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Anonymous 1467

Let's talk about pop(ular) music, its industry, cultural influence, etc. General pop music is welcome, and so is any chart-topping performer regardless of their "real" genre.

My favorite pop divas are Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.

Anonymous 1468

I'm not huge into pop music and I guess I hate most current pop music. I like some of Mariah's old work, you know the love songs and her biggest hits. I also still love 2008-2009ish lady gaga. Good times that won't come back. I couldn't care less about other ~artists~ though

Anonymous 1472

I really like pop music. Dunno why it's so frowned upon though.

Anonymous 1473

i'd like to consider myself sorta well-rounded when it comes to music taste, or at least open to anything. i've kinda realized that i listen to a lot more that could be considered a form of "pop" than i'd thought, just a lot of it is old 60's-90's pop (ABBA, blondie, no doubt, kate bush). idk if it's the nostalgia filter but man the late 90's/ early 2000's seemed like such a golden age for pop music, so many really great catchy bops that still are listenable to me today (i would lump some of the r&b/ 'edgier' chart-topping musicians under that era as well, i.e. destiny's child, tegan & sara, fiona apple). i also love early mariah and early/mid madonna.

as for current stuff i'm really back and forth on a lot of it. so much shit is TERRIBLE and grating imo but i do think a good portion of gaga and beyonce's music deserve the hype they've gotten. i don't really have a favorite relevant, current pop star tho because i usually only like portions or certain songs. i like what i've heard from ariana, some lana/marina is ok, adele just makes me wish amy winehouse were still alive, taylor/ katy are both cringey garbage and make me want to gouge my eyes out. everything else is kinda just like, well this song has a good melody, good for her, but i wish i had someone i could be a full-on fan of who was also like super successful. closest i can think of is grimes, fka twigs or solange but they're all pretty lowkey. if anyone wants to suggest some really great current pop to me i'd be down

i'm also really happy that new paramore album has been playing virtually everywhere, hayley's come a long way since my scene days lol

Anonymous 1474

Cannot understand the whole deal with "Selena". She was a singer, yes. Was she good? Meh. She was ok. THATS IT. Her voice wasnt amazing, her dancing wasnt amazing, she didnt do anything remarkable at all but now shes like an icon for what reason, she got killed? Marylin Monroe pt 2.

Anonymous 1475

I can't understand people obsessing over Beyonce. She has a powerful voice and her initial work has great, but as time passed I felt like she's gotten blander and blander. Also I can't stand her persona and the woah independent lady. It's old now.

Anonymous 1477

oh no yeah i'm not like a beyonce STAN or anything i'm just appreciative of her body of work i guess. her shtick gets old and overhyped but i also think some of what she says/ does/ stands for does some good as well. i prefer her destiny's child stuff but i love some of her songs on their own, mostly ones like ring the alarm and don't hurt yourself. imho solange is the better of the knowles sisters and i wish she were the more famous one lol

again, she's definitely overhyped as well but lowkey i love her a lot regardless…

Anonymous 1478

oops, sorry! i wasn't talking specifically about you being crazy for her, anon. I was talking about what I see on the internet and among some of my friends. I totally agree with you that Solange should be more famous, I believe she's underrated

Anonymous 1485

Uffie's making a come back, I'm pretty happy. Always liked her for some reason.
I just hope she'll do something more interesting on her own than that feature with Charli.

Anonymous 1495

Britney is a living legend and one of the greatest pop stars of all time, vid related.

Did anyone hear the first single off of Fall Out Boys new album? It was a complete pile of shit and so was the second song released.

Paramore''a transition into the sound they have now feels like it's been very authentic and very natural I love how they've done it.

Anonymous 1496

In general I miss the era of where music was more than singing, it was dancing, it was a performance, a spectacle. I know that you can make an amazing show with just vocals, but there's something about people being able to dance to their own music that is very special.

Anonymous 1505

This is why I got into kpop tbh. I just love dancing and going all out with performances.

Anonymous 1506

Fug, my cousin bought me the Britney Spears Las Vegas 2001 VHS and as a kid I would spend hours watching it. So good.

Anonymous 1523

Current pop music is decent when you aren't just focusing on female artists like little girl and gay stans like to do.


I'll give her this, Britney was an ICON but not a LEGEND. She's not even the best in her own generation let alone the best of all time.

2000's Pop was garbage in every way though.

Anonymous 1524

Late 90s and 2000s music did not age well AT ALL. Neither did the fashions or the pop stars. I think Beyonce is the only "pop" star from that decade that actually came out as a respected artist and even then that's HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE.


Yonce is obsessed over because most current female "artists" are hot ass garbage. They have no vocals, no stage presence, no nothing. How can you truly be the best if you have no competition to begin with?

Anonymous 1526

You basically just summed up my feelings toward pop music. I loooove older pop music, specifically 90's-2000, it just brings back good memories and i find it still pretty listenable today. I also like 60's-80's stuff as well. But today's pop music… i find it really unbearable and lacking substance. I'm mainly talking about the stuff that plays over and over again on the radio, and all those repetitive shitty chainsmokers songs. Yes, the songs are catchy but I could never actually listen to these songs on my free time. I have a friend who genuinely likes some of today's pop music and can't help but sing passionately along with the songs. Idk, I just feel like today's pop music is nothing compared to the past's.

Anonymous 1528

So I'm curious:
a) Who was the best in her own generation to you
b) Why isn't she a legend? She is the best selling teen artist ever and still holds the record for the most sold album in a week (women).
She seems to have also influenced pop culture significantly.

Okay, so one artist I can't stand being called even an icon is Christina Aguilera. I love Genie in a Bottle and her first album, but she was run of the mill, even her Stripped era embarrasses me because I find it ironic she sings about women empowerment, yet she shat all over everyone else (specifically women) in her industry, acted jealous and overall immature, and acts to this day like she's the hottest shit. I do think her Stripped album was influential and such, as well as her image at the time, but I feel like that was really her only notable contribution to music and pop culture.

Anonymous 1529

Be blessed with more amazing Britney performances anons

>not even the best in her own generation let alone the best of all time
I said one of the greatest, there's reason she's called the Princess of Pop and is up there with Queen of Pop Madonna and King of Pop Michael Jackson, having also performed with both of them.

I'm interested to know who you would consider best of her generation or a legend?

Agree 100% Stripped had a powerful impact, but she continually trashed Britney and so many other female artists and was notoriously difficult to work with, also her saying it was ~the real her~ Image/style wise when she near immediately did a complete 180 on her style and look when the era was over and with the next album.

Anonymous 1531

>Who was the best in her own generation to you

I thought nearly all 2000's pop stars were bloody awful.

>Why isn't she a legend? She is the best selling teen artist ever and still holds the record for the most sold album in a week (women).

Best selling doesn't mean legendary. All it means she's best selling.

Who the FUCK legitimately calls Madonna and Britney Spears the pop queen and princesses other than little girls and gay men? You're tripping ballsacks if you actually think they come close to MJ's impact and talent. God damn.

>best of her generation

Probably Rihanna. Only thing Britney has over her is that she has better live performances and can dance. Far as pop music goes though Rihanna pretty much wins.

Anonymous 1534

Christina's voice is so beautiful. I don't think she needs to shriek to show she can sing well. I think she should have gotten bigger if she had chosen a better style.

Anonymous 1715

I stan Britney, Miley, and Lana. Second-tier favourites are Ariana and Gaga. And I listen to and support most other divas, like Rihanna, Nicki, Kesha, Selena, Beyonce, etc.

I listen to all the above quite a lot, yet I struggle to identify current chart music. I hate to sound old-farty but a lot of the stuff that charts is terrible. I hate Rockstar by Post Malone, how the fuck did that make number 1?

Anonymous 1716

Not sure if they're popular enough for this thread but I extremely love Poppy and Melanie Martinez. I don't mind listening to superstar pop music by Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Rhianna, etc when it comes on in a grocery store or something but it's not like I get super excited to hear it since it's everywhere in pop culture.

Anonymous 1717

Definitely popular enough for this thread anon! I only know one Poppy song but I really like it, and I love Melanie Martinez! I revisited her album literally yesterday and it still sounds as fresh as on the first listen. I can't wait for her to release new music.

Anonymous 1754

I haven't heard a single song by Selena in my entire life, maybe its cause I'm from the midwest idk

Anonymous 1768

I don't have anything to contribute but I just wanna say that I fucking hate Halsey

Anonymous 1830


oh my god YES. everything she does is just try-hard and desperate.

Anonymous 1831


i checkd out Melanie after the drama and i like her tbh. Her voice is nice! Her album was super cute, i enjoyed it a lot.

And i actually love Poppy too! And Mars Argo of course, some of their songs remind me of Paramore. Like "Black and white" is that perfect pop rock mix that its so cute. Paramore doesn't do that anymore, but their latest pop record was absolutely killer. Everything is a jam and the lyrics are melancholic in a good way.

i'm glad i gave crybaby a chance because i'm enjoying it a lot. Super catchy and cute. My isse though is that some of her lyrics are cringy AS FUCK imo.

Anonymous 1832

Anyone here knows about singing techniques or is interested in it?

Personally i don't uderstand much of it, but seeing comparisons between pop divas singing kills me. Its so intersting! Once i saw this vid i was in a rabbit hole checking out how good popstars were live and which ones weren't. and i don't even know anything about singing tbh.

Anonymous 1838

american 'pop divas' are mostly studio hacks. don't write their own music, jacked up on autotune, only popular because they're attractive and fit their label's brand. american pop is all about right place-right time rather than talent, and it's kind of sad.

Anonymous 1842

These videos are quite useful, because they do provide clear examples of good support/poor (or lack of) support. Most popular singers today don't engage support, even if they sound pretty good. Taylor Swift is the main one who comes to mind. Her range is fine but hearing her live is absolutely painful. Her voice wobbles, you can hear her breathing heavily, and it sounds strained. It's best heard here - https://youtu.be/IhfBSKb0tmU. Brace yourself for the big note towards the end.

Anonymous 18172


As much as I like the Teenage Dream album, I wish Katy released an album similar to One of the Boys. Her voice suits the style so much. Anyone here like Rina Sawayama? Anyway, I love it when a pop song makes me feel like I just snorted boric acid powder. That explains why I melt for most tacky songs.

I like 60's-90's pop too!
>hate Halsey
So do I. Same goes for Kelly Clarkson. I would add P!nk and Fergie to the list, but I like some of their songs.

Anonymous 18201

Yeah she has a great voice. Her version of My Reflection from Mulan blows me away. Most of her music doesn't emphasize her voice so much though. Not to throw shade at Britney but they are the kinds of songs Britney could sing. Xtina could have sung much more challenging songs.

Anonymous 18479

I have no good contribution but I'd like to share this. I think the album had flopped but I have a soft spot for this song and I think it showcases her talent and potential

Anonymous 20748

What about new pop?
What do you guys think about Billie, Olivia Rodriguez, Clairo and similar artists?

Anonymous 20764

the issue with christina is the fact that she feels the need to squeeze 293222343 unbearably long vocal runs into 1 song for no reason. everyone knows that christina has a good voice. she doesn't need to show off, it just ends up sounding like shit. she ruins a lot of songs like that.

Anonymous 20791


Anonymous 20825

boring because heard it so much? because havent heard enough of it? individuality complex? other reason?

Anonymous 20843


Ayrt. Some of their music is fine, but tbh I feel like I'll be dead by the time a new "it" girl comes in. And what I mean by that is a over-the-top pop girl that has a good voice (doesn't whisper sing) and is actually interesting. My vocabulary isn't as broad and I wish I could go deeper into this, but I hope you can get the gist of what I'm trying to say. I don't know if maybe this whole new era of streaming that changed the music game forever is what's hindering some artists that have potential from rising is to blame, or maybe people just don't want to sell their souls anymore which I guess I can understand.. Or maybe I just have my nostalgia glasses on, kek.

Anonymous 20844

Kpop has what you're looking for, kek.

Anonymous 20845

Oh I'm a fan of it (mainly ggs) I just wish western pop would step its game up.

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