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Vocaloid Bread? Anonymous 17870

post and discuss favorite vocaloids, producers, and more!

Anonymous 17874


was thinking about making this thread myself at this point but you beat me to it anon.

i have too many producers to list but i'll start with an unpopular opinion: i'm actually not a big fan of gumi songs. idk why, her voice sounds sleepy to me

Anonymous 17880

i actually like gumis voice, but i agree that her voice has a "sleepy" quality to it and i believe that it works best in more calmer songs.

Anonymous 17885


Rin and Miku are my favorite vocaloids(partially because I used to ship them in like the 5th grade). Also I think Kikuo is my favorite producer!

I get where you’re coming from, but I love Gumi

Anonymous 17886


kikuo is my favorite and i ship rinmiku too :D

Anonymous 17887


reliving the miku x kaito shipping days of yore
this one was my favorite

Anonymous 17900


duke venomania makes me feel things

Anonymous 17908


Good taste!

Anonymous 17914

great taste, i love evillious (have to say i'm more of a nemesis fan myself though haha)

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