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Anonymous 15931

Is there an approved crystal.cafe version of The Last American Virgin?

Anonymous 16135

Her choosing to have the child, and after giving birth, he decides to pair up with Stacey.

Anonymous 16866

I mean a movie where we have a female protagonist get her heart crushed at the end like in the same vein of TLAV
I ask only because I'm not an expert on movies and would like to see something more female-oriented/aimed

Anonymous 16930


These are not necessarily romance movies but I can think of two movies with female protagonists that having sad endings like that. The first is the Piano Teacher (2001) where the mentally ill protagonist is dismissed by her lover in public and she calmly stabs herself in the chest and then walks home. The second one is The Forest For The Trees (2003) about an awkward 27 year old teacher who gets no respect from her students or colleagues and messed up all of her personal relationships due to her awkwardness. In the last scene she can't take it anymore and lets go of the wheel while driving. Sorry if these aren't what you're looking for.

Anonymous 16953

images (8).jpeg

Christine (2016). It's about Christine Chubbuck, the new anchor who shot herself in the temple live on air in the 70s. The movie is about her life of being ignored and unloved due to her sub par looks and ultimately going nuts and ending it after she has to get an operation that renders her infertile and her work starts pressuring her to get plastic surgery.

Anonymous 16958

she was pretty

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