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Youtube Anonymous 16756

Does anyone have a youtube channel? Or does anyone humor the idea of starting a channel? What would you want to be as your content?

Anonymous 16768

I had the idea to write lyrics to video game music ost and sing it along. I like writing lyrics.

Anonymous 19255

I like the comfiness of webcam videos. I'd probably do something like that. It doesn't sound really interesting though so I don't see the point in doing it.

Anonymous 19260

I really like the idea of just rambling on webcam or something. Nothing even fancy or very structured. I used to love Drew Monson's videos, just someone's stream of consciousness for me to witness. I'd love to upload my own, to just at least get them out of me. Nervous to start tho'.

Anonymous 19261

if you're someone that doesn't care about random criticism, you can almost certainly gain traction. people just like having "company" and listen to other people to substitute "company" or agree with their opinions. it seems like it has become easier and easier for people to gain decent followings if you're likable. bonus points if you have an aesthetic people admire.

Anonymous 19263

Mmm… so tempting. I might end up uploading some stupid stuff eventually then..
I am both terrified and in love with the idea of gathering some kinda following, especially on YouTube. Anyways, will keep in mind. ;

Anonymous 19273

I have a small asmr channel that I started a few years ago. Gained 500 subs since then. I might get back into it, idk

Anonymous 19274

I would ask for your channel name, but I wouldn't want you to get swarmed with moids right now.

Anonymous 19279

I want to start a channel about house plants

Anonymous 19280

You should!

Anonymous 19301

I love drawing and exploring my other hobbies, I was considering making a channel about my hobbies in general and adding elements of art to each vid, but I am afraid that it might be too unfocused due to how many interests i have ;-;

Anonymous 19302

You should do it. I'd def watch. I think there's a sizable audience for this

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