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Anonymous 17421

What demographic does he appeal to?

Anonymous 17447


What demographic does she appeal to?

Anonymous 18073

River was ehh, he had some moments but overall left me very indifferent. I would rather romance takemura, I had more meaningful conversations and fun interactions with him than with River.

She appeals to moid coomers and simps. I couldn't stand her tbh. Her entire storyline goes on like this
>hey V I'm super depressed because my life is so much harder and bleak than everyone else's in this universe
>what do you mean you're fucking dying? oh no! …anyway
>please let me use you AGAIN to fight my fights for me
>but don't forget to follow all my whims or I'll get reaaally pissed at you!
fuck you Judy

Anonymous 18080

>Actually well written characters
All of them are made for coomers that doesn't mean I can't enjoy being evil and wild in their fictional universes. But it's dumb. It ain't Fallout New Vegas.

Anonymous 18087


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