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Webtoon Thread Anonymous 15742

A thread for hating or loving on the webtoons of the internet, both asian and western.

Anonymous 15743


people give this one a lot of shit because it's poorly written and drawn inconsistently. they are right. i can excuse the art more so than the plot that pretends to have arcs and developments while seemingly going nowhere. i wish the author would just embrace she is writing a devil x angel fanfic and give the readers the smut they desire because the plot dragging is insufferable. it's not the worst webtoon but so much fat could be cut from it's 100+ episodes

Anonymous 15941


Did he deserve it?

Anonymous 15992


Anonymous 16355

Lol nah. This was so shit, I don't even know why I finished it.

Anonymous 17080

I’ve been reading My Deepest Secret. The art is nice and the story telling builds up a good amount of suspense. The newest episode , where it was revealed Emma was the killer, was kind of a let down though since it was a really cliche, uninventive, and expected twist, but I’ll probably keep reading to see where it goes in case it diverts from that path.

Anonymous 17082


Guessing this is ‘over’’?? But it’s on Webtoons. Comfy centaur SOL in a rural village during WWI.

Stinz, by Donna Barr

Anonymous 17083

finished it today. My only question is how's she that strong to carry a fire extinguisher lol

Anonymous 17099

It could be one of those 10-20lb fire extinguishers. I'm not sure what kind and size they keep in hospitals, though.

Anonymous 17524


Miss Not So Sidekick is an isekai webtoon about a girl who dies and gets sucked inside a sappy romance novel she was obsessing over and her mind gets placed inside the body of some minor character, so by exploiting her knowledge of the events that are yet to pass, she tries to befriend the heroine of the story in order to witness events of the story unfolding in front of her own eyes and "invents" popcorn to snack on while doing so.

Anonymous 17554


i hate unordinary so much, the art is terrible, everyone looks the fucking same minus flashy hair colors, generic story except none of their motivations make sense and the fact its so popular makes me want to commit die

plus its disgustingly edgy

Anonymous 17557

If its so bad, why give it publicity, i had no idea it existed until you brought it up. One shouldn't be surprised when something is terrible, most things in life are.

Anonymous 17558

lol the anatomical proportions of the characters are terrible. Your pic related is just awful art.

Anonymous 17726

Seeing Remarried Empress on there makes me sad. Also, getting the mobile ads with it one there make me cringe.
A friend of mine said she liked the way the abilities worked, but I was still suspicious of it. Glad I never got into it.

Anonymous 17744

>why give it publicity
I wouldn’t say complaining about something on an obscure internet forum is “giving publicity.”

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