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She Ra designs Anonymous 18122

Am I the only one that strongly dislikes the new She Ra designs?

Anonymous 18124

Haven't actually watched the show but Bow is cute ngl. I also don't really have much invested in the She-Ra franchise either, I have watched some of the old cartoon. The first pic they released of Adora was laughably bad but she looks a bit better in other screenshots and such that I've seen. Don't really feel like getting into it, so much has been said about it, but it's obvious that it's personal, the look of the character is rooted in Noelle Stevenson's gender identity issues. It doesn't really have anything to do with providing a strong role model for girls.

Anonymous 18128

I think my issue with it is more related to the style itself. It looks like a how to draw manga book had sex with Steven Universe.

Anonymous 18137


I think most woman designs are cute but the guys are sus

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