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Twin Peaks: The Return Anonymous 1105

Anyone watching Twin Peaks? The season finale is coming up next week.

I won't make the OP too negative but I've been so let down this whole season. Last night's episode was a special kind of hell for me.

Anonymous 1106

Don't spoil it for me but why was it a let down? I've been debating on whether I should continue watching since the episodes are so long and you know how the whole nostalgia trend leads to a lot of disappointing flops…

Anonymous 1109

This last ep was SO AMAZING. My mind was fucking blown and one of my theories was confirmed!

>finale next week

fucking what! I thought there were at least two more eps to go!

I loved this whole season so I guess it depends on who you ask. Most of the reviews Ive seen online have been positive

Anonymous 1120

Basically, in my opinion this season has been really sloppy. It doesn't have the same tight, polished feeling that Lynch's other works have for me. It feels like we've been watching the entire season on shuffle. Pretty consistently, they'll begin a plot line and then not talk about it at all for at least two or three episodes, and since most of the plot lines have been really contrived and boring to me (lots of petty town drama between one dimensional characters who don't get enough screen time to ever get fleshed out as opposed to lodge weirdness or otherwise generally lacking in surrealism) by the time the plot line is picked up again I've already completely forgotten what happened the last time we saw those characters. In general, the scenes that we're shown don't have much to do with each other, and the progression from scene to scene makes no sense most of the time. A lot of the acting is also really awkward and unnatural, and there's been more than a couple of really cheap cliches thrown into major plot developments that I began cringing at 5-10 episodes before they were confirmed.

A lot of people go on and on about how the deeper level is mind blowingly amazing, but to me, I can't really be bothered to dig deeper if the surface level is so badly executed. I don't really watch a lot of TV, so my bar is set pretty high. It was only supposed to be 9 episodes originally, and I feel like an edit after the fact removing a lot of the expendable characters and plotlines, re-ordering scenes to put relevant scenes nearer to each other and the like will probably significantly improve the viewing experience. My personal advice would be to skip it until someone else has had a chance to do that, or suffer through a thoroughly frustratingly badly written experience.

That being said, plenty of people have claimed to enjoy it. To each their own, I suppose.

The final two episodes are being released this week, and apparently they're both going to be longer than usual too, so I think in total we're getting about a 3 hour finale.

Personally, I'm predicting that the finale will probably be really good, but I don't see it redeeming all the problems I've had for the past 16 episodes.

Coop waking up like that was the stupidest thing I've seen on TV in a long time and I will probably be salty for over 10 years that his storyline went in that direction.

Anonymous 1122

>A lot of the acting is also really awkward and unnatural
The only one who I thought her acting sucked is Tammy, the FBI agent. Her acting is so bad and she behaves so weirdly (walking, etc) that Im starting to wonder if shes a tulpa or some weird thing. Somewhere I read that the actress that plays her is "Lynch's muse" so did she get the part because of a favor? Or did Lynch choose her on purpose knowing how bad her acting is?

Re: your spoiler

I think it was cool , obviously he had to "almost die" to be reborn, and the homage to the series where David Lynch got Gordon's name- on the ep before- was pretty cool too. Also I love how Lynch could predict what everybody was thinking regarding Aundrey's current situation so he decided to "send her to the bar" , to like make everybody - at least for a minute- believe that all of what they thought was false, but then BAM, it happened. And I was like WHAT HOLY SHIT

Idk Im hyped A.F. for the finale!

Anonymous 1128

I fucking hate it. I'm really butthurt. And it's not because I don't get Lynch or weird artsy shit. I love most of his work, it's just usually so much more BALANCED than this. I'm not feeling the sheer number of scenes that are just 5 minutes of nothing, all the expendable pointless new characters, and the mockery of coop and audrey. If he hadn't said otherwise, I would really think he's just saying fuck you to all the old fans and trolling us. David pls

Anonymous 1130

sure, but all that could have happened without turning it into a cliche "quick knock to the head and everything is better" after 15 episodes of fucking nothing though.

Anonymous 1131

seriously! I was thinking maybe the coffee he got at Dougie's work would slowly wake him up, but nope. More episodes of "duhh. me dougie. cof…..fee…….dougie jones…" until he finally woke up in a cliched way at literally the last minute. This latest episode should have been like the second one imo!

Anonymous 1161

Well, the only thing surprising about that ending was that it was even more disappointing than I thought it'd be.

If you're losing interest within the first six or seven episodes, better to just turn it off there. It doesn't really do anything different from that point on.

You can watch episode 8 as a stand alone. 1-7 don't contextualize it and it's not relevant in the following episodes either.

Anonymous 1164

Lots of people are saying that they consider ep 17 as the ending, and I def see that as the best option.

Also my Diane theory was confirmed! thats two of my theories confirmed !!
thank you Lynch-sama for those scenes of Diane + Cooper

Anonymous 1169

Really? But that sex scene was so cringe worthy. I'll admit, to the scene's credit, it was one of the only ones that made me feel anything (deep discomfort) rather than just being mildly angry at how the show's going, but it seemed totally out of left field as well as totally disrespectful to Dianne as a character. I can't wrap my head around why she would want to have sex with him. Like, from personal experience pretty much the last person I'd ever want to sleep with is someone who looks anything like my abuser. Why is she so cool with this, especially considering there's the added real risk that it's not her beloved cooper anymore? Which I'm pretty sure it wasn't. e18 cooper would rape a bitch, I'm sure of it.

Anonymous 1185


The one that got abused was the fake Diane, not the real Diane. That is, if "she" was saying the truth. I agree about the sex scene tho, cringy af but I LOVED LOVED when they were in the car and Coop turns to Diane and says "kiss me" with pleading eyes omg

Its funny how Annie (Coops' ex gf) wasnt even mentioned ONCE this whole season, and every single person acted like she never existed

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