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Anonymous 17455

This show is an absolute masterpiece.

Anonymous 17463

Is the prequel "Before Green Gables" any good?

Anonymous 17890

Anne with an E is terrible and downright cringeworthy at times.

Anonymous 18156


I watched A Dog of Flanders and loved it. It is so sweet and wholesome and well made, nothing like it could exist in today's cynical world. Even though it is a tragic story it is tasteful and beautiful. I really should watch more of these series.

Anonymous 18162

[Takara] Romeo's B…

I loved Romeo's Blue Skies by the same studio.

Anonymous 18163

This looks so cute, I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous 19064

Profile pic worthy artwork

Anonymous 19444

what show?

Anonymous 19448

Anne of Green Gables

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