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Anonymous 1540

Anyone watching American Horror Story: Cult? I haven't loved AHS so much since Coven, this is the best thing on TV since the Gamergate episode of Law and Order.

Anonymous 1548

Fuck no. That series has been going down hill since Asylum. I barely stuck around for the other seasons and I can't be bothered with this one, especially because of the political overtones I've seen from the few brief glimpses I've gotten. Maybe it's not all like that but I've grown tired of wasting my time with this show.

Anonymous 1565

Killer clowns who love Donald Trump and drive around in an icecream truck though, it's so over the top it's pretty funny regardless of political persuasion. It's taking kind of a weird turn lately though, it started as a political cult and now they're bringing occult elements into it. You can't think of cults without thinking of Heaven's Gate and Jim Jones so I guess it was inevitable but it's getting a little too silly now imo.

Anonymous 1591

everyday he looks more and more like michael cera, i can't handle this

Anonymous 2412

loved 3 and the first half of 6 and was really excited for cult but what the hell is this lmao

Anonymous 2426

Exactly after Asylum and the first season it went to shit, and it was never scary after the second season

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