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Anonymous 1675

Post your favorite female vocalists!

Anonymous 1676

Anonymous 1677

(flood detected)

Anonymous 1678


Anonymous 1679

April March

Anonymous 1680

My lovely alien goddess!

Anonymous 1681

Samefagging to add more Icelandic music.

Anonymous 1739

Anonymous 1753

aww yus.

Anonymous 1757

ayumi is godlike. it is such a fucking shame she's going deaf and i applaud her courage continuing to sing through it all. vid related brought me to tears when i heard it (i wish i could have live) and it's now my goal to see her before she retires. she's like jpop mozart!

Anonymous 1761

She's been going deaf for the last twenty years though right? I don't think it's made a noticeable difference on her ability.

Unfortunately, the only thing that's changed about Ayumi is how the Japanese public view her as a has-been and old try-hard so she'll never again be respected as a legend. It's too bad because she's aging so gracefully and remains extremely talented.

>one of my fav songs of all time

Anonymous 1763

IIRC it came out this year that she's going to go deaf totally sooner than later. I think people feel that way because she's basically stayed with her style since she started. She wasn't respected in the beginning either, people accused her of being a talentless idol and she got tons of flack for following and influencing gyaru fashion. She has tons of passion and I think she doesn't really care as much about they hyper-fame she had fading. She's very beautiful, strong and genuine.

Anonymous 1765

I can't believe she's going deaf for good, that's breaking my heart.

I also didn't know she wasn't as respected as I thought. I'm not really into Japanese culture and media, so I was unaware of that. Feels bad, man. She's amazing.

Anonymous 1766

Anons who understand jpop better than me, are Namie Amuro, Koda Kumi and Mia Nakashima still relevant?

Anonymous 1774

i know namie amuro is retiring.

Anonymous 1776


People mentioning jpop

>>not mentioning Perfume

Anonymous 1793

i don't like nakata so i'm not that into them…or capsule…or kyary.

Anonymous 1851

i need more female vocalists in my life

Anonymous 1874

I think Koda is more focused on being a mom right now.

Anonymous 1890

Anonymous 1911

Anonymous 1938

Good taste, anon. I'm also a fan of Anri and Momoko Kikuchi.

Anonymous 1970


Because its literally nowhere on youtube.

Anonymous 2020

Anonymous 2276

Anonymous 2281

She's one of the few youtubers that actually sound professionally trained and not autotuned to death. Unfortunately most of her covers are in german, which I don't speak.



Anonymous 2597

Anonymous 2696

Sorry, I had to resurrect this thread just to post this lady. I know at the beginning it's like "what's so special about it", but just wait for it. or skip to about a minute in

Anonymous 2697

>new album out
>becomes part of the hiphop-influenced milieu
I miss old Lykke Li

Anonymous 2703

Beth Gibbons of Portishead

Anonymous 2704

Mariya Takeuchi

Anonymous 2705


Anonymous 2712

Jinjer is good but I don't expect many people to be into this kind of music. Also the lyrical breakdown of what the song means to her is kind of neat.

Anonymous 2719

Aaah I love Mariya Takeuchi!

tfw got a strike on youtube for uploading one of her songs

Anonymous 2726

rip the dream.

variety and miss M are such good albums!

Anonymous 2764

Kanako Itou

Anonymous 2769


Nico <3

Anonymous 3019

Anonymous 3023

karen dalton

Anonymous 3024

joanna newsom

Anonymous 3025

mariee sioux

Anonymous 3029


This pure wonder itou. <3

Anonymous 3031

Anonymous 3040


my number one. i saw her on the divers tour and died. i met her afterwards. <3

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