING but sexy

Anonymous 10695


same anon, i used to resist the pretty boys now i love them

Anonymous 10696

I'm not a big fan of yaoi, just for one huge reason: it pretty much fetisheses gay people. Yuri is often the same, as the only yaoi/yuri stuff is often between two young and hot dudes/girls. It also often seems to just be about sex and all that.

It's pretty common for people to think that only hot people can be in gay relationships. I'm bisexual, and not conventionally pretty. (kind of chubby, acne, all that shit) and people thought it was gross that I had a girlfriend, just because both of us were around average/below average in the looks spectrum. So, I do genuinely think that yaoi/yuri can be harmful if done wrong.

Anonymous 10697


I'm more of a yumejoshi than a fujo nowadays. But cute boys kissing are cute boys kissing, I can't resist them and never will.

Anonymous 10698

I wish tumblr never existed, I hate how westerners try to make the connection between yaoi and gay people. Yaoi is porn for women who like men. It has nothing to do with gay people.

Also presuming you and your girlfriend are both female, I highly doubt the dudes who said you weren't hot enough ever read a yaoi manga in their lives.

Anonymous 10699

>I wish tumblr never existed
been on tumblr for 10 years and honestly? same

Anonymous 10700

I had a really vivid soumako dream the other day it had sousuke confess his feelings to makoto and be nervous about him reciprocating. They then held hands near the end and became a couple with Kou's help

Anonymous 10701


Anonymous 10702

Koi to Uso

Anonymous 10703

We have slash fiction in the West, though. Sounds like you just can't stand criticism of your precious weeb media.

Anonymous 10704

Hitorijime My Hero…

They are hot together but I'm more of a SouRin myself.
If you know yaoi/yuri =/= real life, it can't be harmful in any way. Western or not.
>as the only yaoi/yuri stuff is often between two young and hot dudes/girls. It also often seems to just be about sex and all that.
Then you should make your own stories with the characters being how you want.
More than often I see people complaining like you but never doing anything to change that.
Yaoi and yuri are not LGBT and whatnot content.

Anonymous 10705

>slash fiction
And that's got nothing to do with gay people either, you know it started as women fangirling over Kirk and Spock right? It was never about LGBT shit, it was always about being masturbation fuel for women and nothing else.

Whoever created tumblr should be tried for crimes against humanity.

Anonymous 10706

Everyone knew yaoi/yuri =/= real life before tumblr happened. Then tumblr happened. What the hell is wrong with that place? Why is everyone there so mentally ill?

Anonymous 10707


>Whoever created tumblr should be tried for crimes against humanity.
It was probably hard for him too, to watch his website going to shit for multiple reasons. iirc David Karp is a pretty cool guy.
The worst part, their mental illness is starting to infect other places too. Everything is problematic, pedophilia, fetishization, etc etc etc. Some people will try to dox or mass harass you for your ship preferences.

Anonymous 10708


It's the demographic. It was made popular by millennial kids.
Larger generational cohorts like boomers and millennials seem to have some kind of mass psychosis, maybe just because in a larger cohort the number of idiots is also higher and they have more opportunity to be collectively idiotic on a societal level.
See the shitshow that has been happening in politics ever since millennials started to become a significant voting demographic.
It's going to get worse.

Anonymous 10709

Please spoiler warning that shit

Anonymous 10710

A friend once made her guy friends kiss in front of me because she thought I liked real fags like she did. It was uncomfortable.

Anonymous 10711


>liking irl fags
Not even once.

Anonymous 10712


the "real thing" will always ruin the fantasy

Anonymous 10713


i've booted up Enzai recently, it has a really good atmosphere and is surprisingly compelling. the art takes some getting used to though

Anonymous 10714

Ngl this isn't my favorite manga but it has some good parts so I am very excited about it. Also because its success will lead to more BL anime adaptations.

Anonymous 10715

what's the appeal of yaoi/bl? i genuinely cannot fathom why so many het girls like it, it does nothing for me. if i'm reading smut at least one character has to be female or i can't self insert kek

Anonymous 10716

For me it's the voyeurism.

Anonymous 10717


Seeing a cute boy being submissive. Self-inserting on the top, who is strong/assertive enough to overpower the bottom.

Not having to put up with a female protag when female protags are hard to self-insert on for various reasons.

Anonymous 10718

Awww shit back in the day Enzai was all there was. That and Zettai Fukuji Mirai, both very kinky.

Who is your fav, anon? Do you ship him with anyone?

Anonymous 10719

I actually really like the lawyer and the journalist together… They seem really cute
I also like Guys with the lawyer and I'm interested in the long haired military guy

Anonymous 10720

Evans/Lusca is top tier. Willowy drunk lawyer leaning on tough worker dude, it's a shame there isn't much fanworks with them. I choose to believe that they are ex-partners that split over Lusca's self-destructive drinking habit.

Vallewida is best boy. Although it's strange that he is one of few guys to have long hair in prison, because that's a 'designated gay' thing from what little I've osmosed about prisons.

Maybe Durer makes him keep it that way.

Anonymous 10721

The focus is always on the pretty girl, but i want to imagine a pretty boys body, because i'm not a lesbian, you know. Also, two dicks are better than one.

Anonymous 10722


It's hot. I like boys, so when they kiss and have sex, it's sexy for me.
Lately I've been more into self insert stuff too, though. But I can only do it with het couples.

Anonymous 10723


I don't self insert in BL so I don't get that aspect of it either. I just think boys kissing and blushing is moe as fuck.

Anonymous 10724

I don't know how exactly to explain it but: Removal of gender differences and stereotypes = better romance and sex. The same applies to yuri and GL.

Anonymous 10725

I don't know why but I can't stand yuri

Anonymous 10726

doesn't yaoi have archetypes that mimic gender sterotypes though? seme and uke or whatever? i get what you mean, hate the weak willed female mc and dominant male mc's in straight japanese manga but i just tend to avoid them and find manga with better writing and MCs

Anonymous 10727

Yuri usually has terrible writing from a woman's perspective. Every time I try one of those recent yuri anime adaptations it just ends up sucking.

I just remembered Kase-san existed and that I was looking forward to it because it looked cute. Pls be good.

Anonymous 10728


Yes? But there are also vast array of dynamics like het content. Idk why people think the only type of BL to exist feature a big eyed trap-tier uke and manly seme.

Anonymous 10729


Another example

Anonymous 10730

Sauce please?

Anonymous 10731

enzai 2.jpg

Tbh I found Durer pretty hot, i feel kinda sad that there's nothing nowadays similar to Enzai in theme and atmostphere.

Anonymous 10732


Agreed, World Animation Theatre goes XXX is an underrated aesthetic.

Room No. 9 comes vaugely close, but without the loose attempt at 19th century background, which kills at bit of interest.

Anonymous 10733

patrician taste, girly ukes and shotas are lame and badpilled.

Anonymous 10734

Oh i really enjoyed room no.9, it was really fun to go into completely blind. It brings to mind kind of a BL version of Euphoria. I kinda wished there was more explicit romance in it, i was also kinda hoping for glasses to be a secret homo for his bro.

Anonymous 10735


Favourite BL oneshots? These two in Melacholia and the couples in Nickolodean are some of my favourites. I really love Douman Seiman's work

Anonymous 10736


Anonymous 10737


Yes, I like it because I like seeing men as submissive. I've gotten into femdom more in recent years but it's just not the same, a woman can't dominate and humiliate a man the same way a man can. I have lowkey penis-envy.

Anonymous 10738

ahh his walls look really nice and comforting, guys with plump asses always give me the deepest surge of penis envy

Anonymous 10739

Based cute clean shaven round balls.

Anonymous 10740

Just take steroids.

Anonymous 10741

Many of the lesbians I've known were outright misandrists, myself included. I also can't stand seeing faggot shit in media, but I like seeing lesbian stuff.

Anonymous 10742

You're not mentally ill like many of the closet trannies in the thread.

Anonymous 11560

I hate the BL thread on /y/

Anonymous 11597

Yaoi/BL has been a thing long before the trannie trend emerged.

Anonymous 12553


UUULTRA C English translation WHEN?!

Anonymous 12764

I will gladly pay money out the ass for a JP copy of Slow Damage when it's released and get migraines trying to translate it.

Anonymous 15265

I think BL is pretty good, I lean more to HET or GL but if it has a archetype I like then BL is what I'll read that day.

Anonymous 15640

If you can find korean scanlations for it I’d gladly speed translate it for you!

King Maker webtoon scarred me, officially. I did not expect it to be so graphic and have such sensitive topics. Apparently Save Me isn’t really BL, just shonen-ai, but it looks good. So I’m reading that next.

Anonymous 15679


I ordered the light novel for sarazanmai, it's not technically BL but I hear it has a lot of undertones, the gay policemen are very cute

Anonymous 17160


You guys should read Sorario flutter, it's really adorable

Anonymous 17261

seconded, it was a very cute read

Anonymous 17294


Unexpectedly, I never though a comedy shonen artstyle ecchi manga could turn out over time to be a serious shoujo artstyle ecchi BL manga.
Has this kind of thing happened before?

Anonymous 17295


Just look at this. The left one is part of one of the very first chapters, while the right one is the last chapter.

Anonymous 17298

back to tw*tter, please

Anonymous 17302

This isn't really BL desu. Trap and gender bender stuff run on ecchi magazines aimed at males.

Anonymous 17305


I'm so dumb! Why did I not noticed this before?
No wonder it was so full of ecchi!
Still a good read for me tho, I really liked the last chapters.

Anonymous 17307

If Trap isn't BL than it's straight, are you implying that men liking traps are straight? This is completely different from a gender bender, where the point is there is either a hot guy or a hot girl.

Anonymous 17315

>If Trap isn't BL than it's straight
BL isn't the only kind of gay manga. You know what the west calls "bara"? That's also gay manga, but you wouldn't see it published in a BL magazine. It gets published in gay comi magazines. In the same way, you won't find any of that ecchi trap stuff in a BL magazine.

But a lot of men who claim to be straight do like traps, so that's why you end up having girly trap manga in the same magazine that carries genderbender. The magazine that carried Akuma-chan is aimed at supposedly straight men.

Lmao. I have to wonder if the author made him super girly at first because he was afraid a masculine protag would get rejected, and then just gradually transformed him.

Anonymous 17317

am I the only fujo that had an irl emo boy fantasy in middle school? those boys were cute as hell I wanted to see them make out so bad

Anonymous 17323

I frequently had dreams about all the hot guys fucking each other.

Anonymous 17324


I really enjoy the creepy/edgy ones, they're pretty fun to read.

Anonymous 17497

Oh i really enjoyed this, i really like yandere stuff

Anonymous 17650


it's weird because i mostly only really like girls irl, but i still really like yaoi and m/m ships a lot more than yuri and f/f ships
maybe it's because yaoi is usually written by women?

Anonymous 17666

Same here. Irl, I’ve only been attracted to women and men make me uncomfortable. Still, BL is just really comfy to me. Especially if it’s an older one I read as a preteen.

Anonymous 17738

I’m totally the same, I’ve only ever been truly attracted to like… two men in my life
But yaoi just feels nicer than yuri, even the darker ones that are classics like Ai No Kusabi and Zetsuai 1989

Anonymous 18702

Yup. Not obsessed with it, just enjoy reading it. Started working a while ago and found Book Depository so I've been ordering things through them since my country still doesn't have any BL/yaoi besides Ten Count. Recently got the first 2 volumes of Monster and the Beast, really enjoying it so far.

Anonymous 18705

I recently bought a futekiya subscription for a few months. It's really cheap and they have a lot of stuff that isn't already translated. Ever since Mangadex went down all my favorite groups stopped uploading so I'm getting my fix with them for now.

Anonymous 18706

I was thinking about doing that as well, but man do I love having a physical copy way more than staring at a screen.

Anonymous 18710

How are their translations? Would you say they're better or on par with fan translations?

Anonymous 18711

I haven't noticed anything particularly bad about them. They're about on par with fan translations, just a tad worse than professional translations. Either way you don't lose out on much, for the cost of 1 physical book you get access to 100+ digital books for 3 months. My biggest complaint is that the pages sometimes are slow to load.
I also prefer physical books but because they are expensive I only buy them if I already read the book online and liked it a lot.

Anonymous 18744

I've worked in BL fan translations and most are actually not very good. I'm sure Futekiya's translations are better.

Anonymous 18775

switch port never.…

switch port when?

Anonymous 19040

this :(

Anonymous 19042

I used to be into it but as I got older my standards got higher and incidentally soft-filtered a lot of media. These days I just read/watch/play regular stuff that I like and hope there's a few really solid fanfics and some fanart with the m/m pairing I like floating around, maybe even some bonafide doujins/zines if I'm lucky. I've also given some of the popular danmei novels a shot and end up liking most of them.

The last two fandoms I've lurked in have been really bad about the pairings I hate being the most popular ones. Here is where I'd say "thank god for filters" but Twitter is a lawless land full of retards who don't tag properly.

Anonymous 19180


Yes I'm a turbo fujo without morals. Just like this based anon >>10658 I actively search for the dirtiest, degenerate content, I'm not interested in the plot anymore. I love fictional homos though and I'm not very fond of het with only a few exceptions. It's just that I got exposed to so many shit manga and anime from the yaoi genre that I have no faith in BL authors and their half-assed stories. I'm lazy and comfortable enough reading my shonenshit fapfics to get interested in chinkshit or novels btw I have evolved into full cumbrain. Recently I've tried to tone down with my gay porn addiction since it gives me bladder problems and is a huge distraction from irl responsabilities

Anonymous 19182

> Recently I've tried to tone down with my gay porn addiction since it gives me bladder problems and is a huge distraction from irl responsabilities
how does it give you bladder problems? can't you masturbate without penetration? and what's "the most degenerate" fujo stuff that fujos even use? i have no clue how degen this stuff actually gets as i don't know any fujos.

Anonymous 19186

>not even Zariya Ranmaru is interesting anymore
Same. I also started reading soft BL at at tender age. Pornography is indeed dangerous.
I'm glad I'm not a guy who was exposed to irl porn that looks realistic at a young age. BL is pretty easy to differentiate from reality as it's just cartoons, but I can totally see how moids become delusional cumbrains when exposed to violent fantasies which look real.

Anonymous 19187

>how does it give you bladder problems?
Search for "peegasm." Basically, I resist the urge to pee until I feel funny and sensitive in the bladder zone when reading/watching BL so it maximizes the pleasure. It’s like masturbation but with the arousing sensation of full bladder instead. Besides the long-term risks, this practice brought me problems like having difficulty retaining pee for long periods of time specially during night which fucked up my sleep routine.
>and what's "the most degenerate" fujo stuff that fujos even use?
Can’t talk for every fujo, I’m not that twisted myself in the sense of getting turned on by vore, furry, shota or shit like that. It’s just raw sex, being rape, omegaverse, detailed description/representation of anuses, balls and cock, fluids, cumming inside, smell, toys, animal characteristics (not full furry), bullying, orgasms, dirty talk, etc. Just your classical morbid shit presented in original ways, with good art and dialogue for manga and good writing skills for fapfic. I’ve avoided fluffy djs and fanfics without +18 content for a couple of years now, that’s why I consider myself on the degenerate spectrum. My husbando and every 2D boy I like immediately pass the lewd check and become a victim of the dicking. I don’t recommend this kind hobby.

Anonymous 19190

>Basically, I resist the urge to pee until I feel funny and sensitive in the bladder zone when reading/watching BL so it maximizes the pleasure. It’s like masturbation but with the arousing sensation of full bladder instead. Besides the long-term risks, this practice brought me problems like having difficulty retaining pee for long periods of time specially during night which fucked up my sleep routine.
isn't that normally what happens when we get aroused though? i've always felt the need to pee when i'm aroused, before and during actual sex and masturbation. so you basically just delay the orgasm as long as possible? you do you, but i would think maybe just cum multiple times instead of doing this? well, good to hear you're not as bad as you seemed in terms of fetishes, but yeah.

>I don’t recommend this kind hobby.

no worries, i'm not attracted to male cartoons. i'm just morbidly curious about how dark this 'hobby' becomes for many women.

Anonymous 19194


>isn't that normally what happens when we get aroused though?
Yeah, but what I enjoy the most is the feeling of wanting to pee. Without pee accumulating there then I’m not horny anymore and I can think straight. I think my solution is to not doing it anymore, it only brings problems. I will masturbate only mentally from now on since I don’t gain much pleasure from directly touching the pucci.
>i'm just morbidly curious about how dark this 'hobby' becomes for many women.
Kek, if you want to keep satisfying that curiosity I recommend you to lurk on homo threads from /a/, they do them every one or two weeks with this OP pic. These threads bring together a big concentration of rotten women and display the filthy interests and preferences from ancient fujos and homo enjoyers.

Anonymous 19195

>mugen threads
They're so boring now. I don't know how you can stand them.

Anonymous 19196

are the threads literally just about mugen, or is that just the picture they use? that's the only drawing where mugen even looks 'good'. i thought it was universally accepted that jin was more interesting both in looks and personality…

>Without pee accumulating there then I’m not horny anymore and I can think straight
that's interesting, i've never heard of this. i think all of us feel relief when we pee, but not so much as to not be turned on at all bc we pee. that's really interesting that you don't feel arousal at all w/o it, i wonder if this is just a habit or a physiological oddity. it probably is best if it's causing bladder problems, you don't want to end up at the urologist bc of this and have to explain it…

>directly touching the pucci.


Anonymous 19197

It's just the pic they use. I also wouldn't recommend checking it out for degeneracy seeing as degen fujos are in the minority there.

Anonymous 19198

will keep it in mind, thank you for letting me probe you, lol

Anonymous 19199

I don’t. Some of them are directly shit from falseflaggers derailing the thread and fujos incapable of not venting their anger and frustration on each other. You can’t post shit without being told to kys. Still, it’s a good example of fujo tastes for that anon to observe without getting involved.
Yeah this whole thing is kind of weird overall but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, I recall an anon having the same problem on the homo thread. Maybe is a common phenomenon between fujos who started young and developed a weird way of manifesting their sexuality. My worry is not attending to doc because of the shame of telling the truth (I think is suspicious to say I hold the urge to pee just because and he will know I’m lying lol) and end up peeing myself when older like an incontinent hag who needs diapers and is overly dependent on others because she wasn’t able to control her gay porn wanking during her youth.

Anonymous 19201

It’s a guilty pleasure. Oddly enough, irl I’ve only ever been interested in women.

Anonymous 19209



Anonymous 19223


Anonymous 19224

>functioning adult
>posts here
Sure, buddy

Anonymous 19233

Didn't know this had a name. I thought I was an autist for preferring this over penetration tbh

Anonymous 19827


I'm an on and off consumer of BL etc, and I'm curious.. Why is raw sharing in japan dead?

Anonymous 19828


I only read doujins and fanfics of characters from shonen

Anonymous 19829

happy to see this cece used, she's so cute

Anonymous 19831

i think it's because it's illegal there

Anonymous 19834

based and cecepilled

Anonymous 19835


i always miss these threads, damn it. i've been dying to participate. i was there for sk8 threads on saturdays and i found them really fun. speaking of sk8, i'm so happy we're getting an continuation! i would do anything to be able to see the stage play in person this december

Anonymous 19840

I like yaoi/BL! But I skip the sex scenes because I like romance and pretty art, but I don't like sex scenes, not that they don't look pretty and whatever.

Anonymous 19937

It wasn't until Haruka Yume no Ato got nuked and its owner got arrested.

Anonymous 21313

You might be extremely retarded anon.

Anonymous 21318

She's right in that yaoi is most often dangerous for young girls. And most fujos started at a young age, plus unrestricted internet access surely leads to a gay anime porn addiction. This can lead to problems in real life as well, in interpersonal relationships, sexual health and self-esteem/gender dysphoria issues.
t. former fujo

Anonymous 21325

What makes your porn not damaging specifically? I'm not convinced there exists any type of porn that isn't.

Anonymous 21326

>No it isn't I've liked it since I was 14
>"no I'm a totally well-adjusted person despite the fact that I consume porn since puberty"
Everybody says that. But if you really didn't become obsessed with it, great, but I never said that those things happen to every girl, just that it's really common. The fact that it doesn't apply to you doesn't mean that's the case for every other fujo.
>I think its ESSENTIAL for a healthy identity, where women's body's are universally objectified and degraded.
LMAO. Or you could, you know, not consume any porn at all? I mean, if you need to consume yaoi to cope with a world where women are constantly objectified (which is totally understandable and I can definitely relate), go ahead, but there may be unintended consequences for a lot of young fujos like it happened to me and others I know IRL and others I have seen online.
>You have to be able to imagine something more egalitarian and less one-sided.
Like female-oriented straight porn (2D)? You know, adult otome games, TL manga, shipping fanart drawn by women, etc. Less chance of developing dysphoria or self-esteem issues about not being male. (Not that consuming that is preferable to not consuming any pornography, of course.)
>Your heteronormative porn is even WORSE because it has actual victims.
Unlike the other poster, I wasn't taking real porn into account. Not all "heteronormative porn" (I'm guessing by that you just mean straight stuff) is live action or male-oriented (with objectified women, etc.) You sound like you think the only two kinds of porn are: yaoi for women, real porn and hentai for men. That's not true, like I've already said.
It's just that, when it comes to 2D female-oriented porn, yaoi completely overshadows straight stuff in popularity, and frankly the latter deserves to be much more popular/well-known than it is now because it's amazing, and many women who weren't aware of its existence before come to love it when they discover it. Instead of females being objectified and degraded (male gaze), it's usually the males, although the content tends to be less explicit/extreme/violent than moid shit, and there's also a lower chance of internalized misogyny or dysphoria for the female viewer. And if your goal is to get revenge on moids (which is a sentiment I definitely agree with lmao), it usually has the same effect on them as yaoi.
(Not that you can't like both this and BL at the same time though)

Anonymous 21327

>You sound like you think the only two kinds of porn are: yaoi for women, real porn and hentai for men. That's not true, like I've already said.
*or rather, "gay boys for women, straight couples for men

Anonymous 21339

As a fellow former fujo, I remember coming across other young fujos who had dick envy (it was before the whole trans craze permeated society) and wanted the kinds of relationships as portrayed in yaoi stories. Which was impossible, of course, since none of us were male or gay.
Some girls definitely develop self-esteem and gender dysphoria issues due to yaoi but they're almost always too defensive to discuss those issues because yaoi is like happy escapism and they don't want you to destroy the fantasy for them.

Anonymous 21340

No this is obviously just a moid post. Moids can't stand the BL, it gets them so raging mad

Anonymous 21341

I never said I limited myself to just BL though? Though I disagree I've never seen anything that isn't heteronormative and tedious between a man and woman. I would really love to see something different if you know of it though! Also love Yuri. But you might as well tell men its unhealthy too if you're going to tell me! Tell them they're all going to want to become lesbians. Huge eyeroll. Geez how misogynistic are you for singling out BL?

I don't feel gender dysphoria, and I definitely don't feel like I want to be male. I know plenty of people who do NOT experience this at all. This sounds like you're typical tradwoman or larping moid policing other women. Its not you're job to try to stamp out something some people really enjoy with zero negative side-effects. Its just not. Your're just angry women would go that far!
Everyone isn't you.
So fucking sick of tradwomen and men dogpiling on women exclusively, their bodies, products the like, things they wear, yaoi they enjoy. I'm so fucking sick of it get out of here with that. Nobody dogpiles on men but here you are being a massive hypocrite. If you really are female, then more likely than not, you've been groomed by the trans community or moid sentiment in general to look for something bad.

Never in my life would I want to be male, I love being female. Stop ruining something AMAZING.

Anonymous 21342

Also wow, why would I stop myself from looking at porn if men never will? LMAO so I should sit by like an angel while they endlessly objectify us without consequences?? I feel like the ONLY way you can feel sane is to look at some equivalent for yourself at least once in a while, or your subconcious starts taking on the feeling everything is too disgustingly one-sided. And it eats away at you from the inside.
In my case Yuri and BL cleanse me of that feeling and its really nice. When I was too young to understand it it used to feel horrendous.

For all I know you're just some tradwomen trying to control the conversation about it to protect masculinity while completely ignoring the horrific things men do. I have a hard time believing you think the way you're describing on here.

Anonymous 21347

Anyone else like BL not because they like the relationship itself, but because they like the love? I feel I like yuri for that reason as well

Anonymous 21352

Idk, she sounds more critical of BL rather than outright hateful and mad. I don't think moids who can't stand BL have elaborate thoughts on why exactly they hate it.

Anonymous 21364

>every opinion I don't like was posted by a moid
lmao have you even heard of yumejoshi? They're women who like to imagine themselves fucking cute 2D boys instead of the boys fucking each other, in case you didn't know. Keep coping tho

Try to calmly re-read my posts because frankly it sounds like you missed a lot from them and I ain't posting a reply explaining everything if you really did skip important details. Let me know

Anonymous 21379

Lots of yumejos don't mind BL. This is more of a japanese thing anyway, I doubt you're gonna find hardcore BL hating yumejos on cc.

Anonymous 21380

I like it because the love is completely idealized and transcends gender and sexuality. Truly kino.

Anonymous 21395

OK, you asked for it.

>Also love Yuri. But you might as well tell men its unhealthy too if you're going to tell me!
We're on an imageboard for women. And I do discuss porn that appeals to males with men in the same way I'm doing now with porn that appeals to women. I criticize their porn too, even more than I criticize stuff for women.
Yuri has somewhat similar themes, some of which may also be harmful, but of course, if you're a teenage lesbian or just a straight girl who likes yuri, it may be better to consume that than yaoi, especially if written by women. Most straight girls into either of the two prefer yaoi over yuri, though.
>Tell them they're all going to want to become lesbians.
Aren't the trannies that the TERFs on this site love to complain about often obsessed with yuri? Same thing.
>Geez how misogynistic are you for singling out BL?
I'm not. Yaoi is the subject of this thread and yuri isn't that popular with straight girls, plus I'm talking about the majority of fujos who aren't lesbian, hence why I left it out. Criticizing something that's popular among girls for valid reasons isn't being misogynistic. It would be misogynistic if I said "yaoi is bad because it's girly and for girls" but my argument is actually quite the opposite (and more nuanced than you make it out to be): "yaoi often has negative effects on young girls, despite its popularity with them, such as feelings of inferiority for not being male". Are you going to defend yandere shit from all criticism too, just because lots of girls like it?
>I don't feel gender dysphoria, and I definitely don't feel like I want to be male. I know plenty of people who do NOT experience this at all.
Again, just because you haven't personally experienced it or known people who have, doesn't mean that it's not a thing. I mean, you said it yourself:
>Everyone isn't you.
Nor am I claiming that every fujo has experienced it, just that it's definitely not rare in teenage girls, and that it's most definitely related to the fact that yaoi almost exclusively features men and glorified male/male relationships (even when they're abusive, which is also usual!) while women are excluded, and when they're not they're put in the role of villains or supporting characters, which fans usually see as getting in the way of the main couple.
>This sounds like you're typical tradwoman or larping moid policing other women.
>So fucking sick of tradwomen and men dogpiling on women exclusively, their bodies, products the like, things they wear, yaoi they enjoy.
>For all I know you're just some tradwomen trying to control the conversation about it
Oh yeah, because if you don't blindly praise your gay anime porn and its obnoxious fans it means you're a "tradwife" or a moid. Are you even thinking about what you type? I did not want to be hostile, it's you who's projecting your hostility onto me. Stop with these Twitter-tier arguments.
>I have a hard time believing you think the way you're describing on here.
Oh yeah? Well I can only imagine how you come to these conclusions, like what's your thought process:
>"Since you're criticizing something that features gay relationships you must be homophobic, which means you're conservative, which means you're either a trad woman or a male!"
Or is it:
>"not worshipping BL and fujos means you hate yaoi, which is made by and for women, so you're misogynistic!"
Or perhaps:
>"you attacked my precious yaoi, I can't believe someone doesn't uncritically consume it or think like I do, so you're wrong and hate me, and I speak for all women, therefore you hate them!"
Which is it?

Anonymous 21396


>to protect masculinity while completely ignoring the horrific things men do.

I may not be so fond of absolutely everything that is stereotypically feminine (and if you think I should like everything "that women like" just because I have a vagina, that's a pretty idiotic and sexist idea tbh), but you're sooooo wrong about me not liking yaoi shit. I still consume it from time to time and love it when I do, I just acknowledge most of it is shit and I'm discussing why with other women who are familiar with it. Hell, I even laugh my ass off when I see stupid males seethe eternally at the sight of two handsome guys from their favorite piece of media kissing passionately even though they love to see the female characters with giant tits being brutally raped in fanart. I'll never stop liking yaoi, but I've grown out of my fujo phase, plus you can like something and be critical of it.
As for the second part, once again, this thread is not for shitting on everything moids do (and anything that could be said about it has already been said a thousand times before, we all know about it perfectly) but to talk about BL. Sorry to tell you this but men and their shit behavior aren't the only thing we can criticize, so stop trying to deflect.
>Its not you're job to try to stamp out something some people really enjoy with zero negative side-effects.
I'm not "stamping out" anything, I literally said you can like BL, it would just be preferable to not do so if you're too young, or to consume alternative kinds of female-oriented content (that, admittedly, come with their own issues). I'm doing completely valid criticism that not many people think about and even offered alternatives. As for the "zero negative side effects", I've addressed that several times already.
>Its just not. Your're just angry women would go that far!
excuse me, "would go that far"? The fuck you talking about?
>Nobody dogpiles on men
>on fucking CC
Are you serious rn
>but here you are being a massive hypocrite.
>If you really are female, then more likely than not, you've been groomed by the trans community
If you're talking about my experience with BL and gender dysphoria (and the idea that yaoi causes it in teenage fujos), that was BEFORE the "trans craze" began to spread over here and when it was just starting in the US (maybe it hadn't even begun). I went to therapy because of it, since it was making me depressed to not be male, and I hated being female, thankfully they helped me get over gender dysphoria and become comfortable with being a woman. I was not groomed by anyone to realize my desire to be male or that it had come from my yaoi addiction, do you think people who desperately wanted to be the other sex hundreds of years ago when they would be killed for openly expressing it were also groomed by Twitter liberals?
>or moid sentiment in general to look for something bad
I thought it would be here on CC that I could discuss these things that I've experienced as a woman with other women, since male-dominated sites don't have a lot of people who know what the fuck I'm talking about. I respectfully expressed my view, which has been formed after years of personal experience, but you refused to accept it which is the only reason you say I'm "only looking for negatives".
>Also wow, why would I stop myself from looking at porn if men never will?
Yes, you're right, maybe we should jump off a cliff if they're also doing it and refuse to stop. Dumb argument.
Everyone should stop looking at porn but that ain't happening any time soon. Doesn't change the fact that most, if not all kinds of porn (real or 2D) are unhealthy to at least some degree, and that watching it from a very young age is often damaging in some way. I'm just stating facts, not trying to dictate your life, as if I could control what you do or like; you're going to know a new perspective that could be useful later on, and it's up to you whether you decide to do something about it or not.
>LMAO so I should sit by like an angel while they endlessly objectify us without consequences?? I feel like the ONLY way you can feel sane is to look at some equivalent for yourself at least once in a while, or your subconcious starts taking on the feeling everything is too disgustingly one-sided. And it eats away at you from the inside.
*Yes, which again, is something I also feel A LOT, and I even talked about such equivalents that AREN'T yaoi. Now I get the feeling that you failed to read my post and only read one or two lines LMAO*
>In my case Yuri and BL cleanse me of that feeling and its really nice.
And in my case it's TL manga, yume art, otome games, and all that shit that I've already talked about.

Look, I'm not demanding you or anyone here stop looking at yaoi, but you can't expect we all have the same opinion. Also, I know that lesbians also like it despite them not being interested in men, for reasons not even they understand (may be because the authors are female, as has been previously said in this thread). Girls become interested in it for many different reasons besides the superficial ones like the eye candy and/or romance. Some develop self-esteem or dysphoria issues because of it, others don't, and so on. And yes, I also know that the BL genre has come a long way and there's less stupid shit in it than before, and even serious and realistic stories.

Anonymous 21397

>Well they hate seeing love between guys
>because it requires looking at normalized "emasculation"
>Go back to church and stay there.
Literally making shit up and putting words in my mouth to have something to use against me lmao.

>Lots of yumejos don't mind BL.
And I never said that I didn't mind BL or that I dislike it at all (as I've already said, I actually like it, just not as much as I used to). That's why it seemed odd to me that someone (>>21340) would accuse me of being a moid who can't stand yaoi, when I made it clear that I'm simply a yumejo (something moids have never even heard about).
This is a typical case of someone who can't accept even the least amount of criticism towards the stuff they like, so they throw absolutely baseless accusations at the critic ("""hater"""), since they lack actual arguments and can't even deal with respectful opinions that are different from theirs.
And that's one of the reasons why I generally stay away from fujos. It's not that they like BL, but that they're often pretty immature (and again, this is not something I've just pulled out of my ass, it's something I've experienced since I was a young fujo and I've seen it with my own two eyes in real life and online time and time again. Not that yumejos can't be pretty stupid at times too, but my experiences with them have been fewer and far less terrible).

Anonymous 21422

How about you actually read the posts you're supposed to be replying to.

Anonymous 21429


I fucking love Harada

Anonymous 21443

BL always brings out the crazies.

Anonymous 21444

Yeah, fujos are delusional.

Anonymous 21461

>women's preferences, interests etc get targeted for rabid hate
But if men's preferences and interests got hated on just as much, would you take it seriously what the other anon said instead of dismissing all her criticism…?

Anonymous 21471

>I'm not dismissing the criticism at all
Yes you are, you didn't address any of the points I made, like at all. Instead, you dismiss me as a "crazy trad woman" without anything to support that claim.

>I just don't think this thread is going to help them.

>They need to get more help from a proffessional not an imageboard lol
Be honest, did you actually read the posts or just focus on the parts you thought you could use as personal attacks?
Because I never said anything about "needing help" or being mentally ill now, I just shared the experiences that I had as a teen fujo (something that another anon agreed is more common than you think and backed up with her own experience).

Is this how you react every time one of your interests is criticized even slightly or not uncritically praised? I never told you to stop enjoying BL, nor did I say I don't enjoy it myself, not even once did I tell anyone to stop looking at it and was particularly talking about teenage girls who become obsessed with it when they're still young and confused.
Keep coping and seething

Anonymous 21478

I think the porn industry at large has so many more victims, than bl, which is miniscule and practically non existent.

Never in my life have I met someone aside from you who developed dysphoria from it? For some of us its amazing and enjoyable … what are we supposed to do lie to other fujos and tell them they'll definitely develop this problem? I've met many different women and young women who love it and I've never seen what youre describing,

Then again I dont live in a town with a lot of tranny influence. I never see anyone transitioning here.. What honestly do you want me to do? Getting angry and calling fujos crazy isn't going to solve anything. What can I do about your gender dysphoria? if you didn't do such a good job of bringing a Sunday school teacher rage vibe on here to infantalize us all I think you'd get better responses. =o

Anonymous 21479

What does BL stand for?

Anonymous 21480

images (4).jpeg

Best lewds

Anonymous 21484

Idk sis it looks like you're the one who's too sensitive and can't handle criticism. I mean, look at all the walls of text you wrote just because someone called you a moid. Tone down the autism.
Also don't reply to me with a wall of text because I will not read it.

Anonymous 21497


Boys love

Anonymous 21498

It seems you also misunderstood my intentions.
Someone got offended at my post where I simply said why I half-agree with someone else >>21318 Then she kept replying to me with made up shit about me as personal attacks (which is extremely annoying) cuz I said something she didn't agree with, instead of engaging with my posts respectfully. Perhaps it was I who misunderstood the other person's intentions and foolishly thought she was up to having any meaningful discussion on that subject.

I didn't know this place was so full of retards incapable of having a normal debate, or anything other than a circlejerk.

Anonymous 21500

i used to read it for the shock value, there was some that i read that were honestly really funny or disturbing or even cool? I also used to read yaoi just to copy the poses/study some of the art styles kek I remember this specific one where this guy had a MASSIVE dong and sack, it was mainly fetishistic in nature but I thought it was hilarious. I never found it arousing though, I think some of the things I came across were cute though. But the shock also came from seeing certain franchises get yaoi'd. Marvel, JJBA (it was expected but there are some "interesting" doujins out there), disney characters that sort of stuff. It also got into the disturbing territory though as I had a minor fixation on guro and this genre related to bugs/insects. I never was a cumbrain, but I had an addiction to just seeing it (again, shock value) I am not like that anymore thank god, and I plan on never going back.

Anonymous 21509


for all it's worth, everything this anon said was right personally and applied to me in my most intense yaoi phase. it made me wish to be male and idealize those male/male relationships instead of coming to terms with my own sexuality. it also infused me with wrong ideas about what sex is and how it should feel (pic related), which took time to deconstruct. for all its flaws, yuri might be healthier for young girls (straight or not).

Anonymous 21533

I dont understand why you'd wish you were male. Then again I dont understand why men who read yuri wish they were female either. Everything you read and consume is fantasy, no matter how you experience dungeons and dragons the game isn't real!1!

I really hate Fandom comics though I want something originally made not. You know like its own story. I find Fandom work to be so lazy.

Anonymous 21534

All of that sounds like distasteful crap.

Anonymous 21536

See, you really are taking a dumb internet discussion way too seriously.
And no, nobody wants to have a dumb debate like that in this thread. You cam share your experiences regarding bl but there was absolutely no need to spreg about it like that. Nobody cares.

Anonymous 21537

This isn't really a fair comparison because the author from that manga was already mentally ill, BL wasn't what created her illness. Any medium can be harmful if you're already sick.

I don't read much yuri but the little that I've read has always been very unrealistic. The girls don't act like real women in the slightest (which I know is the point) so that doesn't sound particularly healthy either.
Both are fiction/escapism/fetish material, it really is your own fault if you interpret it as something real.

Anonymous 21545

it was. Which is why im glad that im not into that anymore, now i just avoid most pornography it just makes me feel cringe and disgust

Anonymous 21549

> The girls don't act like real women in the slightest (which I know is the point)
I wonder if the yuri you read was written by men, it would make sense. I hear there's a difference between yuri for moids and for lesbians, but I never knew what the difference was.

Anonymous 21563

Nobody cares.

Anonymous 21565

I was under the impression that a lot of gl authors lie about being male because otaku are autistic about not wanting males in their yuri. Maybe I'm wrong.
If it isn't true, it looks like I've read/watched some of both but mostly from female authors. I think the only difference is just how smutty they are.

Anonymous 21567

Anonymous 21582

This is getting boring. Show us some new phrases, come on.

Anonymous 21609

did i ask?

Anonymous 21611

It's not unthinkable that sometimes people want to live out the idealized fantasies they see on tv/ read about. BL is an idealized romance genre at the end of the day and anon wanting to become a man isn't any different than someone wanting to become a space pirate because they like space pirate romance.

Anonymous 21791


Anonymous 21794

I need more anime …

>muh romanticizing toxic relationships
>muh fetishizing gay men
>muh minors
>muh fiction affects reality
sick and tired of this shit. i just wanna look at drawings!!

Anonymous 21796

Fuck the repressed tradwives/moids on here. This thread has gone to hell and it will be reborn anew. In the new thread larping will simply be offtopic. I guess they will all seethe and it will be bliss for everyone. In the name of the father son and holy spirit lmao ahmen :)

Anonymous 21797

I agree, completely comfy

Anonymous 21806

keep seething about us you western cucks

Anonymous 21846

>"hey, maybe having a porn addiction at a young age isn't healthy-"

Anonymous 21858


I love BL, wish I read/watched more continuous series rather than reading one shots like I do now

Anonymous 21861

but im not under 18 and i don't look at porn? gtfo

Anonymous 21868

I wish there were longer BL manga. A lot of them are only five chapters and the relationship depicted tends to suffer from underdevelopment due to the shortness of the manga.

Anonymous 21869

I love this series. Do you know if the sequel is being translated?

Anonymous 21886

Anon I read the entire thread and I have this same ”condition(?)”! I literally cannot become aroused without having any pressure inside the bladder. I’m not into watersports or anything.

Anonymous 21887

Then leave?

Anonymous 21888

Then all of the men (except gen x, mormons, and 3rdworlders) alive would be messed up. Be honest, how many of them have never seen that stuff until 18?

Anonymous 21889


Anonymous 21890

Unfortunately I don’t think so ;___;

Anonymous 21895

There is something wrong with both of you that goes beyond being a fujo. I'm a pretty average consumer of BL. What you're describing sounds like a problem with an addictive personality tbh.

Anonymous 21896

Or of course more moid larping. I don't know a single person on my other BL communities who talks about themselves and their habits like that ;P

Anonymous 21897

Just seems like another run of the mill fetish. Nothing to freak out about.

Anonymous 21947

What is the manga where someone is trained to come from his nips and shit?

Anonymous 21955

Some oldies like Mainichi Seiten are really good and super long. Art is not that nice if I remember correctly, but still very good.
If you aren't reading Saiaku ha boku wo suki sugiru you should also pick it up. Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike is also a wild ride, in both a good and bad way, and very long.

Anonymous 21985

Thanks for the recs! I'll be sure to check them out.

Anonymous 22038

You're gonna have to be more specific than that.

Anonymous 22205

Same i’m not a westerner but these type of ideas seep into other countries as well and its a pain to deal with… like no one cares kek

Anonymous 22206

could it possibly be chiku bingo

Anonymous 22210


I've been reliving my adolescence by rewatching Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. It's not as bad as I remember it being but it's definitely a product of its time. The art style also suffers from same face syndrome.

Anonymous 22211

>The art style also suffers from same face syndrome
>in an anime
Who could see that coming.

Anonymous 22216

>Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
>not Junjo Romantica
pfft, newbie

Anonymous 22218

yaoi is based, i wish gay guys existed irl

Anonymous 22224

Eh, that's not really an excuse. There's plenty of shows where the characters are easily distinguishable from each other. The only real difference between the bottoms of sekaiichi is the shade of hair color.

Anonymous 22225

Yeah, Shungiku Nakamura has an extremely shitty artstyle, I can't believe so many girls worldwide went crazy for those horrible designs

Anonymous 22228


god dammit I saw this thread and broke my months-long abstinence from fucked up yaoi games

I'm sorry god

Anonymous 22231


Welcome back home, friend.

Anonymous 22232


Guys I love homo visual key vampire idols, it's my favorite anime of the season. I know it's a horrible train wreck but I'm so excited to see it every week.
Guiltia/snow angel is my otp.

Anonymous 22233


oh god that was/is the exact one I'm gonna start with

Anonymous 22236

name of anime?

Anonymous 22241

Visual prison.

Anonymous 22242

Hope you have fun, anon. Don't forget about the scat scene.

Anonymous 22247

Have you read Masquerade ~Jigoku Gakuen SO/DO/MU~

Anonymous 22249

i really hate how you can take 1 look at this art and accurately access who the "woman" is meant to be

Anonymous 22253

I love it. They're always really adorable. I find its a great escape from the tedium of normal masculinity. Which is just I think a lot of women want to see. Something refreshing. I think its one of the best things about yaoi. All art and writing has to be GOOD. But seriously it is damn refreshing.

Anonymous 22273


Seeing anons post about sekaiichi hatsukoi made me take a trip down memory lane and now I'm rereading/rewatching all the yaoi I used to like when I was younger. There's this one I just can't remember the name of. It was set in a distopyia where the higher class citizens owned the lower class and called them 'pets'. There was an even lower class that served the 'pets' and they were called 'furniture'. There was also a lot of motorcycles I think. Please if anyone remembers what this shitshow was called I'd be forever grateful.
Also side note, but does anyone else feel like consuming bl at an impressionable age fucked them up beyond repair? I feel like watching shit like loveless in middle school dealt irreversible damage to my psyche

Anonymous 22276

I have to admit bl gave me a buttplay fetish, but that's about it.

Anonymous 22277

Is it Ai no Kusabi by any chance?

Anonymous 22280

Yes that's it! Thank you anon

Anonymous 22285

yeah, i don't like irl gay moids (one hairy, sweaty man is enough, i don't need two of them fucking each other's butts)
but yaoi fic is hot, since then there's two cute, clean anime boys having cute cuddly monogamous sex

Anonymous 22290

I wish I had watched Loveless when I was younger. I finished watching it about two weeks ago and it never really clicked with me.

Anonymous 22298


I dislike this because they look to feminine. I don't like big beefy fellas in my yaoi but they need to look like strong men.

Anonymous 22299

damn I should've spoilered this huh… please no band ;_;

Anonymous 22300

fucking based

Anonymous 22316

anonnete, you probably don't browse here anymore, but this manga was so delightful and I have you to thank for sharing it.

Anonymous 22344

kek that's what I hate about old yaoi (although that one's not that old, still shitty)

>Also side note, but does anyone else feel like consuming bl at an impressionable age fucked them up beyond repair?
Speaking of nostalgic yaoi… Ikoku Irokoi Romantan was pretty hot, as well as Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku probably gave me my massive male nipple teasing/suck fetish….

Well thankfully I never watched it either.

Anonymous 22357

No I feel blessed that I discovered it. If it wasn't for my best friend and her cousin at the time, I never would have found it. You don't have to become trans anon, its just a fantasy. Its not real and it doesn't need to be real. P:

Anonymous 22358

This guy looks like he has breasts? I'm so confused? I genuinely thought this was a female, what the fuck…
I really love the right kind of character. Being attractive isn't enough for me. There has to be an amazing personality going with it. I guess honestly most characters bore me tbh.

Anonymous 22368

"this guy"

Anon it's Eren Jaeger… I'm surprised I didn't get in trouble, but male boobs are not as sacred as female boobs I guess? Anyhoot, I dunno, I think he looks fit as fuck.

Anonymous 22377

They look too fleshy. Like more than just pectorals.

Anonymous 22378

His nipples are huge and his pecs are too round. Skinny/slim men usually have tiny nipples and their pecs are flat

Anonymous 22391

He looks like a woman.

Anonymous 22392

Who the fuck are you replying to?
I think you just haven't seen enough art like this. It's common to draw male pecs round and nipples big in yaoi.

Anonymous 22393

Well they should stop doing it then.

Anonymous 22394

Okay but that left tit… Says female to me. It must just be the way its drawn, I don't believe. Its too round! Pectorals aren't that round. I just don't buy that this is male kek.

Anonymous 22395

Yeah, not saying I disagree. Just pointing out that it's common in this kind of art.
They just need to draw big nipples and tits on the guys to make them attractive, for some reason.

Anonymous 22396

If that's supposed to be Eren Jaeger, then why did they give Eren Jaeger such large nipples and round boobs? Men have three options for chest, flat to the ribs, fat moobs that pancake, and sharp pecs that are rounded rectangular prisms not soft curves like that.

Also the artist gave him massive nipples which isn't helping.

Anonymous 22423

Why are you guys being so autistic over this? Damn fair enough if you don't like it but I think the artist did fine.

Anonymous 22450

Anonymous 22587

I need the titles for these two.
if anyone has yandere yaoi and/or yaoi that features one half of the couple being totally obsessed with the other please share.

Anonymous 22609

First one is:
Ao no Flag - Chapter 13
Artist(s): KAITO

It's on Mangadex.

Use SauceNAO to find anime/manga and fanart source.

Anonymous 22612

Sin título.png

If you haven't already, do check out Yugami by Haikei Pass. It's on the short side but it's pretty great.

Anonymous 22614

any recommendations for things to read if my taste is more "western" in the sense that I don't like the "one guy is submissive and cries and the other guy is subtly or overtly rapey" thing? I don't mind if one dude is more aggressive or whatever but I generally like both parties to be into it.

I mostly just read fics on AO3 and will occasionally check out doujin for pairings from shonen or something on myreadingmanga, though many of those end up not being my thing. I haven't tried reading an explicitly bl or yaoi series.

Anonymous 22623

Miyamoto Kano's works might be up your alley. I'm a lot like you where I check out of stuff that is too rapey/mostly stick to reading fanfics written by adults.

Anonymous 22626

thank you, apologies for making you hold my hand.

I'll check this out.

Anonymous 22627


Feeding Lamb by Nishin is right up my alley; a sociopathic male is attached to the now drunken, epileptic mess that saved him once upon a time - before things take a turn for the worse. very gory.

Anonymous 22628

I will say this about it: I enjoyed it very much but did not care for Bran's personality; so impolite. nor did I like that it goes bad between them.
I love the unusual nature of one that has little to no attachments besides for a single exception, especially when that kind of cold character is is warm/protective to the exception. I also am drawn to unusual pairs that differ in some way from others.
if anyone has recommendations for those sorts of things I would be keen.

Anonymous 22631

not my cup of tea but thank you for showing me.

this is amazing.

Anonymous 22696

Is it true that there’s a secret board for yaoi? Pls I need some stuff

Anonymous 22706

Looks western but isn't

there is a hidden board but I'm not aware of any ones specifically for yaoi, I doubt it though since this site is very anti-porn and by now yaoi threads should've been moved to such board

Anonymous 22824

Oh, I love Nishin's works. I wish someone would translate the incest series they have on pixiv.

Anonymous 22826

What's their pixiv name?

Anonymous 22843

Their id is 2810208. Unfortunately, it seems that they've deleted a majority of their works, including the incest series.

Anonymous 22844

Could it be possible that it's been archived somewhere? Like on Gelbooru or e-(x)hentai for example?

Anonymous 22848

Sorry, anon. I can't seem to find anything.

Anonymous 22850

Uhh, how to browse Exhentai? I’m curious, for reasons that need not be named.

Anonymous 22851

To gain access to ExHentai, you first have to make an e-hentai account. I don't know if it's the same method nowadays but back then I had to play a stupid browser RPG for a while (a couple days) and wait until I had access to ExHentai. To be able to enter that site, you must be logged in to your e-hentai account and not have browser cookies from previous failed attempts to enter ExHentai, or else you'll only be shown a completely blank page (formerly a drawing of a sad panda). In that case you must clear your cookies for that site first. However, it's not worth it if you're not looking for really fucked up shit (or if the ads don't really bother you/you have an ad blocker). That artist's comic for example would most likely be found on the public site.

Anonymous 22855

Oh, good to know. Well, I thought it was some sort of hidden club with hq content, but guess not.

Anonymous 22858

Yeah, I think since that time everyone thought the site would shut down due to new anti-loli/shota laws, these days ExHentai is mostly used to hide all the pedo content from the main site.

Anonymous 22864


I’ve been getting more into GL but I still like it
Love By Chance is a super cute Thai BL series that I recommend

Anonymous 22965

what are fujos into today en masse? I want to be a part of a big fujo fandom again

Anonymous 22967


According to /blog/, these are the top 4 current shonen ships for Japanese fujoshi

Anonymous 22968

Swordboys is comfy and has a lot of different media and pairing options.

Anonymous 23135


does anyone here remember The Law of Talos??

Anonymous 23155


Anonymous 23291

i would be more into BL if it wasn't seemingly always twink on twink

or stereotypical "submissive cute male x dominant male"

Anonymous 23297

How is that relevant to that anon's post

Anonymous 23298

She doesn't like being told what would attract more people to BL I guess.

Anonymous 23300

>oppressive cliches of masculinity
But "submissive cute male x dominant male" is the epitome of oppressive masculinity… unless you avoid any BL that has this trope.

Anonymous 23304

I'm not the other anon, you just seemed like you might've been contradicting yourself but I guess I read too much into it.

Anonymous 23307

>it pisses off the most misogynistic kind of moid to no end
Only because a) it's two "men", b) it's often two male characters from "manly" media that they like, and c) they're straight males so they feel uncomfortable seeing sexualized men.
But the "small, weak, girly, abused, submissive bottom" and the "big, strong, manly, abusive, dominant top" clichés are still quite sexist… not to mention how so many fujos love to shit on female characters who they see as "getting in the way" of their favorite ships, like why is it so damn common?
Most fujos who say the shit you're saying are just coomers who only use that argument (as well as the "homophobic/heteronormative" argument) as an excuse to deflect criticism (or even neutral opinions like >>23291), not because they really care that much about pissing moids off or about misogyny in male porn.
Males having big and strong bodies isn't inherently "oppressive masculinity", it all depends on how it is portrayed. And expressing a desire to see something different in BL for once isn't "telling (you) what to like". BL is quite clichéd and most of it is very generic, after all, so there's nothing wrong with pointing that out.

The fact that it pisses moids off has nothing to do with whether BL is misogynistic or not.

Anonymous 23324

>how they portray us in porn.
Don't you mean how we portray ourselves? There are no male actors acting female roles in porn. Every female role in porn is a woman portraying a woman.

And don't tell me women 'HAVE' to do porn men's way. You consent when you sign the contract, and there are choices. Here's a list of women porn directors..and many were porn performers who decided to direct.

Quit complaining about 'how men do things' and just get in there and do it yourself instead. Like Veronica Hart did. And Candida Royale. Why look to men to make things FOR US? WE should be making things for ourselves. We don't need men to make us happy, or make our entertainment, or our porn.

Anonymous 23325

Imagine writing this this non-sequitur of a wall of text just because an anon said "I would like to see yaoi where the guys aren't twinks or the stereotypical girly bottom and manly top"
Seek help

Anonymous 23331

Y-You're a SEA fujoshi, aren't you? It would explain so much.

T. former fujo

Anonymous 23340

>I don't know what that is
It was a xenophobic question, I'd rather not elaborate.


That's not what I meant.

Anonymous 23346

I live in Texas :|

Anonymous 23349

NTA but SEA = South East Asian, I don't get what stuttering anon is talking about though. Why would you type a stutter anyway

Anonymous 23350

nta but a typed stutter is supposed to show hesitation/disbelief. mostly just to be funny in a silly way

Anonymous 23397


Is it true that picrel used to be a fujo signal on 4chins? Why is there no fujo threads there anymore?

Anonymous 23398

i mean there's a whole yaoi board, and iirc there are still some jojo fujos on /trash/

Anonymous 23399

I used to know who this guy was but I forgot… could a kind anon pls remind me who he is?
>Is it true that picrel used to be a fujo signal on 4chins?
Yeah but I think they called it "homo" and it was only on /a/. IIRC someone made a thread with that pic (the one this banner is based on) only with the message "it's time." I didn't use /a/ for long during all the years I was on 4chan so I'm not sure I'm remembering right kek
>Why is there no fujo threads there anymore?
I don't know about /a/ in particular but most of the threads/boards for fujos/female weebs have been destroyed by moids, apparently. A combination of hysterical gay males (who are now the majority on /y/ and only post bara, essentially making it a 2D /hm/, and forced fujos to migrate to their /trash/ general), trapfags (who are trying to make /cm/ "their" territory) and just /pol/ ruining the whole site and turning every board into "/pol/ but for shitposting about x hobby".
Things are vastly different now from how they used to be back when those boards were created. Now cute anime boys aren't seen as "fujo shit" and despised by dumb moids anymore, some characters are even treated as "femboys" and moids meme themselves into finding their androgynous features "girly" enough to fap to them as if it were the same as their disgusting trapshit. As for /y/, it used to be previously for actual BL and anime ships that were popular with fujoshi (/cm/ was the same but for SFW stuff) but now (allegedly) it's all gay porn and anything that isn't is met with disproportionately hostile replies, to the point that even the "muscular femboy"fags were forced to migrate to /d/ kek.

The Jojo /trash/ general originated from an older general that split from the /a/ one when it became full of blogposting, avatarfagging and off-topic shitposting. The current threads started when an influx of new posters joined, with some husbandofags, orbiters, moid shitposters and fujos among them. I've seen /fujojo/ a couple of times recently and it's dead and repetitive as fuck, unsurprisingly. I've also heard about drama involving harassment and doxing in those threads.

Anonymous 23400

there's some pushback from fujos on /y/, there was a thread a couple months ago asking about anons genders and a huge percentage of posters were female they just don't talk about it

Anonymous 23406

They still exist but they're pretty much kill now due to spammers and retards who simply can't resist taking the bait. It's best to stay away.
>could a kind anon pls remind me who he is?
Mugen from Samurai Champloo
>most of the threads/boards for fujos/female weebs have been destroyed by moids
I'd say that newfags have also significantly contributed to the destruction of homoshit. I won't say that fujos were well liked before but at the very least most anons tended to ignore us. Nowadays you can't bring up homo without some newfag retard spamming how fujos ruin everything.

Anonymous 23471

Damn I didn't know homothreads were kill. That's sad to hear after all the years I spend there. But yeah in the end it was a constant fight to get people not to reply to the spammers.

Anonymous 23474

>newfag retard spamming how fujos ruin everything.
why are fujos so goddamn sensetive? i take pleasure knowing that i'm ruining the show for dumb obese weebs, I received a lot of hate for fujoposting on some general on /a/ but eventually other lurking fujos joined me and haters learned to ignore us.

Anonymous 23475

Because they see ukes and semes the same way they see their loli waifus, and get insecure over us seemingly doing the same.
I don’t think most women realize how much the autistic scrotes and trannies worship anime girls.
It’s not just cute reaction images and stuff, they literally live through anime, the cringey anime girl allows them to larp as some kind of misunderstood chad.
So, to them, yaoi is a great insult to all moids because it makes them feel inadequate and devalued, just like how they desperately want women to feel when they watch anime instead of interacting with women.
The difference is, nobody cares when losers watch anime. But these losers want someone to get mad over it, and to beg for their basement-ripened dick cheese, just so that they could brutally reject them, over their imaginary waifus. Badly. And when they see fujos, they lose their fucking minds, because they project their hatred on us.

TL;DR moids are just insecure.

Anonymous 23555

Any fren from the recent homo thread on /a/?

Anonymous 23557

when is bongchon bride going to update??? :<

Anonymous 23562

Damn I always miss those threads how do you keep track of them?

Anonymous 23570

Because I made the one from yesterday but I’ve missed plenty of them these last months and I just discovered mods are deleting and removing them now lol

Anonymous 23992

Mods started deleting them for some reason. I feel like it might be for better, threads were always derailed anyways. Nowadays you should search for seasonal homo shows on airing days, there's usually a small thread with people that don't really mind if you talk about other similar shows. This season there's Sasaki to Miyano and maybe Ryman's Club, if you're interested.

Anonymous 23997

I need recommendations I haven't found anything new to consume in a while. Wish there was just some BL database I could browse so bad. Does anyone know of something close to that?

Honestly.. users here should get together and compile one.

Anonymous 24001

I cant watch hetro relationships in anime or film, because I always self insert myself as the main female, and it makes me embarrassed because I know that would never be me, whereas for yaoi, its two men, and its also hot af

Anonymous 24002

I use myreadingmanga

Anonymous 24029

Wonder how many fujos have already drawn Putin/Zelensky doujins.

Anonymous 24031


…ok now I'm curious. Anyone have links?

Anonymous 24032


Take the Japanese pill so you don’t have to rely on translations and limit what you read.
Realistically, a database for BL would be difficult to achieve just because of the staggering amount of works being made every year.

Anonymous 24034

where do you find raw scans?

Anonymous 24038

Nooooooooooo This sickens me!! Write a fic about him and his wife she is pretty, they are cute. Lol I know this sounds ridiculous but he should be treated like gold in whatever you wrote about him WHAT THE FUCK ANON

That would be too fucking wrong.

Anonymous 24045

Tbh I wonder if someone could do translation freelance jobs for weird or lewd untranslated stuff. I'd assume the market of freelancers would be flooded already.

Anonymous 24050

I took it and now instead of suffering over scanlations I suffer over not having enough money to buy BL and raw sites being ded.

Anonymous 24052

I used to do commissions, never got too many homo ones. But it's too much work for too little pay since the market is in fact flooded, and average prices are just too low. Most people also want the editing, not just the translation, and that takes so long. Probably not even worth it as a side thing, you earn too little and can't charge much since there's a bunch of other people doing it for cheap.

Anonymous 24053

Update now I am suffering because I found out Rakuten no longer takes gaijin cards. That was the easiest place to rip from, and there is no point in buying if I can't rip.

Anonymous 24914

might be walk on water but idc

Anonymous 24915


Where did I put those sexy lewds ah yes here they are

Anonymous 24916

Is otakumole discord even exists?

Anonymous 25130


Why can't fujos draw faster I need to read the rest of this i need to i need to aaajslkasjlskj

Anonymous 25131

myreadingmanga, tapas

Anonymous 25198

wtf this is fug
i hate western fujos

Anonymous 25678


Would like to know the source for this meme

Anonymous 25705

Family Guy

Anonymous 25709

Stole from a tranny too, how shameful, I saw them make that joke before it was swept.

Anonymous 25714


Where can I find picrel?

Anonymous 25724

Anonymous 25747

Thank you!

Anonymous 25800

I used to read yaoi manga when I was a kid/preteen and I think I liked it a lot for 2 reasons.

1. I think the sex scenes were very exciting as a young girl who never was exposed to any porn other than 2 girls 1 cup (which I think was, in a twisted way, a good thing because it made me hate it for good) and I loved reading books with spicy sex scenes in them already. I was a preteen and it was titilating, I guess. We were all teens once.

2. I had a lot of internalized misogyny when I was in that age range. I have always loved romance since I was little, but I really started woman-hating as I got older (bad influence from make friends and my dad) so I was no longer able to enjoy F/M romance. I would basically self-insert when I'd read yaoi/bl from a "safe" distance on the uke character. I've noticed now looking back that once I met my first boyfriend that I dropped yaoi like a sack of bricks, and it doesn't interest me at all anymore. I used to be a pretty balls to the wall fujoshi.

I suspect the internalized misogyny and the self inserting onto yaoi characters is what has caused so many TIFs to transition, as most of them seem to have yaoi fetishes. I know personally 3 of the 5 or so girls I would read yaoi with have since trooned out.

Anonymous 25811

i mean, pornsickness is a real thing, and it sounds like you have it

Anonymous 25812

you doth protest a little too much- I didn't say it was a danger, and I also didn't say it's either A or B, I said they were the reasons I personally think I was into it when I was younger.

reading comprehension is hard in these times, I understand nona

Anonymous 25813

I never look at porn, did I say porn? You sound like a moid with 17 sticks up your butt, nagging about what women do.

Anonymous 25814

That's pretty standard trashtalk on here so I don't know why you're surprised

Anonymous 25900

i did when i was a teenager

i realized this one day and stopped all kinds of pornography
it wasn't easy at first but i feel so much better now

Anonymous 25901

Right, cause we know all BL is underage and the majority of fujos dont actively call out the pedos in the fandom. Did a pedo moid with bnha waifus draw this?

Anonymous 25902

a jealous scrote probably drew this, but people who ape about ages of characters are still retarded, hence why i never hang around the westoid BL circles because they aren't salvageable and only hang around the asian ones

Anonymous 25903

I used to watch yaoi as a teen, and most actual yaoi manga/anime is about grown-ass adults, typically in their 20s-early 30s. Not saying there aren't exceptions, but pedophilia in BL seems relatively uncommon if you compare it to romance anime or fanservice that features female characters.
There are many people who create fanart/fanfics of underage characters from regular shonen animes, but most who do that are underage teens themselves.
There's also Boku no Pico but I've never met any fujo who unironically likes that. It's probably the most ridiculed anime there is.

Anonymous 25904

im a shotacon and can't find boku no pico erotic, probably because it's so awkward and look like loli's with dicks, i don't really count it as shota but rather trapshit hentai

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