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Project Runway Anonymous 1070

Let's have a Project Runway thread! Season 16 just went underway and there is already a lot of drama.

Feel free to talk about past seasons, current contestants and everything else! Let's just try to spoiler text anything from this current season!

If anyone needs a link to episodes from this season: http://mywatchseries.to/project_runway/season-16

Anonymous 1071

One thing I've noticed the most from this season so far is the amount of nonbinary/androgynous designers cast. I'm assuming it's the big trend this year in high fashion?

Anonymous 1079

I used to watch the earlier seasons but can't stand how commercialized its gotten and the gimmicks they force into the challenges. I wish they'd go back to their roots more.

Anonymous 1112

I feel like the show was really good in its early days and I haven't watched recently. Based on a clip I saw recently tho it looks a little too commercialized for me. Also looks pretty unnatural and just tacky overall

Anonymous 1170

I'm kind of surprised at some of the people this season, that one awkward guy who is from a male fashion background is surprising me, I genuinely thought he would crash and burn like the typical clueless straight guy they always allow in every season for some reason. I have to assume it's because the androgynous thing is so big right now he is hitting all their points. I think he's going to do badly on a hyperfemonine challenge like gowns or something though.

I think the teacher is my favourite this season. I loooved her jumpsuit/outfit from the dance ep.

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