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The death of online communities Anonymous 16989

Were you part of a community that died?

Anonymous 16990

>be 2004

>member of an anime forum
>had a TLD that made it easy to discover it just by guessing at the url, like typing in "anime.com" and seeing if there's anything there
>rare during a time when most forums were freeware with urls like https://www.forums.freeforums.org/forums/freeforums/anime92573
>big community and IRC server, always active, lots of couples and drama, meetups, contests
>site starts going down more and more often, admin is absent
>it's ok, we still have IRC
>site remains down for days at a time
>proto-social media emerges, many users move there to prepare for the inevitable
>admin announces hosting the site is no longer "worth it", redirects it to his ad-laden hentai site
>users mourn lost posts and DMs

Most of us weren't even that into anime and manga, I only signed up because I was friends with a few people who used it and it was a nice place to shoot the breeze and upload images.
It makes sense that it died when social media made hosting tons of images and even videos hassle-free and without limitations.

Anonymous 16991

Yeah, most of my favorite forums, especially anime related. Some of them didn't die, just turned into ghost towns, DigitalDreamdoor, my favorite one, for exemple.
I'm not sure if they count, but MSN, ICQ and IRC too.

We do have a thread about the old internet, but I think this one is different enough.

Anonymous 16992

I wasn't really a part of it but lurked on an old Pokemon site called Pokemon Palace Network, I used to just go through the galleries there and it's where I first saw all the new gen 4 pokemon.

Anonymous 16994

Some old pokemon xat chatrooms.

Anonymous 16997

sroekaki. I wasn’t even a furry but I kind of tried to be to fit in lol.

I also miss a webcomic forum I used to post on a lot. I think most of the users were a lot older than me but everyone was nice. I never made any friends from there though, but I did keep in touch with a creepy incel I met through there for a while. Luckily I never used my real name so it was easy to cut contact.

Anonymous 17017

pokemon omega. not like omega ruby like the website pokemon omega

Anonymous 17018

yes, club penguin

Anonymous 17025

I was in the true crime community on tumblr a few years ago. It was definitely problematic in hindsight, but at the time it was validating. I always thought there was something wrong with me because I've always had an autistic fixation on researching about mass murder. It was nice to have a place to sperg about it since my real friends were obviously uncomfortable with the subject matter.

Anyway after Tumblr banned all the porn they also banned most of the true crime blogs, so I'm sure the community is dead now. Probably for the best since a lot of it was kind of gross. Now I just use Reddit but it isn't the same, for obvious reasons.

Anonymous 17031

were you a hybristophile?

Anonymous 17035


I use to go on otakuzone back in the day. I never posted on the forums or clubs, but I did use to write up reviews for manga/anime and curate my to read/watch list on there all the time. There was this joke in the community about reading anime and watching manga because of the phrasing on a part of the site. And there were these cute little avatars you could customize that people would sometimes draw and post on the forum. I think once the site went down some people moved to a facebook group, but that didn't really last long as far as I recall.

There was also this pokemon site, whose name I can't remember, I use to go on all the time. It had all these different variants of each pokemon up to gen 4, like shiny or metallic or shadow. You had to walk around on these maps that used gen 3 tiles that lagged like hell because they were full of other players and you would have to load a different page every time you moved one tile.

Anonymous 17038

I don't think so because it wasn't like I was into the research just because I thought they were all cute. I'm not going to lie though that I ended up finding one or two of them kind of attractive but I don't think that qualifies me as a hybristophile since it wasn't the fact they killed someone that made me think they were attractive (tbh in general I'm sadly just attracted to really pathetic men). Anyway, I was at least self-aware enough to realize how fucked up that was so I don't think I ever wrote on my blog that I was attracted to them and kept it all strictly informational. Also to clarify I wasn't a columbiner, since I know that's the main thing people think about when they hear of the tcc. You can still shame me to hell though.

Anonymous 17049

fanpop :(

Anonymous 17053

I think I was there around the same time as you. it just got too uncomfortable to keep up. last I heard, two of the biggest blogs (truecrimehothouse & thedeathmerchant) were revealed to be scammers catfishing inmates, but the milk is so stale I couldn't find much on it.
it was an unhealthy community. hope you are doing well anon

Anonymous 17055

Damn, I didn't know that. I do remember those blogs, but I had no idea they were scammers. Would love an update on the milk, even if it's stale.

A few milky people I remember from my time in the community were marizale, pinkyswornkagome, and ElliotSupremeLady (don't think she had a tumblr but I remember seeing her on youtube). Good on you though for recognizing your limits and dropping out. It was definitely an unhealthy place. Not sure how active you were but it's neat to think maybe you and I bumped into each other back then, who knows?

Anonymous 17056

I miss Polyvore and some other site that I've forgotten the name of that was similar to StarStyle but had a lot of clothing from early 2000s tv shows listed. I loved creating wish lists of things to buy in the future. Now that I have enough money to buy things, the sites are gone :(

Anonymous 17057

Found the name, it was CoolSpotters.

Anonymous 17060

i miss polyvore so much :( such a cruel joke that by the time we're grown enough to afford the clothing it's dead and gone

Anonymous 17085


I was really avid on the Pretty Ugly Little Liar forum, but then the site got shut down, which sucks :/ it was fun roasting all the j-fashion snowflakes

Anonymous 17088

Used to be a part of the community too, laid low for a while when it died but recently I saw some true crime videos popping up in my YouTube feed and I'm addicted again.

Anonymous 17094


Anonymous 17097

I miss polyvore SO much. My autistic ass could collect easily laid out outfits that were modern and stylish to blend in easily with normies. Now I don’t know how to function.

Anonymous 17113

kek anon, me too. unsure if it’s because covid made my mental health worse or what. i thought i grew out of it but my autistic obsession is back.

Anonymous 17121


Have you migrated to any new sites since PULL has been closed? I've been lurking lolcow.farm and Kiwi Farms but I have not been able to find any of the people I enjoyed observing. They are also much stricter about who you can talk about, which sucks. There is a lot of missed potential.

Anonymous 17122

is there a true crime thread on cc? where would it go if there isn't one that isn't very old? it's not really media imo?

Anonymous 17126

Probably /x/

Anonymous 17127

Yeah looks like there’s one on /x/. Last post was 25 days ago so I think we could just revive that one.

Anonymous 17329


MiniNation, in the beginning 2010
I had my iPod Touch and I found on the app store this game called BanditNation. It was the early beginning of in app purchases on mobile games. BanditNation had you make an account linked to BanditNation on an app called MiniNation. MiniNation was the social side you made a character, and made threads and everyone was actually very nice. They were memes and people writing stories. In December 2010 they closed the apps which is sad. This article was about the company. I feel they probably closed because they didn't charge to make your character or update it, just playing games allowed you to update the character, also locked into to Apple which in 2010 not everyone lived on their phone/ipod

picrel is one of my looks on the character
RIP 10 year old MiniNation

Anonymous 17330

Anonymous 17338


I miss Poupee Girl. It was fun to upload and catalogue my actual closet and get to dress up a cute doll online by doing so. Somewhere I have a bunch of my daily dressups on an old hard drive.

Anonymous 17357

actually i take it back Rewritten is alive

Anonymous 17364

Kek you could find shit about everyone on pull i miss it

Anonymous 17367


I manually screenshotted all my dressups and closet items from 2011 - 2015, it's all super LQ but at least I have them lol. Wish I could suteki your post

I unironically miss PULL, as much as a dumb mess it was, there's something about forum culture board culture and other social media can't replace

As for myself I miss any of the doll dressup sites of yonder whose names I can't remember except for doll palace

Anonymous 17372


RIP doll palace, omg. Does anyone remember that like… walkaround interactive doll party house chatroom thing? I distinctly remember a cheshire cat character being there as one of the fixtures to the house, there was some room named like cloud nine, and it was loaded with old dudes and probably people older than my age at the time. It was so surreal and creepy to me as an 8 year old.

Anonymous 17378

I remember seeing these dolls all over the internet and saving some but I never knew where they came from or how to search for them.

Anonymous 17435


I unironically just miss Everything Girl. That's it.

You can try Fashmates and Urstyle.


Anonymous 17437


TDP was one of the first sites I browsed online and where I have some of the strongest nostalgia for. I had made hundreds of online friends from the Avatar Chat at one point, but I continued to stay for awhile even as they disappeared one by one. Most of the cool people gradually left, until only the creepy old dudes with their sexual ASL private chatrooms remained. The pixel dolls actually got me briefly into animation back then, since I tried animating a ton of my own from messing with Animation Shop 3 all the time (It was just simple things like making them blink and have my name flash in and out, though). It also got me into HTML/CSS for the first time so that I could make my own aesthetical layouts like I saw alot of other people having.

When TDP started dying out, I briefly tried PalaceChat as an alternative but I never used it for long since I had stronger attachment to TDP.

Anonymous 17454


This shit is the ultimate nostalgia for me. In its heyday, I remember all the rooms on the palace chat being full and it was so much fun to explore different servers. People were so creative with their rooms and games. I miss when the internet was less centralised and more creative in general.

There was a website builder I remember spending a lot of time on, maybe someone else will remember the name (I think it had a X or Z at the start). It was similar to what neoctities is today but closed down years ago. Me and my online friends had our own little sites with guestbooks and embedded chat windows. We would have shrines dedicated to our favourite bands and blog posts. Something that definitely died was these little music players you could add to your site. You would upload your own songs, customise the little player and then it would give you a block of HTML code to copy and paste. They looked something like pic related and I remember seeing similar on MySpace too.

All of this got me interested in HTML/CSS and photoshop as a kid so this was a really formative period of my life too lol.

Anonymous 17458


In high school I got deep into LotR fandom and found the ArwenUndomiel forum, which I adored because it was 99% girls/women. It was a really beautifully designed site with sweet, creative users. We all made signature banners and avatar icons for each other based on our favorite characters/quotes. Probably my most wholesome online community to date. It's still "alive" but barely.

Anonymous 17459

I was on a similar site which I think is now dead called "Council of Elrond".

Anonymous 18165

club penguin furry roleplayers
there was a browser game a girl suggested we migrate to and it sounded so cool but it didn't work in my browser and I was like nine years old so I didn't know what to do or how to contact her (I was too scared to make an account on the forum she was using) and I can't remember the name of the game

Anonymous 18351

i miss the livejournal pro-ana days. everything is so tame and recovery focused now unless you move to chat groups, which always have moid invaders.

Anonymous 18376

Does anyone remember 4teenz? I literally got in trouble for going on it so much but I was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and they posted about them constantly.
Also this is a long shot but MLIA and MLIN were an obsession of mine.

Anonymous 18380


tinier me, fantage, pixie hollow..

Anonymous 18389

I used to play a lot of alien adoption agency, which was a browser-based text mmo full of people in the early 2000's. I guess it came back online a few years ago, but obviously nearly 20 years later, it wasn't the same kind of thing.

Anonymous 18395

I used to be a member of a dragonball forum with a very active community. Those people were so nice and we had some really great discussions.
I miss forum culture in general.

Anonymous 18396


I drew the logo for pigchan back in 2014.

Anonymous 18579

when i was pretty young and new to the internet (between the ages of 9-12 i guess) i had a friend group on this pretty small quiz website which had pages for different interests and you could post on each other's profiles. it was pretty nice, everyone else was similar age to me, but we all grew up and moved on. i think the site is still around with regular quizzes and things still posted but i can't find any of my old friends - one of them still has her other social media profiles up but they've been inactive for years. i miss those pre-teen wholesome friendships i had online really bad sometimes. hope they are doing well.

Anonymous 19096

My old haunting grounds are still unusually active for a forum in 2020 but they turned into another place for disgruntled old men to whine about zoomers and gay demons faster than I could see it coming.

Anonymous 21203

pigchan logo.jpg

we are making pigchan again, but we need css
do you know where I can find piggy style?

Anonymous 21204

I used to lurk there, kinda miss it.

Anonymous 21224

toybox was way better then what we have now ugh
also trolling on old darkrp servers where they never banned any items, and all props had collisions lol good times

Anonymous 21226

i was rly into club penguin private servers as a kid and club penguin blogspot blogging in general

Anonymous 21230

I'm sure livejournal will be gone soon

Anonymous 21233

Isnt it already ded? Last time I tried to search some popular fandom (hp to be exact) I didn't find any sort of mesmerizing activity here.

Anonymous 21236



Speaking of dress up sites, I was obsessed with Stardoll for the longest time. I actually still have one of my accounts. Then there was also i-dressup which was like the dollar store version of Stardoll. There was another one that I can't remember the name of but it was some sort of modelling game by some German people.

OH, and Miss Bimbo which…I got into trouble for playing. I didn't know what a bimbo even was I just wanted to dress up the characters…

Oooh and does anyone else remember that one AOL game where you could own your own fashion boutique? You could make clothes and decorate your store. I was devastated when it closed and I think that's when I started playing Stardoll more.

Other than that, there was Small Worlds, Fantage, Poptropica, and ton of others I'm forgetting. I think I'm slightly younger than most people here, but a lot of the things mentioned here were part of my childhood, even if briefly.

Anonymous 21293


ugh, I should go archive my middle school journal.

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