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Looking for underground indie bands 17332

Anyone here a fan of indie music? I'm looking for some really underground artists to listen to, I love non-mainstream music. Right now, I'm listening to this band called The Marias and my favorite song of theirs is "Only in My Dreams".

I also like listening to Mac Demarco, Ovlov, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Real Estate, and Crumb.

If anyone here has some newer unknown indie artists to suggest, please share them! I am passionate for finding and listening to music from unheard artists.

Anonymous 17333

Maybe this song by Rosemary Fairweather will be to your liking. It's more on the pop side but I still get that indie, not "mainstream" sound to it.

Anonymous 17334

Here's another song by her that I think you might like.

Anonymous 17336


I'm listening to both of these songs now, they're pretty good! Thanks for recommending them.

Anonymous 17347

Anonymous 17349

Anonymous 17350

Alright, neither wants to work. Just follow the link to the playlist.

Anonymous 17363

They are on spotify as well are underground indie with a nice sound.
I will post more music another time OP I have a lot of music that I know that is really underground but shy because it could be too strange!

Anonymous 17485

Anon, I listened to this song yesterday and it was really good! Please post more songs you know, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, you have good taste!

Anonymous 17499

Sorry did not check post I will post more similar songs I will do spotify links as I am really tired about to sleep..
this album yes album is amazing emotional shoegaze slowcore really lovely
check out this it is slow heavy slowgaze emotional also is indie
>king woman
check out this song is a heavy style with lovely fem vocals shoegaze esque again but more metal
>greet death - stranger days
very nice indie emo shoegaze
>i will just post some others

oh also anon check out planning for burial if you like really slow creative depressing slowcore black metal ambient.
I do not want to spam music those first two album some of my fav of the year if you like one song will like whole thing very sad I know tons of musix though just say what you liked or did not like I can share for days

Anonymous 17924

Pretty legit local band from my town called Medium Build if u care to listen

Anonymous 17992

idk if underground but i really like her stuff

Anonymous 17996

Anonymous 27124


I love Mac DeMarco. This is an amazing album.

Anonymous 27125

I really don't care what anyone says about Modest Mouse, they wrote this shit in the late '90s and it is heartfelt and timeless. The album art with the dimension boundaries (I don't fucking know what they're called) just points to that.

Anonymous 27141

I don't even know where to begin

Also look up Mum

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