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Anonymous 17863

is there any sad girl rap songs?
I only know doja's cat 4 morant.
I really want songs like that but sang by a female

Anonymous 17869

This might fit the bill.

Anonymous 17872

Anonymous 17905

It's by a sad boy haha, but so far one of the most emotional rap songs I've ever heard

Anonymous 17906

More pop than rap but hey go for it

Anonymous 18005

rip chynna

Anonymous 21664

Sofijah is a swedish rapper thats nostalgic to me. But the songs are all in swedish

Anonymous 21665

Actually listening to the other songs in this thread it seems Sofijahs music would be closer to the kind of sadgirl vibe you were getting at. Its authentic coming from a place of real suffering and sounds like its made by an individual. And it will probably sound nostalgic even if not invoking personal memories, due to it sounding like representative of simpler times

Anonymous 21702

chynna was badass. reminds me of this

Anonymous 21705

idk is there really a difference between sad girl rap and doomer girl rap

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