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Sports? Anonymous 18123

Anyone interested in sports? I never used to care but I recently got into college football and I'm watching March Madness now.

Anonymous 21742

Yeah, football (soccer if you're American) but only the moid football is bearable, if you ignore the flopping around at every minor touch but whatever, I'm 98% sure they're instructed to fall when these things happen to try and snatch a foul.

Anonymous 21857

I like these kinds of sports too, I watched the BMX races during the olympics and I was like wow that looks fun. It made me want to get a bike

Anonymous 21945


I really enjoy sumo. On topic for that, the best sumo wrestler of all time just retired, so that's a bit of a bum out. I liked Hakuho's showboating.

Anonymous 22036

I like baseball. Nice and slow. Don't have to pay much attention. Many players are cute.
One time I was at the stadium and they put me up on the giant screen… that's still the highlight of my life.

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