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Anonymous 10854

Why should I give a single fuck about a movie's historical significance or artistic achievements instead of just judging it based on how it makes me feel?

Anonymous 10856

Because if it's a good movie you'll feel it's historic significance and it's artistic achievements.

Anonymous 10956

Sometimes learning about those details can change your initial feeling/opinion about something. I used to think the Beatles were just average and overrated but after hearing more music of all sorts and reading books about music in general I came to appreciate their influence a lot more.

Anonymous 10995

Don't? Especially if you're not that much of an intellectual and/or academic person?

Just don't say what you assume is the true meaning of a given important idea within a movie, though. You will embarrass yourself if you do as you may or may not get corrected by someone who is deep into the movie's period of history inside and outside it and/or a writer who takes his literary criticism seriously.

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