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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Anonymous 1357

If you didn't cry, you have no soul, like Angel(us), the man with the most efficient alias in the history of pseudonyms.

Discuss Buffy.

Anonymous 1358


Willow and Tara were the first f/f couple I shipped ;_;

Spike was my sexual awakening, no joke. I still love blondes with ridiculous cheekbones to this day.

Anonymous 1360


I loved Willow and Tara but them suddenly making her a giant lesbian and completely forgetting about her and Oz as well as her giant crush on Xander was annoying.

Dawn should've died or absorbed into the universe, or fucking left for boarding school I hated her so damn much, such an annoying brat.

Has anyone read the comics? Are they worth reading?

Anonymous 1372

I'm still so mad they went full lesbo instead of embracing her bisexuality. She loved Oz and that was completely ignored once he was gone for good. They had a chance and blew it.

I never read them, but I've heard good and terrible things. Most of the writing is good, but plot lines are .. hit and miss. For me personally it all ended when the show did.

Anonymous 1379

Buffy and Spike number 1!! Video related!!

>>1358 Willow and Tara were my second f/f ship (first was Xena and Gabrielle from Xena the warrior princess lol) but omg I loved them together. I always imagined them in cute white wedding dresses ahhhh~

Anonymous 2221


I don't know, a ton of lesbians date men first out for different reasons and then never again. Not realizing you're gay until a certain point doesn't mean you're really just bi.
You can have intense relationships with men and then find women and think 'hey, this is even better'. I did love Oz though.

I was a massive Billy Idol fan as a teen, so Spike was my shit, but if we're being real…. pic related

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