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Gamedev Anonymous 18066

Anyone here has any experience on programming/gamedev? I want to make an indie horror game (ha, so original) inspired by LSD dream emulator. I'm not sure where to start and my knowledge is mostly based around web design (HTML/CSS)

Anonymous 18074

No but I often have nightmares if you want to use them for concepts. They are very detailed and I write them down.

If you know how to develop in 3D you can make some really scary stuff.

Anonymous 18078

Sadly my knowledge is very limited, and it only goes as far as 2D stuff.
I would be very interested in the dreams. You can contact me at [email protected]

Anonymous 18079

SORRY that's my old email address, please contact me at [email protected] I'm so dumb, lol.

Anonymous 18082

I have no experience in game development, but I do work as a programmer.

Anonymous 18104

If you're a beginner to 3D, that's even better because you can hit that early-00s uncanny valley horror.
Also, please use Unreal over Unity. Unreal is just a stronger engine.

Anonymous 18109

Just learn how to use Blender and research and slowly learn.
As well, I'd recommend Unity because it's easier to work with for new devs, and C# is easier to learn than C++.
I'd recommend learning some Python before moving onto other languages though, just use learnpyhton.org
Unreal is a nice engine, but Unity I think is better for beginners. Unity isn't a bad engine either, it's just that most people that use it are too incompetent to optimize properly.

Anonymous 18203

godot might also be an option if you would prefer something more lightweight. would also suggest learning python, since the scripting language godot uses is similar (you can also use python for pygame or renpy)

Anonymous 18442

Gamemaker will be easiest. A lot of people use it and there are tutorials for everything.

Anonymous 18450

I don't know shit but I know my way around learning shit and can get you good resources. Shoot me an email [email protected]

Anonymous 19445

oooh make a webpage-based navigation game. The deeper into the website you travel, the more delirious the experience becomes.

…sorry, just brainstorming. Never done gamedev, but messed around a lot with python and java, a tiny bit of C++. Would be fun to try if I could make the time for it. Someday maybe I'll find a group to join.

Anonymous 19446

that sounds like a cool idea

Anonymous 19447

I'm making visual novels, Ren'Py is pretty easy if you don't want to just drag and drop.

After that I'm making actual games

Anonymous 19534

I've thought about doing game dev stuff. I'm a pretty good programmer with some writing experience, but I think I'd want to have someone with some more art skills to collaborate with.

If I were to make games, I think it would be really fun to make an otoge or something wholesome and relaxing, but not a straight up visual novel.

Anonymous 19583

phaser.io for 2d or three.js for 3d.

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