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Anonymous 17352

how do i begin creating art like photo related? pop-surrealism/lowbrow. im so inspired and want to get good at it but as someone who is not the best with art or painting im not sure where to begin in terms of tutorials or help for this specific type of art.

Anonymous 17353


I’m not an artist but I’ll try and answer this. If you look at famous surrealist artists, such as Dalí, they all started painting very conventionally before getting more creative and developing a style. What this means is that you need to master the basics before you try something like this.

I asked on a forum ages ago about starting to learn to draw and the pic related books were recommended to me as good for absolute beginners. I haven’t gotten around to using any of them yet, but one of them shows a student’s before and after pictures and there is a huge difference so I do think this might be helpful for you to start with. I don’t have the books at hand so I’m not sure which one has the before and after but they all seem worth trying.

Once you’ve mastered that, what artists usually do is copying other people’s work they like until they are comfortable doing that style. Then gradually modifying things until they are able to create something completely new and create their own unique style.

Anonymous 17356

I love lowbrow art like this, I've been drawing for a good decade now but have sort of all but dropped it past few years, some things happened and I've fallen in a depression hole. Anyways, first thing is to git gud at the basics, you don't need to be perfect at everything. Like, pick the subject you want to portray, if it's humans, you can kind of get away with knowing less about backgrounds, enviornments, animals etc. And use references for when you want to draw these things. But the main subject, you need to practice that the most. In different mediums, see what you like. You could go on /ic/ for looking at what books are the most essential, loomis etc. There are some good youtubers as well. I love this sort of 'whimsical' almost art style too but I'm really saddened by how much pedos rule the lowbrow art scene.

Anonymous 21436

like what >>17353 said, learn some basics, you don't have to be a Da Vinci, but just try to understand and practice them. At the same time, look for artists that you want to emanate and try to imitate their key features. Just learn and have fun! You will find your way

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