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Doll Collecting Anonymous 18115

How embarrassing of a hobby is this? I don't tell any of my friends.

Anonymous 18116

Not embarrassing at all, Monster High had some really cool designs and clothes. I also fell in love with the Ever After High webseries because of the characters, animation and story.
When I'm done with my current writing project the next thing I'm planning is inspired by MH and EAH.

Anonymous 18121


it’s not embarassing, there are some really cool dolls out there. like >>18116 said i love mh and eah too. novi stars were great but they don’t make those anymore.

Anonymous 18135


I don't think people care about collecting fashion dolls. It's mostly the antique dolls that have the stereotype of being creepy. I myself just went through a phase of being obsessed with Barbie, I would love to start a collection one day but right now I have no money for it.

Anonymous 18145

It's only embarrassing if you hoard them. Nothing wrong with having some displayed in a tasteful way.

Anonymous 20045


I have all the released Pinkie Coopers. I'm missing some of the pets and I don't bother with dumb shit like the carrying case. God I wish there were more of these.

Anonymous 20099

such a stupid doll. they're cute though.

Anonymous 20103

do they hear things through their hair

Anonymous 20104

I had these as a kid and have been trying to find out what their fucking name was for YEARS

Anonymous 20135

>I had these as a kid
What the fuck, what the fuck, these came out like yesterday, that's not enough time for a kid to grow up

Anonymous 20136


>tfw you realize anon was a child playing with cocker spaniel dolls in dresses in 2013

Anonymous 20137

Time is moving, are you making the bets of it, or casually watching it slip through your fingers?

Anonymous 20154

Well I have all the Pinkie Coopers so I think I'm doing pretty good

Anonymous 20170

this post is so funny, i love it. good for you, anon. (not sarcasm btw)

Anonymous 20191


>2011 was 21 years ago

Anonymous 20192

I was going to call out your math but in 2032 you'll get the last laugh

Anonymous 20204

Sorry, Pinkie Coopers came out in the early to mid 2000s. I'm 21 years old and I had them when Inwas like 7. Unless there are are dog dolls? I live in Ireland, maybe they were available here and in the UK?

Anonymous 20205

They're from 2013. You're probably thinking of something else, although I can't imagine what doll would be mistakable for Pinkie

Anonymous 20225

If it's not her, then maybe someone will recognise it? They had the same basic design (pretty doll but they're anthro dogs). I got it at the toy section of my local Tesco in the mid 2000s, so it wasn't a particularly expensive doll or anything. There were more than one from what I can remember and for some reason I recall the ability to switch them into 4 legged dogs somehow

Anonymous 20229

Okay so that's DEFINITELY not a Pinkie Cooper and now I want to know about this leg switchin doll. Gimme dat Road Rover doll.

See if you can find it here:

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