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Does Anyone Else Love Courage The Cowardly Dog? Anonymous 17361

My fav episode is The Mask
(I heard that episode actually is about prostitution)
Also the theories about the show are super creepy, like the puppet one theory (The Great Fusilli Episode)
Nowhere is certainly a interesting place
Also this show reminds of me Flapjack for some reason

Anonymous 17376


I love Courage the Cowardly Dog! The creator has a very avant-garde art style. It was strange however. Eustace was always such an unlikable and detestable character, yet I'd always feel a tinge of sadness at the episodes where he was considered dead or eaten by the monster in the episode. But here is my favorite character from the show (pic related). I liked her a lot because she was one of the few characters that could listen to courage and not buy into Eustace's bullshit.

Anonymous 17381

I love it,its the GOAT cartoon network cartoon

Anonymous 17434


I love it. One of my faves.

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