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Jujutsu Kaisen Anonymous 17633

Anyone here watching it? I think it's a pretty classic feeling battle shonen; not doing anything extremely new, but super entertaining all the same.

It's got cute ships too, for all you fujos out there.

Anonymous 17635

That pic is adorable op
I watch jjk with my little sister as a way to bond since we have nothing else in common kek. It's standard shounen but it's really fun, I think. Though I wish they would wrap up the current tournament arc a little faster; it's not as interesting as the other arcs.
I wonder if the manga is any good, I wanna give it a try

Anonymous 17637

The manga is pretty good, in my opinion. If you're enjoying the anime you might enjoy it more, actually, because while the anime is faithful it cuts some stuff (mostly internal narration from the characters + humanizing moments).

Anonymous 17649

i've heard it's really good and mildly gay, when i eventually finish hunter x hunter i'll check it out

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