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current anime discussion thread Anonymous 18097

what anime are you guys currently watching? At the moment i'm trying to finish Hunter X Hunter and im keeping up with the new Higurashi and really enjoying Wonder Egg Priority

Anonymous 18098


I'm watching Bloom Into You at the moment. Very promising, definitely not like most girls' love anime out there. I really like it.
What's Wonder Egg Priority like? I hear people keep praising it. Is it moeshit or actually enjoyable and not made to cater to male viewers only?

Anonymous 18099


i've been meaning to check out bloom into you, it looks really cute and interesting
Wonder egg priority has been pretty gripping so far, I'd say it's far from moeshit and is a pretty interesting exploration of female focused themes

Anonymous 18100


Sweet! I'm waiting for it to finish, but I'll definitely check it out. Thank you anon<3

I recommend Bloom Into You a lot by the way, hope you enjoy it if you do watch it.

Anonymous 18114

thank you kind anon

Anonymous 18119


I haven't watched much anime over the last few years, but I had been watching Yashahime which ended this past Saturday. When it was first announced I was really excited about it because when I was a kid I was a huge Inuyasha fan.

It's definitely not what I was expecting, I have really mixed feelings about it. I love Moroha, though.

Anonymous 18152

I watched episode 1 of Wonder Egg Priority today and it's SO SO good.
I don't think the first episode of something drew me in so well ever before.

Anonymous 18153


yesss the first episode is so stylish and eye catching, i'm really enjoying the series so far! it's a breath of fresh air in female centric anime

Anonymous 18159

I watched part of Bloom into you and liked the premise, but got kinda bored with it and dropped it tbh, just cuz it was so dull.
Does anyone have any other GL recs? Preferably about grown women, not highschoolers.
Currently, I'm watching Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World. I watched the original Kino's Journey a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

Anonymous 18199

I've been a glfag for so many years now and I doubt I'll ever find a good gl show/manga. It's all either catered to males or porny/not serious/stupid/about literal children.
But if you know anything even remotely good, I'd love to hear about it. I really wanna see some well-executed GL with plot, romance development and all.
I agree with you, though. Bloom Into You - as cute and normal it is - is very typically the type that goes nowhere romance-wise and it's just plain boring when you think about it.

Anonymous 18363


you should check out GL manga, a lot of seinen or jousei manga feature some much better storylines and have adult characters

Anonymous 18371


I don't get how people keep talking about this anime, what's so good about it?

Anonymous 18392

smooth animation and a relatively compelling story

Anonymous 18458

Who here is hyped for the Bishounen Tanteidan anime adaptation dropping in a couple of days? From what little I know of the plot it's basically Ouran high school host club 2.0 but the characters are all really cute so I'm looking forward to it.

Anonymous 18459

I liked Adachi and Shimamura, there is progression but most of it didn't get adapted.

Anonymous 18461

I watched that, it made me cringe too much honestly. Not a good show at all.

Anonymous 18463

It reminded me of what being a cringey lesbian outcast in highschool felt like.

Anonymous 18483


Cute cute cute!!! I've been waiting for this since last summer and it was definitely worth the wait. I was promised pretty boys and pretty boys were what I got. Looking forward to more episodes.
I can already tell its fanbase is going to be absolutely unbearable but what anime fanbase isn't?

Anonymous 18488

ahhh it looks so cute but please dont tell me its a reverse harem… is there at least subtex bl?

Anonymous 18490


>I can already tell its fanbase is going to be absolutely unbearable
why do you say this?

Anonymous 18491

it's a reverse harem. there's subtext if you squint very very hard.

Anonymous 18495


The author's fans all seem to be retarded moids that are no doubt going to be complaining about "muh fujos ruining muh anime" and the rest of the fans will probably be twittertards complaining about "the sexualisation of fictional minors". I don't know though it's just a hunch. I hope I'm wrong. Either way, I'm not going to let that get in the way of my enjoyment of things.

Anonymous 18516

I wish I could like this anime since the animation is very pretty but I dislike Kinako's art style and the dialogue is so awkward.

Anonymous 18517

Just watched the first ep of Toumetsu no Anata e, it was beautiful. I don't know anything about the source material so I may be completely off the mark, but the poignant narrative and story appearing to be episodic reminds me of Mushishi. Great OST too, would recommend.

Anonymous 18607

does rent a girlfriend ever get good?

Anonymous 18627


>Rent a GF
This shit has an uncanny resemblancy to Scott Pilgrimm of all things…
>Get good
No, protagonist starts a looser, ends just a little less of a loser.
OP and ED are cool tough.

Anonymous 18639

shame.. the girls are all really cute but the mc really kinda ruins everything

Anonymous 18643

Does anyone else feel like wonder egg fell apart towards the end?

Anonymous 18653

yeah i agree for sure, the first episode is very different to the rest of the series
it kinda just became a typical friendship focused shoujo inspired anime

Anonymous 18703


I wish I had literally anyone to talk about Pretty Boy Detective Club with…
Episode 3 came out yesterday and I'm really excited to see where the show is going to go now

Anonymous 18704


Aaa same here anon. I usually sperg out about anime with my little sister but I can't really talk to her about this one for obvious reasons.
Speaking of yesterday's episode, I can't believe Manabu is a fucking 5th grader kek. Oh, and Manabu carrying Hyouta around for half the episode was cute af.
I can't be bothered to read the manga or the light novel to see what happens next, so I'm just gonna wait for more episodes to drop.

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