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Anonymous 17506

Check out this cute sonic art I love sonic anyone else LOVE sonic

Anonymous 17513

Silv20 Spin.gif

I love Sonic no matter what. I love every character too, but my most favorite would probably be Silver or Jet. Who's your favorite character?

Anonymous 17519

I have only played Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes and the Sonic Fighters game for the Gameboy Advance. I'm more into Mario than Sonic.
I heard SonicMania and Sonic Generations where good.

Anonymous 17561


>Sonic thread
>Barely any replies
Shame. Were do you guys go for your Sonic fandom? I mostly go to /sthg/ on 4chan.

Anonymous 17562


If you're black you shouldn't resurrect. To me it was always a dealbreaker that they kept Shadow alive after his selfless sacrifice. His aesthetic isn't compatible with the colorful environments of the later games.

Anonymous 17570

Oooo I'm a real sucker for that. Anyone self-insert as Blaze?

Anonymous 17732

/sthg/ is a complete shithole.
I don’t really participate in the fandom, the fanbase is just really weird and barely discusses the actual series most of the time, instead arguing about the same things every month on repeat. I’m pretty over Sonic in general but if I do talk about it I just discuss it in my own small friend circle these days.

On a related note, I’ve heard sega is doing really badly right now and laid off a bunch of staff/sold off a lot of stock and assets. My expectations for the next 3D sonic are pretty much at zero.

Anonymous 25262


I love Shadow :)

Anonymous 25264


Just wanted to say hi from /sthg/

Anonymous 25267

/sthg/ were talking about this place so hi, I guess.
/sthg/ can be good if you make conversation yourself or only join in the ones you want.

To be fair, this applies to 4chan as a whole tbh
I think Shadow coming back wasn't a wrong decision, it just came too soon and was handled terribly. Something even Maekawa agreed on with the former point. There's a lot you cna do with Shadow getting to actually live in the Earth Maria talked so much about.

Anonymous 25270

>/sthg/ were talking about this place so hi, I guess.
You better not be a male.

Anonymous 25275


I also love Shadow!

Anonymous 25278

chili doge.jpg

Happy birthday Sonic!

With all the Sonic News lately, it's been fun to see all the hype (or doomposting) on the /sthg/ general threads.

Anonymous 25285


He's so cute and moody. I love that art.
/sthg/ offers a way of communicating with Sonic fans that I enjoy greatly, for all of its ups and downs. I can't go back to any other Sonic community after finding it. Anonymity, what you say isn't attached to an identity. Speed, it's constantly active (except for the dead of night). And you can post essentially whatever the hell you'd like about Sonic, provided it's not NSFW. No other place has all three of these points.

Anonymous 26428


/sthg/ is a bit of a cesspit but I still love it.

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