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Text Adventures Anonymous 1212

Let's talk about text adventures!

There's one in particular I'd like to find, if someone can help me out.

It was online, and I think the layout was purpleish. It was pretty atmospheric and seemed kind of Myst inspired. I remember one part where you can choose to visit a fountain in the courtyard, and then you can choose to look at yourself in the reflection of the water, at which point you can describe what you look like, or another part where you go into a basement and find a bottles… at the end of the game, you can choose whether to stay in the place or leave. The details are really hazy but if this sounds familiar to anyone I'd really like to find it again.

Anonymous 1213

I love Myst, I'm in.

Here's one I like to play:

Anonymous 1214

Have you ever played Uru the Myst MMORPG?
It's pretty good, the visuals are really nice.

Anonymous 1241

I do love me some text adventures- it's cliche', but my favorite will always be Zork.

Playing it on the Apple II C in the family basement as a little kid was the most relaxing thing in the world.

Anonymous 1277


A fun text game where you play through a different life from birth to death. You can play once for free (bottom of page)

Anonymous 1288

This looks so interesting, I'll play it asap, thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous 1346

God, there was that one text rpg I used to love when I was 11. I've never been able to find the name and it's been bothering me for close to 20 years now.
It was med-fantasy themed and translated in french (or maybe it was french made) and on a floppy disk.
The time I lost on that thing. I wish I could have one last game, for nostalgia's sake.

Anonymous 1347

Could you give a few more pointers, Anon?

Anonymous 1348

I wish I could. Honestly, it's pretty blurry. I remember that there was a village, a forest, a swamp (I think). It's too generic to search for and I couldn't find it despite searching for it pretty extensively.

Anonymous 1349

It's not Zork?

Anonymous 1350

I don't think so.
I think I remember a white interface, and I think you couldn't type, only choose one of several proposed actions.

Anonymous 1352

Almost died as a toddler cuz my parents put poison in a food pantry smh

Anonymous 1353

But who the hell puts poison in a pantry? Sometimes the reasoning behind certain rulings by the game make no sense. It is weirdly difficult to get married to someone if you decide to have experiences with your s.o. and I feel like it's easier in real life.

Anonymous 19596


I've been really enjoying text adventures recently and >>1277 was fun too. I am going to play the dinosaurs Zork and Planetfall soon. Such a nice genre, really comfy.
Any suggestions?

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