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Anonymous 1175

So Jaden Smith made an anime.
I personally haven't looked that deep into it so I'm not sure if it's actually intended to be a legitimate thing or just for shits and giggles.
Here's the trailer.

Anonymous 1176



I mean, it looks like it's gonna be shitty tbqh, but I am actually glad for him, because

>having your own self insert anime at his age

he's living my young self weeb dreams lmao

Anonymous 1177


Oh Jaden.

Anonymous 1178

I never understood why his parents didn't stop him from tweeting/ saying weird stuff. He will be remembered as the embarassing teen for his whole life.

Anonymous 1179

that voice acting though wtf i mean… hire me i couldve done better lol

that writing too. "shes possessed? that sucks."

Anonymous 1180


His entire family are the epitome of money-grubbing famewhores so it doesn't surprise me. The way they prostitute their children to the media, the nepotism is sickening, they're worse than the Beckhams.
There's actually been many rumours flying around Hollywood since the 90's that Will is gay and Jada is a lesbian, and that their union is some kind of twisted power-coupling sham marriage used as a cover-up. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have believed it, but what with all the stories leaking out over the years… well where there's smoke there's usually fire.

Anonymous 1182

the animation and voice acting seems pretty shitty to me TBH. Nothing really stands out to me. Maybe the music will be good tho? Also idk how I feel about the plot…seems pretty basic as well. It's just kinda that "chosen one" genre, which isn't unique to me at all, and I feel like it makes the storyline pretty linear.
Maybe this will finally get the normies in our animes lel XD

Anonymous 1187



>this whole post

It's not ~sickening nepotism~ anon, the Smith's have money to pay for their children shitty artistic careers, so they'll do it. It helps that they are, aside from loaded, in the industry as well. I bet many parents would do the same if their children showed the interest.


Eh, why bother though? Every teenager say/do dumb shit, especially online. Won't change because they are famous. Jaden himself will probably brush it off in a few years, he'll probably be like "Yes, I said pretty dumb stuff as a teenager lmao rite"


It's super shitty mang lol I wonder if it's not supposed to be a super serious anime? Like, parody or something? I'll probably watch this drunk or something. Surprise me, Jaden.

Anonymous 1190


Sure, it wasn't nepotism at all when the Smiths approached M. Night Shyamallamallamadingdong, Columbia Pictures and Sony Entertainment to help create 100 minutes of self-masurbatory wank refuse at a cost of $150 million, because the production company, director, distributors, cinematographers, even the banks that loaned them the money to create this monstrosity, they're all very well known for setting aside millions of dollars to make movies for random 15 year olds lmao

Anonymous 1192


You say as if it's an important job, like a politician or a Bank CEO. It's their money and the studios' money, if the studio is dumb enough to help fund a stupid ego flick for both of the Smith's (and M. shalawyaetc), whatever.

Anonymous 1193

I am so excited for this, I've been quoting the trailer since I saw it. It looks amazing.

>She's possesed? That SUCKS!

Anonymous 1195

Sure it's theirs and the studios money, but do you really believe that the studio would deign to accept the manuscript of some random family with a couple million looking to produce a movie for their little darling? They'd laugh in their faces and tell them to fuck off, whereas Jaden got his because the studio already knew Will Smith was a bigshot. That's quite literally nepotism in full force.

Anonymous 1253

So is anyone gonna watch this? I think it came out either yesterday or today, I'm curious if it's actually good or just so bad that it's laughable.

Anonymous 1254


I am 4 minutes in and it's already so bad (and already had a fanservice upskirt shot, stay classy), Jaden's ubbing is fucking awful, I need to watch this shit while drunk lmao

Anonymous 1255

so far its hilariously awful. i love it.

Anonymous 1259


God, yeah. I am yet to watch the second one, but the writing, acting and animation is all so fucking shitty. The mecha butler looks like a transformer bootleg from the 80's.

Anonymous 1261

Best scene in the whole show

Anonymous 1262

>takes one puff
>well thats enough vaping for me

Anonymous 1263

Only explanation: He's never actually even smoked before and that's all he could handle

Anonymous 1264

I… I can't tell if this is ironic humour or not.

Anonymous 1266


It's supposed to be ironic, but it's still shit tbqh.

Video related, @ 1:30

Anonymous 1315

I ended up watching the whole thing (lol) and these are some of my thoughts on it…

>The plot is super dry
>I hate all the female voice actors
>Jaden smiths voice was also kinda weird
>The animation felt stiff to me
>Not really a rememberable series at all
>Feels rushed

>Some of the jokes actually made me chuckle
>The background music (typically classical) was pretty nice
>I liked the concept of the city neoyokio (some of the scenery shots were pretty nice)
>The ending kinda left me on a hook wanting more

Overall the more that I think about it there isn't really much else to take away from the show. It's only six episodes, with each about 20+ mins long

Anonymous 1321

It's just a joke. It's meant to be ironic. And it is. Idk why everyone is taking it so seriously.

Anonymous 1322

Because anime dweebs take everything about anime seriously. Especially when it's being made fun of.

Anonymous 1335

Even if it's a joke it still feels like complete shit. I guess they're trying too hard to be ironic and it just ends up being cringe. Idk that's just how I feel personally.

Anonymous 1384


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