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Anonymous 18057

Is it healthy to play the same game over and over? I have been doing this lately with Pokemon Red, not speedrunning but giving myself challenges while I play. Have you ever done this with a game? I feel kind of ashamed but I don't feel like playing anything else.

Anonymous 18061

If you get good at it yes because you can one day monetize it or get a following out of it.

In your case it isn't. It is all for self satisfaction, maybe you should explore other games.

Anonymous 18065

Why not? If you find it enjoyable to play it.

Anonymous 19119

I do this with the gen 5 pokemon games ;_; its because of nostalgia

Anonymous 19127

Why is money or clout good but enjoying yourself isn't?

Anonymous 19129

people did speedruns before they were worth money. this attitude of 'monetize everything' is whats killing most advanced societies on earth right now

Anonymous 19131

I don't think it's any more unhealthy or unproductive as playing any other video game. As long as you don't play it like 10 hours a day

Anonymous 19769


I think it's nice to play a game repeatedly if you get to discover new stuff or just if it keeps being fun to you. I used to play the Sims 2 A LOT because the experience never worn out. Today I played Princess Maker 2 for the 5th time and I noticed that my daughter read Nietzsche during our winter holidays, she's twelve years old. The grin of her face is priceless, she's truly enjoying.

Anonymous 19816


It's okay to play the same game multiple times. I've been playing ACNH nearly every single day though without having to restart the game. But have you tried doing a nuzlocke challenge?

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