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Hetalia Anonymous 17627

Apparently it's now socially unacceptable to like Hetalia because it's for nazis somehow. This is the most retarded take I've ever heard and I hate that I have to pretend that I don't think the show was fun when I watched it (which I know every anime-watching female on the fucking planet also has). I'm going to have to watch the new series in secret, I guess.

More importantly, who's your favorite Hetalia boy (or girl)? Mine's Canada.

Anonymous 17629


Everything is considered problematic now, op. You should stop giving a fuck about what other people think and just enjoy it. and if anyone bothers you about it, tell them to fuck off.
I personally can't wait for the new season; I absolutely loved hetalia back in the day.
Canada is a really good choice, but Prussia will always be my fav^^

Anonymous 17642

Lmao fucking anglos. People calling this nazi obviously have never seen it, just call them out on their bullshit.

Anonymous 17645


I think it’s mostly younger people and people who were never into Hetalia saying that. If you actually watch it, it’s just fun and cute. I totally get you though, especially since Germany was my favorite when I watched it. Canada’s a really good choice, though.

Anonymous 17658

Japan and Netherland/Holland. I love Japan's quiet old ass and Netherland's crochety self. Maybe Turkey and Belarus too.

Anonymous 17712

Listening to these underaged zoomers bitch and moan about Hetalia and other subversive media make me think that this generation has really lost its punk rock. My sister's hardly a zoomer, but even she refused to watch it.
The English dub was removed from Hulu, but the jp dub's still there because Funimation's disingenuous ass doesn't want to lose the liscense.

Anyway, my favs are Spain and Southern Italy.

Anonymous 18468


my favorite QT

All of her outfits were great

Anonymous 18659


I agree with you anon. I am so tired that I have to pretend I dont like the show anymore. My fav is Germany. I also really loved the genderbent versions of the characters. My favorite female character is Ukraine, something about short haired women does it for me.

Anonymous 18662

>More importantly, who's your favorite Hetalia boy (or girl)?
i love england's eyebrows and tsundere attitude

kinda OT but how do you feel about your country's character ? i love him but idk, he doesn't sound caricatural enough to me if it makes sense. i would love if they made fun of more of my country's stereotypes

Anonymous 18669

i'm from turkey and i can't say i'm a fan of sadık lmao. like first of all, sadık is such an uncommon name i think the name ''mert'' would suit him better; it means brave, manly and honest and a very common name. also the stupid mask… i don't have a problem with his personality tho.

Anonymous 18975


Was Latvia always this adorable? I feel like they made him so much cuter in the new season.

Anonymous 19013

I feel that about APH Cuba. The Hawaiian shirt and dreads are such strange choices. A guayabera would have made more sense imo. But then again, I kind of just assume the creator doesn’t know better and has probably never really interacted with any Cubans.

Anonymous 19014


Oh wow this brings back memories. This was one of my first anime, my best friend in middle school was fucking obsessed with this show and got me into it so I could do roleplays with her favorite ships. Belarus was my favorite.

I don't think I finished the first season though because I only cared about the few female characters and got annoyed with how focused it was on the male characters(I later figured out I was pretty gay but that's another story). It was still fun and gives me nice memories.

Anonymous 19017


I was totally obsessed with the fandom from like 2008-2011. Then I dumped it for the more Morally Acceptable[TM] Homestuck (which has also been deemed morally unacceptable now obv.) So much good art and fic. I spent ages on /cm/, pixiv and LJ, as well as those funny little jp artist websites you had to deduce the password to access. Fandom was so niche and unhinged back then… miss it.

Anyway I liked England. He is such a good character, I don't even care. (I do care and wouldn't say this unanon.) Representing Engalnd as a lonely, spindly, grumpy old cute boy who is mentally overladen with excessive nostalgia, neurotically torn between romanticism and cynicism, punk and cottagecore… Too good. Warrants the hype. Adore him.

I've gone back to some of my very favourite France/England fics repeatedly over the years. High literature. I wish I could read the 2edgy4u stuff that got scrubbed off the internet after the authors went pro, lol.

Anonymous 19019

It's been years since I watched it, but I also used to love Canada
I'm from America and my country's character is quite accurate. Especially in the English dub, from what I've seen, though I mostly watched it in Japanese iirc.

Anonymous 19108


>kinda OT but how do you feel about your country's character ?

Central Italian here, and I absolutely love both of my bros. They should be switched to be accurate stereotypes though, as southerners are usually known to be friendly, loud and lazy, while northerners are more pissy, serious and potty-mouthed.
I'm also not a fan of how Southern Italy's cultures are watered down to "lol Spain 2", but I'll take Romano as he is over disingenuous wop mafioso/conman anyday.

If it makes you feel better, Hima messing up names is a common theme in Hetalia. Most characters have very old-fashioned names, I only ever met one guy named Feliciano and he was a 70+ year old grandpa. Lovino is straight up not even an actual name. I'm pretty sure Hungary's and Lithuania's human names aren't used in their respective countries either.

Anonymous 19593


Damn, Hetalia was one of the few fandoms I was in, I made so many friends in it that I have to admit I'm still not over it. I even got a classmate into it, somehow ended up roleplaying over text messages and developed a terrible crush on her doing so. The memories are hilarious and shameful to me but if I have to be honest I want nothing more than to do all of it again

Anonymous 19626


Why is anthropomorphising countries so compelling lol

Anonymous 19639


despite his horrific warcrimes!!! He is just the best I'm sorr :)

Anonymous 19684


meh, I don't think it's all that accurate

never in my life have I met someone named Heracles but ironically enough, I know a couple of people bearing the surname Karpuzis (literally means watermelon)

as for his personality, I wish he were less introverted
his whole shtick of 'cats uwu' bothers me a lot, given how often there's news of people (usually in rural areas) torturing/killing animals

the personification of our country being a female would've made a whole more sense to me and it's something we all seem to collectively agree upon
(see Eugene Delacroix's depictions of Greece)

sperging aside, I wish Himaruya refrained from depicting Cyprus as a two-state nation, TRNC is only recognized by Turkey after all

Anonymous 24634

I wanna get into hetalia but i feel too old, i tried watching it when i was 13 but it was unavailable online and now theres still a part of me that wants to check it out. I wish i had someone to binge watch it with anons lol its awkward watching an anime like this alone

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