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Crystal Castles Scandal Anonymous 1557

What do all of you think? I don't know what to believe.

Anonymous 1558

Oh dog no. I've always thought the reason for the split was sus as fuck but I hoped I was just being paranoid. I couldn't find much reporting on it, but I've barely looked so I don't know either.

It's sure making me sad though.

Anonymous 1559

what happened?

Anonymous 1560



Alice Glass left CC, issued this statement: http://www.alice-glass.com/cc/

Ethan just responded with img related and is suing her for false accusations.

Anonymous 1561

Apparently her sister has said Alice is lying, which Ethan has brought up, too (of course).


I'll try to find the exact post.

Do you think it's legitimate?

Anonymous 1562



i still believe Alice tbh. I remember waaay back in the day /mu/ would make compilations about bruises and shit that Alice had. they would be like "SAVE ALICE!". they had tons of conspiracy theories relating to the crystal castles guy being abusive towards her. i never believed any of it. years and years pass. then alice released her statement, and i was like "holy shit… they were right… about everything".

also a reminder that the ethan guy is a straight up weirdo. tried to replace her with a alice clone. then went out to marry another alice clone. like, he straight up married a girl who was an alice glass cosplayer no joke. that's not normal. he's fucking weird. also, he started dating alice when she was 15 and he was 25. as far as his current wife, ethan also met her for the first time when she was 15. the guy seems shady as fuck.

people are trying to make it seem like Alice is a dumb drug addict and that therefore she's making it all up. i think that's shitty. i'm on her side. just reading the statement was enough for me. when i was a teenager i also had friends getting hit on by creepy older dudes. all that shit she wrote about ethan was exactly the type of shit they would pull to manipulate girls. it sounds super legit imo. he can deny it all he wants, alice was just trying to share her story and didn't even want anything else out of it.

Anonymous 1563


the crystalfakecastles tumblr also has good info on CC imo.

Anonymous 1576

Screen Shot 2017-1…

i'm siding with alice too. i was never a cc stan or anything so i never paid attention to more than just the music but looking back now it's like…. very obvious on a lot of accounts about how he acted, and the way he phrases his statement against alice REEKS of gaslighting. saying she left the band for mental illness/ drug abuse to make her out to be unstable, and the "everyone who knows us knows i never abused her" card which is really a useless thing to say because of course people who only saw the good side of you didn't know, no one can prove something that didn't happen in public.

idk i think some info about jupiter makes him out to be pretty shady as well, but there's a lot more evidence against ethan's character showing him to be a creep/ control freak than there is about alice, honestly. he's known to have manipulated fans into saying shit before so idk how much weight those screenshots on anti-alice blogs hold. just the fact that he sought her out with such an age gap (pic related, part of alice's statement) and with full knowledge of how broken her family life/ mental state feels almost like grooming to me.

there was also an article about them from 2008 that was recently dug up again for how much it seemed to foreshadow what was going on behind the scenes: https://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/article/vb3daj/alice-glass-crystal-castles-2008-stool-pigeon-interview
(actual article: https://web.archive.org/web/20121111024853/http://www.thestoolpigeon.co.uk/features/crystal-castles-interview.html)

and alice's screenshots of a convo with her manager: https://www.facebook.com/aliceglass/posts/10154737801432136

Anonymous 1581


Here's a few things that are a little odd to me about Alice's claims of abuse (I'm not saying I don't think they're true): Why would her sister claim she's making the allegations up? Her sister was on tour with her, too. Her sister is the one who is claiming that it is Jupiter that is fucking with Alice and has a grudge against Ethan.

I guess the one other things that has always bugged me about Alice is how big is she is about how her aesthetic is hers alone (when like it or not, Ethan seemed to have been the main person who curated it). It comes off as so childish to me and the fact that she started shit with Grimes and is happy to talk shit about Edith - mainly complaining about how she "stole" her aesthetic - really rubs me the wrong way.

Furthermore, I have followed the Crystal Castles since their breakup and Alice, and a lot of Alice's recent music hasn't been well-received by CC fans, whereas CC's newest album seems to be more liked (the main compliant being how Edith isn't Alice) and solidified a lot of peoples' belief that CC was all Ethan. I feel like she definitely chose well in her timing of coming out about the incidents.

Also, the FB post only mentions him throwing out her phone, which is fucked up, she mentions her hair is lost, but it doesn't detail whether that is from stress or directly from Ethan. For me, there's no contest that Ethan is controlling. Whether he domestically abused Alice, I'm not sure.

Anonymous 1627

There is also this blog, in the past it was defending Ethan and making-out Alice to be a liar, idk about now. There is plenty of information of drama here though.
They're claiming now she's Jupiter Keyes victim.
I need to catch up on the drama, I want to believe Alice since it always seemed so sketchy to me how a grown-ass dude 'adopted' a teenage runaway girl into his band.

Anonymous 1652


I believe alice.


Ethan contacted and started a relationship with another 15 year old cosplayer girl who literally cosplayed Alice.

He is now married to her. It's creepy AF. I've always felt off about Ethan anyway, he totally fucked over Isaac from Story of Isaac/CRIM3S, basically used the fact they idolised him to get close and then totally rip off their music/aesthetic/everything, IMO preventing their careers from progressing further because people would then assume "oh its another CC". Absolute bullshit, I hope people start wising up to his fucking bullshit because all the receipts are online somewhere at this stage.

Anonymous 1663

Tell me more about the drama between CRIM3S and CC. I love CRIM3S, wonder why they haven't released anything since MILITIA. I miss their music so much

Anonymous 1777

yeah this really sucks. when i was a teenager they were my favorite band.

i always got a creepy controlling vibe from ethan, in interviews he would basically psychologically manhandle her and talk for her but i wasn't sure if it was just part of their schtick or if there was something else going on. i see now it was exactly what it looked like.

Anonymous 1778

Lol look at these people, how is anyone surprised that the dude is a gross weirdo pedo abusive fuck and the girl is your typical bpd/schizo drugged out skank who didn't care about being abused until it got her attention and even then can't just tell the truth of what happen but has to embellish the story? They're both trash and don't make any effort to hide it.

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