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Fleabag Anonymous 14111

Can someone explain the appeal of Fleabag? I tried watching the first one or two episodes a while ago and just didn't get it.

The main character is very mean. She steals from her family, gives customers the wrong food intentionally, scares her bf with a knife, etc. Yet we're supposed to feel sorry for her that her friend died and she has no money?

On top of that, the main actress constantly looks like she is constantly smelling something bad. It's really distracting.

Anonymous 14126

The writer/main actress is corny af just a woman from a traditional posh family pretending she's an edgy commoner with a relatable lifestyle… the problem is that she doesn't normal normal ppl lives that's why she writes that unhinged shit

Anonymous 15497

I wanted to watch it and like it but I couldn’t even get through the first episode.

Anonymous 15559

>Yet we're supposed to feel sorry for her that her friend died and she has no money?

No, not necessarily. Not everything needs to be a fairy tale or set up to allow you to self insert. Shitty people exist and sometimes they aren't the villains of someone else's story. These people, along with the bad decisions they make, can be the focus every once in a while.

Anonymous 15562

Same. I cringed and turned it off less than halfway through.

Anonymous 15933

I understand that but there has to be something likeable about them. She's not funny or charming. Her being sad about her friend was just irritating after many other annoying things. Like you're supposed to not have compassion for anyone in the show except her?

Anonymous 19251

It's a good show. It's not AMAZING the way critics make it out to be, but it's decent. She is relatable but pathetic. What really bothers me is how tolerant she is to her family's mistreatment of her. Sure, she's not a great person, but she obviously has intimacy issues. Her ex bf was impossibly idealized and men don't exist like that irl, it bothered me that they decided to humiliate what would be an ideal male partner. What really irritates me is that that people love Claire so much. She's unbearable and is a terrible sister to Fleabag. She's not funny or relatable, just annoying, so I'm not sure why everyone is so in love with her character. Fleabag is immature and self-sabotaging but she does try to be there for her sister without expectations.

The father is an absolute embarrassment and a useless father, allowing his kids to be mistreated by his pathetic rebound wife. I just really hate the way any of their dysfunction is tolerated at all, in any way. It makes me want to jump out of the tv. She should've told them to fuck off all the way off 10 years ago. It really annoys me. It bothers me that she can be extremely ballsy over absolute nonsense, but wouldn't have full out told her shitty family off long ago.

Anonymous 19258

The only thing I'd heard discussed about that show in real life is that the audience is sexually attracted to a priest character.
I assume that the audience consists of extremely visually androphilic women who try to pretend that their heterosexual female gaze is less important to them than it actually is, and are therefore drawn to praising unrelated or unimportant parts of the show as an excuse.

Anonymous 19259


The audience of this show is on some potent shit. This is the "hot priest". Not sure why they've zerod in on him, he wasn't an interesting or attractive character at all

Anonymous 19266

he is not a supermodel but he is pretty goos looking

Anonymous 19268


He looks one step away from installing his head in a floating machine and trying to kill everyone.

Anonymous 19270

The biggest problem with him is that when he smiles it looks like his face has a smaller face installed inside of it. When you obscure his chin like that and have the cartoon cutoff show exactly where his face ends the effect isn't so bad.

Anonymous 19309

Thanks, I hate it.

Anonymous 19315


The first season is meh but the second season blew me away. I really enjoyed the way they broke the Fourth wall in that season. That was very thrilling and intense.
I find Moriarty very attractive, too. He plays a vulnerable, super good-hearted character but he has something scruffy and bad about him aswell. That's the appeal.

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