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Ojamajo Doremi Anonymous 17438

Best magic girl show

Anonymous 17445

I'm not sure if this show has a cult following or you just spam it all over cc, but I watched a few episodes today and it was really cute.

Anonymous 17448


I have heard that Ojamajo has a really shit ending that makes the show a waste of time to watch

Anyways my favorite magical girl anime series is KiraKira Precure A La mode, and It’s my opinion

Anonymous 17456

I think literally everyone forgot about the new movie that already happened. thanks Covid.

Anonymous 17993

should i watch it?

Anonymous 18446

it's my favorite anime ever, but I refuse to watch Hana grown up. It's just weird and wrong.… It's just wrong. Also, will the new movie ever be english subbed?

Anonymous 18457

it looks cute.. why do you like it so much anon?

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