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Anonymous 12313

Anonymous 12524


The Family Jewels was one of the few albums I could actually relate to as a 12/13 year old girl. I think a lot of women and teen girls relate to the themes in her music and videos. I also love the aesthetic she had going in The Family Jewels era. Electra Heart was just okay for me, but I can understand why some people love that one too.

Anonymous 12673

marina defined my middle school years, i love her to death. this EP should be re-released. it pisses me off that it doesnt. starlight was the inspo for buy the stars, and theyre both such beautiful songs i cry listening to them.
> Like love bites in the sky,
Love is like starlight,
Love is starlight.

I took all our favorite songs,
Played them and I made them my own.
I went to our favorite bars,
And I drank in them alone.

I cry every time.

Anonymous 19272

Holy shit a Marina thread now this is the stuff, I keep going back to her and just relistening to a dozen songs. She has so much good I wish she was more popular.

Her recent album Love and Fear or whatever it's called was pretty alright but nothing compared to the classics and the new suff she's putting out seems good and I have some hopes for it.

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