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Fandom and fanatism Anonymous 1690

The Stranger Things fandom is currently getting attention for creepy Fan entitlement, but it's hardly news, so I wanted a thread to discuss the bigger picture.

Cases that come to mind:

- the documentary I think we're alone now
- Jodie Foster's stalker who attempted to assassinate a president to get her attention
- the famous Björk fan livestream suicide
- real person shipping
- celebrity social media
- stans

What do you think? What's the most hardcore you've ever stanned? How much is too much?

Anonymous 1692

I live under a rock, what's going on in the stranger things fandom?

Anonymous 1693


I guess it's probably the pedoshit. It's real nasty.

>real person shipping

TBQH I don't mind this one at all? I think it's kinda natural, like, people "ship" their friends and shit like that all the time, so they end up doing the same with celebrities. If I was famous I'd probably find really funny to see porn fanart of myself. Either that or famous people don't really give two shits. That being said, I think it's really gross when people state that they are uncomfortable with it and fans keep doing it anyway.

Anonymous 1711

Vaguely off-topic, but I legitimately ship The Rock and Vin Diesel's media personas.
I doubt either of them are actually the way they're portrayed in the media, and they both seem to have carefully crafted persona bubbles that are so heavily designed that they come across as one dimensional. Similar, but mirror opposite to Marilyn Monroe and her hyper-feminized persona, it's like they aren't even real people, even when they're supposed to be being real people.
It must suck, really.

Anonymous 1751

The sexualization of these CHILDREN is disgusting. Comments on even Finn Wolfhard's instagram are like, "HIT ME UP IN 5 YEARS!!" What the heck.

Anonymous 2564

True crime community gets me everytime.

Anonymous 2567

Anyone here like Voltron? What're your thoughts on the Shaladin drama?
I personally see nothing wrong with it as they're just cartoons.

Anonymous 2568

I'm not a fan of shipping voltron characters in general ever since some tumblr weirdo tried to blackmail the studio, but I think it gets really creepy when people ship Pidge (15) with Shiro (25)

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