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Catfishing Anonymous 121

Have you ever catfished anyone, sisters?
How far did you take it?
Do you regret what you did?
How did it end? Did the person ever find out?
Did you do it for attention? Trolling? Money? Something else?

Nowadays it's gotten hard to uphold a fake identity because everyone is expected to carry an internet-connected camera at all times. How do you keep going?

Anonymous 122

I catfished this dude I was in an on/off relationship with during our downtime. I texted him with a fake name and stuff and even had my friend who he never met pretend to be the girl and they went on a fake date, she recorded it and everything. He and I used to talk alot and at one point he was badmouthing me so I revealed everything and he was so fucking pissed off.

Anonymous 125

God damn. I am so here for this.

Anonymous 185

I catfished a former acquaintance slash personal lolcow for a while, pretending to be interested in being friends. I didn't feel bad at the time because she was a huge asshole to a lot of people and a terrible person, but today I realize she was really mentally in a bad place and messing with her trust for people probably didn't help. These days she doesn't even use any social media anymore.

Anonymous 205

When I was in middle school I sorta catfished my own best friend out of pity. Her and I and some other assorted friends would hang out in MSN chats after school. To my displeasure, the guy from our group that she liked developed a crush on me. She was jealous and hurt. I tried to make her feel better by telling her I didn't even like the guy (I really did not), but she was so upset that I felt compelled to do something about it.
So, I made a second MSN account, added it to our group chat, and pretended to be her ideal guy. I would chat as myself and as him at the same time to make it look legit. I told everyone that he was a friend I met online so that I wouldn't have to worry about them wanting to meet him.
Whenever I would play this character, I would give special attention to and be really flirty with the best friend, in hopes that she would forget about the other guy. It actually worked. I just didn't have the heart to keep going and cut it off after a few weeks. The most we did was flirt, heavily. I abandoned the account one day and told everyone he just disappeared. Left it at that.

That best friend and I are not in contact anymore because I changed schools shortly after. I regret not staying in touch. Everyone thought her and I were just intimate female friends, but I was actually in love with her and wanted to date her. I was afraid she would turn on me (everyone acted super homophobic back then) if I told her. First and only girl crush.

Anonymous 208

This is sad.

Anonymous 1055

When I was younger (think 10-16) I used to pretend to be older to talk to boys online. Does that count?

I was probably doing it for attention.

Anonymous 1058


>These days she doesn't even use any social media anymore.

You can be normal and do that… r-right?

Anonymous 1060

Sorry for the confusion.
She still technically uses social media, Tumblr, FB but she stopped talking about anything private or personal and only makes the vaguest of posts. She still hasn't changed and still instigates petty Tumblr wars over Bioware ships and sends them death threats, so I don't feel entirely terrible tbh.

Anonymous 3293

I haven't done it myself, but my ex-bf managed to get a dude on SA to book him a pretty nice hotel. Gotta say I was impressed.

Anonymous 3296

Ah… yes… I have I was so pathetic and insecure back then.
>>Have you ever catfished anyone?
>> How far did you take it?
Literally until I was like a Sophomore in highschool (or maybe even the summer into being a sophomore I can't remember exactly when). I dated this guy for a year before he found out. I also lied to all of my online friends that I played MMORPG games with. They all thought I was some little asian girl(the cringey name I came up with was so terrible jesus). I really liked this one dude a lot he showed me his dick one time and i was like woooahhhh wtf(this wasn't the guy I dated btw). Looking back I don't think I should've been talking to him, he was like what.. 18-19 and I was… like 14-15. Not much of an age difference but looking back it still seems… weird. My age,surprisingly, is something I never lied about.

>> How did it end? Did the person ever find out?

Yes he did. I was pretending to be asian so I stalked this girl's account on myspace and took her pictures. She wasn't too pretty so it seemed legit (obv this was way before reverse search images, I would have never gotten away with it for SO long had it been a thing back then). I sent him 'nsfw' pictures of 'myself' but I got it off of some porn website LMAO. He noticed it wasn't 'me' because the image I found the girl had a mole/birth mark by her tits which i didn't notice for some reason and he was like. 'lol dat aint you fam'. So it was kinda hard to youknow keep it up if he already noticed that the nsfw picture wasn't me. It wasn't long until he asked about my other 'pictures'. I think soon after I came clean and he broke up with me. I was really upset about this cause 1) I thought I loved him 2) I didn't mean to keep the lie up that long. I mean turns out he had a girlfriend all along anyway irl so he was lying too lmao. But yeah after breaking up with him. I decided to come clean to all of my online friends. None of them really cared, they were all just kinda hurt that I let it last for too long. I mean I agree from age what 13-16 1/2. That's pretty damn long to keep up a lie.
>> Did you do it for attention? trolling? money? something else?
I think I very clearly did it for the attention. I was very insecure and obviously a weeb that I thought ' omgz asianz so pretty111!!'. It's fucking embarrassing when I think of this stage in my life. I can't even remember all the lies I told during that phase. RIP for anyone who knew me. Surprisingly I'm still in contact with 2 people from that era.

Anonymous 3298

>turns out he had a girlfriend all along anyway irl so he was lying too lmao
What a ride, anon.

Anonymous 3299

Bravo anon. This actually made me cringe.

Anonymous 3300

Good. It makes me cringe every time it pops up in my head lol.

Anonymous 3315


>Have you ever catfished anyone, sisters?
Yes lol It's 1 am here, time to expose my past. This is gonna be a long ass post.
>How far did you take it?
Well the first time I cat-fished someone was with my sister on a ps3 game called Little Big Planet, after meeting two boys on there me and my sister thought it would be a good idea to have online boyfriends, we both got pictures of these Emo or Scene girls off the internet and said we were twins using their pictures. We also lied about our ages on there as well saying we were 16, like the boys we were Cat-fishing, when at the time we were probably around 11 or 12. It didn't last that long for me but my sister ended up talking to them for way longer and getting into some trouble involving them.

I would also Catfish guys on PS Home back when that was still a thing, one funny thing that happened was I had two boyfriends on there at the same time and told them both I was different ages, eventually they met each other in the game and was like "what the hell…" I just responded by turning off the game and pretending like it never happened.

This is the most recent one but still a couple years old, so I was probably around 15 or 16 at the time, I had an online boyfriend who I was actually attached to even after we broke up for whatever reason, anyways, we were in the same group chat still and I wanted to make it seem like I was completely over things by introducing my "totally not boyfriend but flirts with me publicly and knows all the things I like best friend" who was actually just me typing to myself in the chat on a fake account I made, to make it seem like I had a boy interested in me. The ex ended up leaving the group eventually, a few weeks later "best friend" ended up leaving too when I didn't feel like typing on two accounts anymore. I still talk to the people in there and they won't ever know why "my best friend" left.
>Do you regret what you did?
Not really, I was a little kid for the first two and the second one I just think is really cringy lol
>How did it end? Did the person ever find out?
We'll not sure tbh, I guess the Ps Home guys probably talked to each other about me when I left, either way it doesn't matter.
>Did you do it for attention?
I guess so? I think I just thought having a boyfriend at the time made me cool, I think my last story I was just desperate to have my Ex think I was happy without him because he had got a new girlfriend so early on. But I'm happy being single now and will never catfish again.

Anonymous 3505

I catfished one of my bestfriends when I was like 12. She was in an really lonely phase so I created the perfect boyfriend for her and chatted with her online for like a month. But I stopped, because well they can't meet up. So I pretented he had a girlfriend and therefore no time.
So in the end I was only making her more sad. :( I really hated myself for that and was really worried that she will find out, because "that guy" had the same spelling mistakes as me obviously.

She didn't find out and we are still good friends. It happened like 6 years ago.

Anonymous 6312

>Have you ever catfished anyone, sisters?
Plenty of times when I was in my teens.
>How far did you take it?
I would stalk the girls I use as bait's friends and family members on Instagram and Facebook to find more "convincing" pictures of them. I would also lie about meeting up with most of the men.
>Do you regret what you did?
>How did it end? Did the person ever find out?
I quit because I got bored and as I got older, I started getting more annoyed with replying to messages. None of them ever found out, but some were a little suspicious at first. I just blocked the ones who were really paranoid about me being a catfish.
>Did you do it for attention?
>Trolling? Money? Something else?
Mainly for attention. I have my boyfriend now so I'm good. If we ever broke up I don't think I would catfish ever again just because it doesn't sound appealing like it used to. And I learned I don't need attention from others to be happy. There were several times I got money, but only because my old friend needed help with paying a vet bill.

Anonymous 6313

Why is this thread on /media/

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