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Music Help and Advice Anonymous 1671

Post questions and give advice about instruments, vocals techniques etc!

To start off I would love to have some help!
I bought an electric guitar but don't know how to play. Where do I start off? (Is there an easy song I should learn or should I look at youtube guitar classes?)

Anonymous 1682

hey anon! congrats on getting a new instrument, being able to play music is one of the most rewarding things <3

i suggest looking into 'easy' chords (e.g. C / Am / G / E) so non-barre chords, before you move on. sometimes trying to recreate your favourite song gets frustrating if you're not too experienced yet, and it's always best to work on basics first.

there are plenty of resources out there as well! stay away from the endless blues tutorials (unless it's your thing), but other than that, knock yourself out.

Anonymous 1687

thank you so much for your detailed explanation anon! <3 I'll do my best!

Anonymous 1732

I think I might be getting an acoustic guitar for Xmas, but I'm worried I won't be able to teach myself very well. I don't read music, are tabs difficult to understand? I want to play guitar because I sing and I write sometimes and it'd be nice to set it to music.

I'm thinking about doing my grade 6 vocal exam soon, but I need to do a pre-1920s song and I can never find any song from that era that I like.

Anonymous 1747

tabs are easy mcpeasy man, the numbers tell you which fret to put your finger on, now trying to figure out guitar sheet music theres a real pain in the ass.

im shit at guitar but heres some advice. make sure your thumb is behind your fingers on the neck, less strain. dont push too hard with your thumb on the back trying to hold frets down, i did this and my thumb was fucked for like a year, totally sucked. also make sure you strum around the sound hole.

like the other anon said learn some easy chords that like every song has, practice changing chords slowly and smoothly before trying to speed stuff up, its hard learning instruments since it takes a while to learn all the shit before you can sound even sorta good. if you just wanna sing then you probs wont even need tabs just chords.

my previous guitar teachers have all recommended buying from music shops since shitty cheap guitars can have the strings too high on the fretboard and then you gotta work extra hard to push them down.

wash your hands before playing so theres no buildup on the strings then some hand and finger exercises so youre warmed up and its easier to play. fretting with left hand strumming with right, when people talk about numbered strings its like looking down at your guitar so for example the 1st string is the nylon string furthest away from you and the 6th string is the metal string closest to you

Anonymous 1756

I bought an acoustic guitar years ago. I try to pick it up every now and then but I keep getting frustrated and giving up. I'm not really sure how strumming patterns work and I haven't found anyone online who explains it in a way a beginner could understand. Even though I have the largest hands of any girl I know, I still can't reach a lot of the frets. Is it fair for me to also say that I find music really mathematical and really hard for a creative person to grasp?

I really want to learn a proper instrument and guitar seemed like a really good one since a lot of people learn it when they're children. But right now it seems impossible!!!

Where should I start, anons? Is there hope for me?

Anonymous 1758

not to discourage you from the guitar, but i found myself and think you may, it's much easier to start on a straight foward instrument like the piano. it's much easier to be creative and grasp how to play as well.

Anonymous 1759

I can play a really basic traditional instrument. I tried piano but I can't read sheet music so it ended pretty fast lol.

Anonymous 1760

if you want almost like a guitar but smaller and easier then get a ukulele, they are cheaper easier to carry around and you dont need big hands to play

im no expert strumming patterns but then one i use as default is down down up up down

Anonymous 1772

I have a problem with starting guitar too, but my problem is that I can't even remember chords for any length of time. The nut on the guitar I had broke but I don't see the point in getting a new one since I have such a hard time learning. Maybe I'll do it soon anyway.

I just don't have the discipline for music, unfortunately. I know it has to be built up but I'm not patient when it comes to skills either. (Sorry for the whining, but if anyone is feeling similar then maybe it will help to hear someone else's struggles.)

Anonymous 2413

i can play basic guitar chords but i wanna get into performing some fingerstyle songs, doesnt have to be too hard maximum skill classical compositions, just some fur elise shit and so. whats the best way to learn?

Anonymous 2746


For anyone else, who just wants to start but dont know where.

Learn the seven basic open chords (A B C D E F G)
Once you got that nailed down, start learning the minor variants (Am Bm Cm Dm Em Fm Gm)
Or you could learn them at the same time, its not hard.
Practice with alot of acoustic songs, or even some oldies, beatles have very easy songs to remember.
The point of this is to get used to muscle memory and to learn how a basic progression works.

Once you master doing open chords (e.g. doing a G chord and moving to an F chord without having to look at your fingers, etc)
Learn a scale.
I would highly recommend the Am pentatonic scale, as it’s capable of covering many genres (although it caters more to blues). But y’know any scale should do, maybe C major or Dm, whatever.

Over time practicing with scales, you should notice the notes of a scale will line up well with certain chords as well (this is called a key).
After awhile, its best to just screw around with a guitar to figure out how you like playing, and/or learning your own style.
There are no rules, just play

>how to learn guitar in three words or less

just. fuck. around

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