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Blogs Anonymous 17268

Do you enjoy reading any blogs? I miss reading blogs and I'd like to get some recommendations. They can be active or inactive with archives, they can also be blogs that you hate read or laugh at.

Anonymous 17272

Some blogs (and vlogs) I have enjoyed:

Seoul Babo - studying in Korea
seoul-babo.tumblr.com - inactive

Tahti Syrjala - fashion
tahtialiisa.blogspot.com - inactive, hidden but some pages cached on google

Boo - proana
youtube.com/channel/UC0qMUpJvv_sNuCqKHg059Pw - vlogs

Hannah in Japana - having a baby in Japan
youtube.com/channel/UCO7KVucOJgWRuE9P4mrv8yw - vlogs, stopped watching as it was no longer Japan related

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