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Yuri/Shoujo Ai written by women Anonymous 17608

please i need things to read, bonus if it’s from 1960s-70s
picrel is oniisama e by riyoko ikeda

Anonymous 17734


That Time I was Blackmailed by the Green Tea Bitch is pretty good. There's only three chapters out right now, but it already appeals to me a lot more than most yuri I've tried to read

Anonymous 17735


Run Away With Me, Girl by Battan is really good imo. It’s about these girls who were dating in high school, but broke up when they graduated. They end up meeting again years later, and one of them is engaged to a man. I love the art style and it’s really sweet.

Anonymous 17747

people actually replied, i’m so happy
i’ll definitely check those out

Anonymous 17751


Haru to Midori is really sweet! It's a bit short but it's well written.

Anonymous 17780

seconding this, it's really good

Anonymous 21180


Hi, 17 chapters of this are out now and I don't know where else to talk about it. I still like it a lot, but I wouldn't say the writing is particularly "deep" or novel enough to recommend to people who aren't actively looking works that center a lesbian couple, but I kind of like it that way? I'm not even saying that well-composed plots and really emotional storylines are even. I really liked >>17735 and it was very well-written imo and the art was stunning, but there's something nice about the comparatively easy reading that comes with Green Tea Bitch. I dunno, I don't really read works where the main plot is romance, but Green Tea's sensibilities really just gel with my own.

The MC is pretty heavily implied to live in a broken home, but the way she (doesn't) cope with it along the way she reasons with herself and acts when it comes to trying to be friends with her love interest and not make her attraction obvious is pretty relatable. I also like how there's both realistically homophobic people and people like the love interest's mom (picrel) who, upon learning that her daughter is in love with her friend, is just embarrassed she didn't catch on sooner lol

Anonymous 21181

where can i read this
halp plzzz

Anonymous 21187

Anonymous 23033

no mention of Yagakimi/Bloom Into You? it's great!

Anonymous 23146


If you're looking for older yuri works, Lililicious is a scanlation team that has been translating different yuri works for awhile now:


They've translated alot of works from an anthology magazine called Yuri Hime, so the older issues may have what you're looking for.

Picrel - Takemiya Jin is one of the authors featured in yuri-hime who I recommend and according to manga-updates is a lesbian.

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