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Anonymous 16833

What are some good active MMOs? Never been the biggest fan of them, but recently decided to try something out.

Anonymous 16834

wish i could help you, but i don't know of any good ones anymore. i used to really like aion before they changed their shit back in like 2012. from what i remember, it used to be so much lighter in theme/the settings were very pretty, on top of having decent game play. i wish i knew of like, lighter fantasy mmos.

Anonymous 16835

There's WoW. Take it or leave it.

Anonymous 16836

It's been a long time since I've played it, but from what I understand FF XIV is still genuinely good and pretty much the only MMO worth the subscription fee. Active and generally nice playerbase, tons of content, lots of classes and decent story.

Anonymous 16848

WoW or FFXIV are the most active MMOs by a mile at this point. Pretty sure they both have free trials, so just play whatever seems more appealing.

Anonymous 16894

I used to play Guild wars 2 before it got absolutely ruined.
You can still have fun in the old zones starting out though.

Anonymous 16937

Genshin Impact

Anonymous 16940

Just because something has multiplayer options doesn't make it an MMO, the extra M is for massive, like a hundred+ people at a time.

Anonymous 16941

FFXIV is great. It is really slow (but also really cozy) in the beginning, though once it gets going it's amazing all the way to the end.

The art is great, the music is the best of any MMO I've ever played, the story is also the best story in MMOs and in Final Fantasy, and like >>16836 said there is a ton of content.

The only thing I don't really like about it is the endgame raiding, as the people playing that can get really sweaty and tryhard-ish, which doesn't make for a very relaxing experience. That said, it's absolutely optional.

Anonymous 16943

FFXIV is great. It starts off slow with a bad cliché story but once you get to the first expansion, Heavensward, it becomes a masterpiece. It's a pretty easy game and most of it feels like a basic IQ test but it's somehow still really fun. Don't get me started on all the misc stuff you can do, I'd have to write pages. It's very comfy and immersive

The only downside I can think of is that it's filled with coomer trannies and if you make your toon female you're going to get harass DMs from trannies looking to ERP

Also what >>16941 said about endgame bossing and raiding is true. I like figuring things out by myself without the use of guides or spoilers but endgame bossing is impossible to do without said guides because nobody will accept you into their group unless you join a group of players who play at set times on set days but for me that sucks too because I don't play games to adhere to schedules like I'm at work

The other MMORPG I'd suggest is Oldschool Runescape. It's like a very interactive idle game whose design has something comparable to one of those old text adventures. It's very hard to explain or compare to anything, it'd be easier to just give it a try (you can play it for free with majority of content locked behind a subscription fee). Don't touch Runescape 3 because that one is more reminiscent of a chinese mobile game

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