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Anonymous 11514

Do you pirate video games?

Anonymous 11599

There was a huge pirate thread on /b/ you blind!

Anonymous 11697

Lol that game bioshock infinite was literally the first ever, and only game I ever pirated. Got it off TPB back when it came out and had no idea what I was doing. Played it on a MacBook and it ran like shit but the art was really pretty. Good times

Anonymous 11713


If video games were beer I'd be 6 years clean.
12 if old school N64 SSB (for only a day or two) doesn't count.

Anonymous 12200

Occasionally I'll grab roms for old console games that I don't have the right console for or if the aftermarket price is ridiculous but I tend to buy most games. I'll always pirate The Sims and all its expansion packs though.

Anonymous 12263

Anon how has your experience been with pirating The Sims? I only own the base game for TS4 and am curious. Do you use mods/CC?

Anonymous 12310

For mods it's as easy as putting the .package files into your mods folder. The only real downside I can think of is not being able to access the online gallery.

Anonymous 14217

Ever since I got my computer I just pirate everything I can
There's no point paying for something if I don't have to

Anonymous 14515

Based taker

Anonymous 14816

I used to back in the day, but then game files got so huge (I have pretty slow connection) and Steam sales and G2A-type stores made games ridiculously cheap. I have so many games bought that I never have energy to play.

Anonymous 14889

i'm a poorfag, for me it's games or food

Anonymous 15266

The thing is, I'm not even poor, I'm quite rich I'd say
So I could buy all the games I want, there's just no point if I don't have to

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