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Look what I made you watch Anonymous 1089

Can we discuss Taylor Swift's latest video? Celebrity gossip is allowed, right?
I love the looks she served and the over the top self-righteousness, I kekked hard. She is a true kween of drama and fakery. 10/10

Anonymous 1090


I for one am fucking shooketh.

Anonymous 1091

I am no Taylor fan but eh, I liked it.

I don't get all of shade but I think some imagery were cool, like the snake throne and >>1090, reminded me of Hotline miami kek

Also all the Taylors. I thought that was neat.

Anonymous 1092

This video was so fucking good! I'm here for all the shade, all the hidden clap backs.
Here's all the ones I've found so far!

The I <3 ts shirt those gay guys wore, her last boyfriend Tom Hiddleston wore a similar shirt when they went to the beach together he got a lot of hate for it.

The model squad, people said all the girls in her squad weren't real girls, they were only models/actresses.

The car crash scene was a reference to Katy Perry being a car crash atm with her entire era, look at her style of clothes in that scene and the little cheetah in the passenger seat it's obviously Katy Perry~ :p In that same scene she flaunted that she had a grammy and Katy doesn't! HAAAAAA

Her pseudo Nils Sjoberg on the grave stone, this was the pseudonym she used when she penned her ex Calvins hit song "This is what you came for"

Robbing the streaming service, it was directed at spotify and apple.

All her famous friends written on her we belong together shirt.

That's all the hidden cookies I've found so far!

Also she looked fine as hell in that black latex and biker get up, I'm here for bad gurl tay tay. Oh! AND SHE WAS SERVING BODYYYYY in the dance scene, she looked super curvy heart eyes

Anonymous 1093


delivering some semi-OC (giffing) for this thread because the ~aesthetic~ is up my alley

Anonymous 1094


Anonymous 1096


Anonymous 1097


I'll be back tomorrow. I take all kinds of gif requests btw <3

Anonymous 1098

I thought it was really cool!

Compared to that Katy Perry's new video is shit, even the lyrics videos is really tacky. It's honestly one of the worst MVs I've seen in a while, it's just "so funny xD" and annoying.

Anonymous 1101

Why do we still give generic money grubbing white girls the time of day? Nothing Taylor or Katy have done in their entire careers is creative, genius, revolutionary etc.

They're boring and should be has-beens but somehow mainstream America still falls for their shit. Idgi.

Anonymous 1104


>generic money grubbing white girls

Anonymous 1107

its just a typical sjw who wishes they were white. everyone normal knows blacks and brown skins money grubbing is the common stereotype.

Anonymous Moderator 1108

This discussion is offtopic and unnecessary. Please don't continue with it.

Anonymous 1110

I personally think this ""new"" Taylor is a little too try hard edgy for me, but you do you i guess. It kinda reminds me of someone going through their 7th grade emo phase.
About the song, it's kinda catchy but I didn't really like it at first.
The music video on the other hand…. I found it really awesome. The references, and the visuals (specifically the car crash scene) were super captivating. Kinda interesting seeing her out of her normal niche.

Anonymous 1119

This is honestly the most pathetic excuse for a "song" I've ever experienced. It's incredibly irratating. It's almost as if she wrote this as a joke or a test to see if her underage fans would actually enjoy it, especially that repetitive "lookwhatyoumademedolookwhatyoujustmademedo" part. I wish someone would prevent her from making songs with cringey spoken parts.

I wasn't a fan of Taylor's before, but I thought she was going in a good direction with Wildest Dreams and Safe and Sound. She just seems to be drawn to really tacky music and looking like white trash, I guess. I really don't care about whatever "drama" she's involved in but she seems like a right bitch. Her high school-esque behaviour of forming a clique and talking shit about other female artists is seriously juveile and insulting to me as a feminist.

I actually even feel guilty just typing this becasue I know she feeds off of negative attention. Nobody who enjoys negative attention is a good person.

Anonymous 1133

I don't normally like Taylor.

I had a bunch of my "friends" get exposed for talking shit behind my back and calling me toxic and shit the day after her video was released.

So it really hit hard for me and helped me get over what should have been hard for me normally.

Anonymous 1134

I really like it. The "look what you made me do" part could be a bit better, but other than that, I'm in love with the song/concept/music video. There's tons of Easter eggs (like >>1092 mentioned, but there's also a lot others, such as the one dollar next to her in bathtub symbolizing the one dollar she requested from her sexual assault trial) and little references, and obviously, the overall concept that all her old "reputations" have been killed, and the new her rises from the ashes and all that good shit. Plus, I like how she's literally done 0 promotion so far besides her own social media. No interviews, radio shows, no explanations, but she's still being hugely successful. Big fuck you to the media for the shit they've said about her.
The lyrics of the song (verses & the bridge in particular) have pretty good lyrics, at least they make you think. It's interesting, and it's better than most that's at the top these days. And also at least Justin Bieber finally got toppled from #1 lmao.

Sorry to hear that happened, >>1133. I know the feeling, it sucks. I agree though, it's a good song to help relate to in terms of betrayal of a friend.

Anonymous 1137

The first time I listened to the song I accidentally had my yt player on 1.5x speed and I thought it was pretty cool, but then I realized I had the song faster and played it at normal speed and didn't like it as much, lul.

The song itself is VERY Taylor (as much as she and media are trying to brand this as a "changing of her image) and I don't really get why people are acting like this is some BIG FIGHT SONG towards Kanye and Katy? It's just another stupid breakup song from her.

I also don't get the constant comparisons/claims she's copying Beyonce in the video. It's nothing like Lemonade and the song itself is not comparable to anything in Lemonade either?

Anonymous 1139

Heh, it does sound better sped up.

Anonymous 1166

I'm a massive music snob because I'm a douchebag so I don't normally listen to stuff like this but the presence of this thread made me check it out and I genuinely love it.

I don't like the "sorry taylor can't come to the phone…" part. I found that fucking lame.

>>1134 I liked the "look what you made me do" part, it reminded me of "Money" by The Flying Lizards in a weird way.

Anonymous 1171


One thing I don't understand is why Katy Perry is included in the representation of all her personas. Everyone or everything else she portrays in the video are versions of herself. I know they're 'feuding' but why just her and why include her in the lineup at the end?

That part was a Batman quote fyi, I find it lame too but with the context it's a tad less cringy.

Anonymous 1313

It was a really well made video and deserving of the what? Most viewed video in 24 hours?

The video had so many quick paced references that made people watch it over and over again, it was a good move.

I loved the video. I didn't like the song at first but well, it's one of those songs that get stuck if you listen to it over and over again(also a good reason for the video).

Anonymous 1325

don't care for it. ignored the song's existence like i ignored her. she's hideous.

Anonymous 1326

For some reason I find the "feud" between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry to be kind of corny and almost fake.

Anonymous 1334

Well yeah, it was catty schoolgirl tier drama. Stealing someones dancers is literally like the fights I had when I was a kid over some girl stealing my bff or whatever.

That said, I think with their most recent releases it's clear that Taylor won. And I am glad about that because I think Katy is one of the most overrated pop stars around, 99% of her music sucks and she looks middle aged.

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